The Davie Commons Strikes Back At Parrish?


Has The Davie Commons struck back at their most visible critic?




Property Appraiser Lori Parrish has been slapped with a public records request asking for a list of her vacation time. 

She has been an outspoken critic of the shopping and office complex, scheduled to be built near her home.

The request from a Jupiter, Florida law office also asked for the e-mails of Ron Gunzburger, the appraiser office’s general counsel.

The same law office had earlier asked for information about property near the proposed site of the shopping and office complex, at Interstate 95 and Royal Palm Boulevard.

Parrish sees the hand of  The Commons developers in the request.  Here’s why:

First, she heard criticism of her attending a hearing on The Commons during business hours earlier this year.  Parrish told the critics she was taking vacation time.

Second, Gunzburger is widely suspected of inserting an anti-Commons subliminal message in a flyer distributed to taxpayers.  The message — Stop The Commons was mixed in with routine information about property taxes.

The original story about the message is here.

Third, all of Gunzburger’s e-mail had to be read by another lawyer before turning it over. 

That’s because as general counsel, Gunzburger may have written confidentially about law suits. Such mail is exempt from the Public Records Law.

When the law firm was told the cost of reading the e-mail would be $51.60-an-hour, the law firm didn’t balk. That indicated to Parrish that whoever was paying for the information has deep pockets.

The Commons developers certainly have the resources. Sources say developers have spent in excess of $5 million for experts and lobbyists to date and they are still years away from the final approval.

Parrish said late Tuesday her office would comply with the request, which came last week, as soon as possible.

The spokespeople for the proposed complex could not be reached for comment.


12 Responses to “The Davie Commons Strikes Back At Parrish?”

  1. Not Smart says:

    If Parrish is right about the source of these requests it is not very smart business on their part. They are biting off more than they can chew. It will all come to nothing and then will suffer all the more for their mistake. What the Davie Commons people need to do is find another location for their project. Many such locations exist in Broward.

  2. Exactly says:

    Lori is right.
    This is exactly the type games a big developer would play. Many times when someone speaks up against a developer they are threatened with a law suit. The attempt is to shut up the criticism. I think it even has a name of SLAP suit. They can’t file that kind of suit against Lori, so they harass her. Typical. When your project stinks, shove it down everyone’s throat every way you can.

  3. Brave Fight says:

    The Commons developer is just pissed that they lost the mayor’s race. Bye Bye Truex. Bye Bye Commons.

  4. Victim of Society says:

    If she has nothing to hide, then who cares who made a record request. She will be fine…

  5. Ann says:

    Lori Parrish is not someone to be messed with!

  6. Capt Bill says:

    Lori is on the right track.
    The Commons bunch should fold their tents now, at least cost.

  7. So annoying already says:

    So now every time something happens with Lori Parrish or any other political figure who is anti-Commons, this is going to happen. The Commons will be blamed? Who cares who is looking into Parrish- if whoever it is finds something she is hiding, then it will be newsworthy; until then who cares?

  8. Victim of Society says:

    Gunzberger is a lawyer so I doubt he ever puts anything even remotely controversial into writing. Those emails will turn out to be boring. I’m sure Lori also has nothing to hide. Let then fish, I know Lori and I’m sure there is nothing she needs to hide.

  9. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    Has anyone looked around Broward County and see all of the storefronts or complete shopping centers CLOSED!!!! Give me a break we don’t need any more buildings right now, we has Las Olas for fine dining, et c., All of our malls. One thing Lori sticks to the rules. Somebody mentioned Truex. You should see the horribly planned 5th Avenue “Linear Park” they are building in Dania Beach. I wonder who got paid off this this ugly thing

  10. Paranoid Lori? says:

    This was obviously fed to Buddy by Lori Parrish. But after reading this posting, I hope it was them. But unfortunately if they wanted to go after Parrish they would have done so already after she put out “abuse of power” newsletter. I cannot seem to get over that and I am dissapointed that no one has done anything about it. So do I think it is them now, no, but I wish it were.

  11. the weasel says:

    Ron Gunzburger is a weasel. He is a smart weasel. I agree with Victim of Society. He wouldn’t put anything incriminating in writing.

  12. Buddy Nevins says:


    I usually don’t comment on sources, but this time I will.

    Lori is not shy about calling the media with news. However, on this occasion Lori did not feed me this story. I was tipped by someone not connected to her office and, as far as I know, not connected to her.

    She was surprised when I called her at home and surprised that I knew about it.