Team Obama Opening Pines Office


Republicans don’t know yet who will be their presidential candidate.

That isn’t stopping Team Obama from stepping up its re-election effort in Broward County.

No surprise.  Broward is vitally important to President Barack Obama’s re-election.

He needs to win Broward by a margin of more than 240,000 votes to have a good chance of winning Florida. The votes are needed to offset a tidal wave of GOP votes from upstate.

This Saturday the president’s re-election campaign opens an office in Pembroke Pines.  Expect more offices by next November.

Here is the news release from Ashley Walker, the president’s Florida point person who is also a Broward political consultant:



Obama - Biden
This election is heating up all over the country, and the organization we’re putting together in Florida will make a big difference this November.Whether you’re just starting to get involved or you’ve been pounding the pavement to talk to voters for months, now is the perfect time to meet up with other supporters and help celebrate the opening of our brand new office in Pembroke Pines.Come out and help build this office from the start.

What: Office opening party in Pembroke Pines
Where: 2104 N. Flamingo Road
Pembroke Pines, FL 33026
When: Saturday, March 3rd
5:00 pm
RSVP now

We won’t work you too hard this Saturday — there’s plenty of hard work to do in the months ahead. We’ll relax with some food and drinks and chat about the issues that matter most here in Florida, like affordable health care and support for the middle class.

This new office in your community will be your local hub for building our base of volunteers, connecting with undecided voters, and making sure we secure the 270 electoral votes we need for a win on November 6th. Our state has the power to make a real impact in this election for Democrats up and down the ticket — but it won’t happen unless we get our organizing off the ground in our corner of the Sunshine state now.

It’s time to prepare for the tough fight ahead — so don’t miss the office kickoff this Saturday in Pembroke Pines:



Ashley Walker
Florida State Director
Obama for America

17 Responses to “Team Obama Opening Pines Office”

  1. What Would Reagan Do? says:

    Ah heck, Buddy, thanks for getting the word out. How were you able to type this with pom poms in your hands? I’m thinking about holding a garage sale soon. Any chance I can post the announcement on your free advertising website?

  2. Shenandoah_LovesMayorPaul says:

    Since I see that it says “Obama-Biden” I am assuming he is keeping Biden. I thought he would have dropped him off for this go around. He should put Hillary on board as VP.

  3. Floridan says:

    I was surprised that you said Obama would need an edge of 240,000 votes in Broward, until I looked at the results of the 2008 election and saw he carried the county by almost 258,000.

  4. ExCompassionate Conservative says:

    Well, I am just waiting for my Santorum invitation for his campaign office HQ opening in one of several local churches. Funny thing is that the campaign outsourced the invitations to a non English speaking country to save money.

    Instead of printing:

    “This is your Rick Santorum Invitation….”

    the version mailed out said:

    “This is your Rick Santorum Inquisition….

    If that does not pan out, I can always look forward to A Romney invite from a yacht club, providing I pass the net worth check. I do need a few parking passes since my wife will be driving a couple of Cadillacs to the grand opening.

    If I don’t pass the Romney credit check, then I will accept the Ron Paul campaign HQ invite which is a tin foil hat you wear anywhere and declare yourself a campaign HQ.

    Newt’s invite is not yet determined. It is either in his massive head after some furniture shuffling or on Mars at the Newt Gingrich Marriage Encounter Retreat and Dude Ranch.

    All females are required to have a transvaginal Ultra Sound probe to pass the virginity test before being allowed in.

    Allen West will do security at the door. He shoots off a pistol next to your head to see if you are telling the truth and really a Republican.

    Door prize is a trip to the Dominican Republic with Rush Limbaugh and a weekend supply of Viagra in a private jet.

  5. Pines Democrat says:

    Prepare for a “No Prison” demonstration every single day. My city sent the President a letter opposing the immigration prison. Until Obama pulls the plug on it we will work against him. I want to be a good democrat, but if it means living with that prison then I am prepared to vote for a republican because that means democrats at the top don’t deserve my vote. No immigration center in Pines. No Prison. Period.

  6. Scare'em Harem Bare'em says:

    @Shenandoah_LovesJudypaul didn’t you leave Davie for the greener pastures of Tamarac. Drop the Davie talk and focus on the old fogies in The Woodlands. Mayor Paul does not need (or want) your help.

  7. blind faith says:

    more hope and more change…

  8. What? says:

    To “Pines Democrat” – so, you think Mitt Money or Rick Sanitarium will close the “prison?” It would be at least 3 times bigger!

  9. What Would Reagan Do? says:

    Not that it matters. Obamazombies will continue to support him no matter how much he ignores the African American community but it would have been a nice touch had he opened this office in a South Florida African American community. Although, in fairness to him, given the fact that his campaign bus never seems to stop at one he may not know where they are located.

  10. What? says:

    Nice try, Reagan. I’m sure you feel so good about yourself as you think you’ve exposed Obama supporters, especially African Americans, for the “zombies” that they are. LOL! I believe that by being a President for ALL Americans, Obama has been a good President for African Americans. Isn’t that “what Reagan would do?” I’m sure Banker Drysdale Romney or Ayatollah Insanityiam should be the obvious preference for the “zombies.” Or, maybe it should be Mr. “Let Me Publish Some Racist S**t While I Worship The Pureness of Private Property Rights” Paul? How can the “Obamazombies” be so blind?

  11. Pines Democrat says:

    Obama is the president. He can stop this prison. If he refuses I will not vote for him. There are many Pines democrats that will feel equally betrayed and boycott the election. No prison if he wants our support. I live here and will not stand for it. Period.

  12. Tamarac Talk says:

    Who said we’re old here in the Woodlands? Whatever you think, many of my young acting friends and neighbors, black and white, Jewish and Christian are primarily Democrats. We are supporting our President.

  13. What? says:

    To “Pines Democrat” – I suspect you are from the Pines, but you are not a Democrat. I doubt if the President will drop everything on his plate to address an issue that is way down his priority list to please you. Good luck with whoever you vote for. I’m sure they’ll be in touch with you to get your list of demands.

  14. What Would Reagan Do? says:

    For “What?” I’ll type this slow so you’ll be able to follow. I am merely making the point that Obama takes the African American voting block for granted(something by the way that Maxine Walters lamented about publicly not long ago.)

  15. Pines Democrat says:

    Hey Tamarac, thanks for sticking up for fellow Democrats. Perhaps they should put a federal prison in your precious Woodlands and then you’d change your tune.

  16. What's in the Name says:

    Pembroke Pines offers a very diverse population that is centrally located in the South Florida community.

    @Pines Democrat
    It is not a PRISION. It is a detention center for persons that have immigration issues, not criminals. The location of the Detention Center is 1500 feet from the nearest Pembroke Pines home. In fact it is adjacent to the Womens’s PRISION, that has operated in the community for many many years and also adjacent to the existing landfill.

    Where were you 10-12 years ago when the first public hearing on this site occured. You like many of the misinformed supporters have jumped on a propoganda campaign by radical immigration people who have made it a NIMBY issue.

    Sad.. so sad..

    I support my President, and hope that he has four more years to help our country. Furthermore, I hope that the City of Pembroke Pines and Town of Southwest Ranches can work together to figure out this issue. I do not want major lawsuits slowing down our local recovery.

  17. Pines Democrats says:

    Your president can’t win without Florida. He won’t be my president unless his actions match his rhetoric on immigration reform. The immigration prison is not what welcomed in Pembroke Pines area. We find it offensive and we will not vote for a president that ignores us. Send it someplace else if he must. But not here. Or else. And when Obama loses like Gore did by 500 votes you can blame yourselves for not helping us reverse the future we predict. We will stay home if he does this to us and if he is too busy to deal with us then he is too busy to care about how we vote.