Ten Lawyers Vie For Two Seats On The Bench




Most likely two of the ten lawyers in the letter below will be appointed Broward County’s newest judges shortly.

The Broward Judicial Nominating Commission today picked the ten lawyers for to recommend to Gov. Rick Scott for appointment to two open seats after interviewing 18 applicants yesterday.

Scott always has the option of rejecting all the names and asking the JNC to make new recommendations, but that seldom happens.




One Response to “Ten Lawyers Vie For Two Seats On The Bench”

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    This is why people are disgusted with both the media and the judicial system in some ways. I googled one of the names on the list. 15 years ago this person was the subject of a profile in a local publication and made the statement this person never experienced discrimination until they moved here to South Florida!
    The problem is that I grew up in the town this person came from, in fact in my teens I was the vice president of the local Youth Branch of the NAACP and co-chairman later of CORE there. I have kept up with the particular city in the North East since I returned home to South Florida full time in 1994.
    The City was the site of Black Riots, a school de-segregation dispute, and went from a 20% or less African-American community to over 80% Black and Hispanic, from a community of “100 Millionaires” to a basket case like Newark, Camden, and Trenton.
    I don’t know the exact years this judicial candidate lived in the city in question, whether in the years it was torn apart by racial strife or the years it turned into a majority Black city with the one of the highest unemployment and welfare ratios in the United States.
    If this judicial candidate is so divorced from reality as to suggest either a racial torn city or a majority Black poverty city is this person’s idea of “a place where there is no discrimination” she’s a nutjob intellectually unfit to be a JUDGE!
    Broward’s judiciary is full of well educated, literate individuals, but this person does not seem to be up to the job of being a Judge which requires a superior intellect.