The Girls Of Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler



Super lawyer Scott Rothstein and his female lawyers and staff have a sense of humor.  A good one.



On May 27, I wrote a post that chastised Rothstein’s Las Olas Boulevard firm Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler for running a series of ads which featured only white men.  It didn’t reflect the diversity of his firm’s lawyers and staff.

The post is here.

Rothstein got back to me Thursday.

Hey Buddy..this is the photo I got today from my top notch female attorneys for my birthdayit is now proudly displayed in my office 🙂

RRAa law firm that truly is a family..i am blessed to have such amazing attorneys with such a great sense of humor 🙂

Be well,





After seeing this picture, I don’t know why Playboy isn’t already planning a feature entitled “The Girls Of RRA.”

 Ooops, I mean “The Women Of RRA.”

Here is the old ad I criticized followed by the new mock one:






 Click on the picture to see all the women. 






16 Responses to “The Girls Of Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler”

  1. Michael Pancier says:

    Buddy, you overly cropped too much of my picture which cut-out several of our women lawyers. Post the entire image.


    Sorry. The picture is too wide for’s format and becomes distorted if I try to shrink it all into the space provided. The best I can do is post it and give readers the ability to click on it to see the entire photo.
    Thanks for your e-mail…..

  2. Robin Rorapaugh says:

    Buddy and Scott- Courthouses and courtrooms are no longer exclusive white boys clubs and, may I add, neither are the plaintiffs and defendants all white, all male all the time.

    As for the managing partner’s response- not impressed and not laughing here.

    Are you guys stuck in the 1950s or just hoping to go back there?

    Scott- if you are ready to join the rest of the business and legal world here in the present- my firm will be happy to help you guys and gals put a better foot forward.

  3. Aimee Villegas says:

    You girls ROCK…. RRA in the house!!! 🙂

  4. Sartorial Review says:

    Were they all going to a funeral right after the photo shoot? Why are they all in black?

    And they are all dressed much classier than Rothstein and his tacky Hollywood movie casting “mafia-lawyer”-style suits.

  5. A-Rated Lawyer says:

    Put some names along with those faces and maybe some telephone numbers, too.

    Sorry, can’t help you. I don’t know any of these women.
    Maybe somebody from RRA can send in a comment identifying some of them.

  6. Robert Garza says:

    Nice Photo,
    I think the Title should be

    ” A Force to be Reckond with ! “

  7. Right v Left says:

    The girls on the right look all about it, but the girls on the left look like they were dragged to the party.

  8. Yeah Righ says:

    Robin after seeing the disaster of a campaign you ran for Ed Sugar for Judge I don’t think you should tout yourself as someone who can help anyone the the legal business.

  9. I Only Have One Question says:

    Full commando or racing stripe?

  10. sparks says:

    these girls look great. to be young again

  11. alert says:

    it looks like the wwe is in town

  12. Hotties says:

    Everybody knows you have the hottest law practice in South Florida. Now I see you’ve got the hottest lawyers, too.
    Put the best ones out front and brag about their accomplishments. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

  13. Bill Lewis says:

    Rather than having Michael send a better formatted photo, Buddy, you can always upgrade your website. A man of your stature and popularity should have a more user friendly website.

    As for the women – whether they were dragged to the party or not, they still work for Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler, one of the most successful firms in south Florida. Stop being jealous and generate some billable hours for your firm. Don’t worry about the women of RRA – worry about the women in your own life…..

  14. S only says:

    ok Big Buddy—now print the SALARIES of the men VS. the women…

  15. Steve says:

    I guess since the firm is no longer in business, these so called “sexy” women (Which i don’t see), can go back to being dancers at Scarletts…
    Rothstein was a greedy, pompas, scumbag and deserves whatever they hand down to him. I would think he could have stopped at $50 million, but his arrogant personality wanted more. Good for him.

  16. Shaun Mason says:

    Which ones accompanied Scott on his perp walk?