The Elephant Blinks: GOP Changes Endorsements To Include Judge Nina Di Pietro.




The elephant has blinked.

Bowing to withering pressure from supporters of County Judge Nina Di Pietro, Broward Republican Chair Bob Sutton posted a new version of the party’s endorsement list Thursday afternoon that includes her.





The former list left her off and some say it was because Judge Di Pietro’s husband David Di Pietro publicly feuded and sued Gov. Rick Scott. 

My former post on that is here.  Below is the previous endorsement card:



Sources say the Broward GOP received a special donation to reprint the endorsements. was also told that the board of directors of the local GOP were split over whether to redo the cards, which will be distributed to select voters. A number of directors opposed changing the list to include Judge Di Pietro.

Florida law and the rules of ethics governing judicial conduct forbid judges from partisan campaigning.  Sources tell that opponents of the Di Pietros are seeking to tie the contribution and pressure the GOP endured to the judge’s campaign.

Stay tuned.

5 Responses to “The Elephant Blinks: GOP Changes Endorsements To Include Judge Nina Di Pietro.”

  1. Volunteer says:

    As a volunteer for the trump campaign, we’ve been waiting on palm cards since early voting began on Monday. I heard cards were printed and ready, but then this judicial candidate started squawking. It’s sad that because of this one judge candidate we’ve gone without Palm cards for 4 days now. So all the Republicans in down ballot races have suffered. Nice move Sutton. Glad there’s a chance to vote you out as chair in December.

  2. Clued in says:

    Who gives a crap about a County Court Race involving Nina DiPietro other than David or Nina? I bet granddaddy war bucks Max Schaub paid for the card. Read JEAC carefully, the Judge and immediate family are subject to the Cannons.

    Let her win, it appears there are some potential election law violations in her campaign that may lead to JQC problems. Rumors of people like Vicente Thrower being paid from the $10,000 distribution the campaign made to the August Company aka Alain Jean on July 1,for “community outreach”. I am sure AJ knows that if questioned a campaign can’t have a vague distribution like “community outreach” and if individuals were paid from this “community outreach” $$$$ those individuals needed to be documented.

  3. Jay Narang says:

    Excellent! Now the only thing remaining is for the Broward Democrat Executive Committee Chair, Cynthia Busch to add Judge Nina to their palm cards.

  4. JAAB ll says:

    Thank you for your in depth reporting on these candidates, without this dribble I could not make an informed decision.

    As a gesture of good will I would like to donate twenty-five prepaid coupons from Fashion Cleaners for wrinkle free shirts.

  5. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    The race for aJydgeship should hsve dignity n decorum the Broward Republicans act like 1920 Troyskites. And you know how that ended.