The GOP: Blacks, Jews, Hispanics Need Not Apply



sam fields


When the 114th Congress convenes on January 3, 2015, we can now be certain that the Capitol’s GOP will be Judenrein…”clean of Jews”.

There have been seven Jews in the Senate wearing the GOP banner.  There have been 34 on the House. At least one Jewish Republican has been in the House or the Senate for almost a hundred years.

Next year there will be none.

Earlier this month, Eric Cantor, the one Jew out of the 278 GOP members of the House and Senate, was defeated for re-election in the Republican primary by a god fearing, white, Christian fundamentalist man.

Now I know that some of you see this as evidence of bigotry in a GOP that is almost as white and Christian as the KKK. (Note: There is one Black Senator who was appointed.)

The party’s national office holders are not only Judenrein.  They are also bereft of black voters.  They are losing support of the fastest growing population group — Hispanics.

The GOP might be open to all.  Minorities increasingly just don’t want to join.

The new GOP loves the concept of “strict construction” and desire to go back to our nation’s roots.

The GOP apparently believes that if it was good enough to have only white Christian men sign The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution, than that should be good enough to have them govern in 2014…or as soon as they can repeal the 19th Amendment giving women the vote.

That love of white, male, Christian rule is driving the GOP to devolve. If it doesn’t change, it will steadily grow smaller.

When Jeb Bush was elected governor in 1998, whites were 80.1 percent of Florida’s registered voters. Today that figure is 66.1.

Eight years ago, more Florida Hispanics were registered Republican. Today, Florida Hispanics are 38.8 percent Democrat and 27.3 percent Republican.

In a short time, the share of black Florida voters has increased from 12 percent to 13.5 percent. Democratic candidates traditionally attract more than 90 percent of the black vote.

You can see how this is going to turn out…and the loser will be the Republican Party.

With the GOP circling the ideological wagons, the Democratic share of the 2016 of the Black, Hispanic and Asian vote will be continue to be above 75 percent nationwide.  That translates to the Democrats needing less than 38 percent of the white vote to retain the White House.

If trends continue, by 2024 Chelsea Clinton will need less than 32 percent of the white vote to be president!


(Sam Fields is a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney and a veteran Democratic activist.)

11 Responses to “The GOP: Blacks, Jews, Hispanics Need Not Apply”

  1. WellSaid says:

    Mr. Fields….”WellSaid” sez….”well written!”

    And I do beleive this Country will see the daughter of the Clinton family in a significant elected post within six to eight years…she is very smart and should attract a well monied Democratic base….thanks for the article

  2. Proud BREC Member says:

    Mr. Fields flawed analysis doesn’t mention that blacks and hispanics don’t vote, unless one of their own is on the ballot. Our Gov. Rick Scott will win again and Democrats will be beaten all over the United States. So much for Mr. Fields predictions.

  3. Alice McGill says:

    I thought it was politically incorrect to categorize people by race, gender, ethnicity, etc. This article is ridiculous. Maybe because it is written by a white male over the age of 50. Talk about a category!

  4. tell the truth says:

    why the need to incite and fear monger Mr. Fields? Nice that Mr. Nevin gives you a forum.

    I did not know Eric Cantor lost because he was of the Jewish faith. I heard on Meet The Press yesterday that instead of spending last Tuesday’s election day IN HIS dstrict and neighborhood, he was in Wash DC proper. Did he assume he would win? Or underestimate his opponent? I believe some constituents are tired of not getting their way with their electeds and the agenda they (the voters) want to see followed and implimented. The reimergence of the Iraq civil war will only reinforce the Groundhgs Day perception we informed voters have – that nothing gets fixed, changed, improved and solved.
    I doubt a candidate’s color, sex, ethnic group or minority status matters in the least. But it seems that the candidate lets those personal proclivities influence and direct their actions and agenda.

    Few want 4 more years of scott, but next to crist he is the better choice, only because he si term limited and likely not to want to be elected to wash dc. unlike crist who tried to use guv gig to be senator.

    so whether dem or repub the incumbents will be sent packing come Nov., or a primary if they are in one.

  5. Not Quite says:

    The GOP apparently believes that if it was good enough to have only white Christian men sign The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution, than that should be good enough to have them govern in 2014… Not quite there Was 1 Christian who signed the Declaration

  6. Lol says:

    Such a prod BREC member you want sign your name. No worries none of us admit to membership anymore since Truex has run the local party into the ground.

  7. Chaz Stevens, Democrat says:

    George W. Bush and the crooks he hired are responsible for the mess we find ourselves in today.

    If they hadn’t lied to the American people about weapons of mass destruction we wouldn’t have lost nearly 5,000 American lives and god knows how many Iraqi lives, and stirred up this hornet’s nest.

    Obama has spent his entire administration cleaning up Bush’s shit, like someone with a giant pooper scooper.

    “Bush was the worst President even,” I say, “followed closely by Reagan.”

  8. I Own Broward says:

    Easy Sam, your instigation is showing.

    It’s insulting that you think people are too dumb to see through your attempts to paint the GOP with an Anti-Semitic, minority hating brush.

    Just as a reminder, some of the most outspoken and well-loved voices on the right are, in point of fact, Jewish or minority. Doubt it? Let’s have a look around the tent then – Allen West, Pam Geller, Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Niger Innes (currently running for Nevada District 4, btw)

    Cantors loss had nothing to do with his ethnic and religious background, and everything to do with him not representing his constituents to their expectations. Each and every member of Congress should be taking note of that fact, regardless of party affiliation.

    It is shameful that you are choosing to race bait and use a false narrative to steer away from what should be EVERY American’s focus, regardless of race, creed, or status in life: Steering this nation onto a prosperous, responsible, and self-reliant course.

    Your “article” is disappointing in it’s lack of substance, and disgusting in it’s attempt to close off dialogue between American citizens.

  9. Garl says:

    What would Dems do without their identity politics? And what else would permit them to have it both ways? It is disgusting (truly) that some people voted AGAINST Obama because of his race, but it is just fine to have voted FOR him because of his race. The same goes for Hillary Clinton…it would be wrong to vote against her because she is a woman, but perfectly okay to do so just because she is. Makes absolutely no sense either way…none at all.

  10. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Not Quite,
    Only one one signer was Christian?????

    I read the Wikipedia you refered to to. It said nothig like that. I still don’t get your point.

    Who was the one Christian?

    Was George a Hindu and Jefferson a Muslim?

  11. Sam Fields says:

    Garl, Broward etc,

    You don’t think minorities see the GOP as inhospitable?

    Take a look at the videos of the GOP Convention. Maybe 2% of the folks appear to be Black or Hispanic.

    They make a point to drag them up on the stage to make it seem like they are more than they actually are.

    Starting with his chief fundraiser, Hispanics are bailing from the Scott campaign because of the bigotry.

    Asians, one of the highest acheiving groups in America, voted for Obama in excess of Hispanics!

    If citing the registration and voting trends makes me a bigot, then I guess I must plead guilty.

    On the other hand maybe it is a conspiracy to rig registration and voting records by the nation’s Supervisors of Elections.

    Better contact the FBI.