The Herald: Elect Castillo, Gunzburger, Holness & Keechl


The Miami Herald has impartially looked at the Broward County Commission race and endorsed four county commission candidate — Pembroke Pines Commissioner Angelo Castillo, County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger, Lauderhill Commissioner Dale Holness and Broward Mayor Ken Keechl.

Unlike endorsements from unions or other special interest groups, newspapers are relatively independent. 

This is especially true of the Miami Herald, which has few business interests in Broward and is not a player in downtown Fort Lauderdale politics.

Newspaper endorsements, which are quickly used by candidates in their ads, are thought to be worth as much as 2-5 percent more votes.

The endorsements praised:

*Keechl as a fiscal conservative and a supporter of stronger ethics laws.

*Gunzburger as an champion of ethics reform and a “reliable vote for environmental protection and improving children’s services and transportation. She authored making county buildings eco-friendly and the use of hybrid buses.” 

*Castillo, who they called “a standout…brimming with big ideas.”  The ideas include using bonds to fund small business development and enticing new tourist attractions like a water-theme park to build here.

*Holness for advocating a stronger ethics law and increasing planning among the tri-county area for mass transit.

The Herald endorsement is here.

11 Responses to “The Herald: Elect Castillo, Gunzburger, Holness & Keechl”

  1. Floridan says:

    Sounds about right.

  2. Truth Teller says:

    No more MOORE!

    Bates is toooo weak!

    Swipe to Al, interesting

  3. Stern wont be happy. says:

    Well if the herald gets it right (and it sounds right) then evil lobbyist judith stern wont be happy at all. She has no control over Gunzburger, Keechl, or Holness. but she will control castillo. still 1 for 4 wont make her happy.

  4. Castillo The Man says:

    The Herald is very wise because they saw the quality of Angelo castillo’s idea and candidacy. The other candidates can’t touch his experience.

  5. Geller The Loser says:

    The Herald heard Geller’s attacks on Gunzburger. They rejected them. Enuf said, Steve.
    The press looked at your claims and rejected them.

  6. imjustbeachy says:

    Even the ole Herald sees through phony Geller!
    Good for them!
    Go Sue!


    The Herald is obviously too far removed from Broward’s corruption problem. Keechl is the leader of this IMMORAL MAJORITY.

    Vote them all out now, especially KK.

  8. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    Get over the Judy Stern stuff with future Commissioner Castillo. He won’t be dictated to by anyone.

  9. ask Judy says:

    I usually agree with many of your posts but how can you claim Angelo will not be a puppet for Stern if you have watched the video where he couldn’t give a straight answer as to whether she was involved in his campaign. If Angelo had been honest from the start that they were friends and she was helping him no one would care. The problem is that Angelo with the mere mention of the name Stern begins to “thou protest too much” causing the casual person to question him.

  10. robert walsh says:

    I saw that the Herald endorsed Keechl. Quite shocking to say the least. I still think because of his drunken sailor spending habits he will not retain his Commission seat.

  11. S Baker says:

    I’m confused. Since when is fathering 7 children with 5 different mothers considered ethical. I’d have to call that irresponsible.

    Margaret Bates is not weak – She’s a lady. Her style is just different. She’s not a salesman. She treats everyone the same – with respect and she is fair minded. Her agenda is to do the right thing for her constituency the citizens of the County.
    She keeps her mouth shut until she has something to say. She also does not make a decision about something until she understands the question. And, she is not beholden to big business. I say give her a chance.