Teachers’ Union Issues Statement On NE High





Broward Teachers Union President Sharon Glickman issued the following statement on Saturday concerning the investigation into Principal Jonathan E. Williams at Northeast High School:


BTU has received complaints about inappropriate conduct, including unwanted touching of female teachers and have responded to those complaints for more than two years. We have filed many grievances. We have contacted the district, asking for investigation. We support our teachers. Our members have also contacted the district on their own. BTU is pleased to see that the district is finally addressing the concerns of our members at Northeast High.

An investigation was conducted and the process is moving forward. We understand at this point the investigation is complete and the principal has 20 days to respond. BTU President, Sharon Glickman, stated, “We respect his right to due process just as we would fully expect due process for any of our members in any kind of investigation.”

We will watch to see where the investigation report leads. BTU looks forward to the district taking any appropriate action.


Inexplicably, the statement was issued on Saturday, Sept. 20 at 5:29 a.m.

Browardbeat.com disclosed the situation at Northeast High in earlier posts here and here.




61 Responses to “Teachers’ Union Issues Statement On NE High”

  1. BTU Member says:

    NE HIgh is why a union is needed.

  2. I am dependent on government says:

    To “BTU Member”

    Seriously??? The Union has done NOTHING and the students AND teachers have suffered. Sadly, the teachers think the BTU supports them. Open your eyes….

  3. Northeast teacher says:

    I understand due process,but why was he allowed to stay on campus while this long investigation took place? Ordinarily,the person being investigated is removed . When people were called into testify,they were called to an office near his,clearly visible for all to see. All of the current employees that testified against him have had retaliation. Two lost their jobs. Plus Williams stood in front of the faculty (which he videotaped by the way) ranting about the case and threatening those that testified. He should have been removed then.

    Runcie will remove him and give him a downtown job. Williams will be even more destructive. He needs to be terminated! Why has it taken so long?


    Almost nobody is terminated from the school system, which is one of the problems. Some staff members who allowed Northeast High to deteriorate to its poor condition today remain employed today.

  4. Lisa Maxwell says:

    Jon Williams has never had anyone file any complaint regarding inappropriate touching or harassment of anyone.

    It is true that the Broward Teachers Union has filed multiple grievances against this Principal – none of which have been found to have any merit. This is an unfortunate growing trend throughout Broward County Schools as more and more teachers are placed upon performance improvement plans . All of the grievances at North East were filed by teachers facing discipline and were told they were not performing- this unfortunate strategy is a common one in an effort to avoid doing their job.

    The vast majority of teachers are highly performing and care deeply about student achievement , but there remains an old guard who were not prepared for either the administrative change , the demographic change, nor the change in student achievement standards.

    Too many principals have been falsely accused and had frivolous grievances filed against them in Broward. Less than one half of one percent of all grievances filed are upheld. Teachers and Principals are being asked to do more with less. The Unions in this country have not always acted in the best interests of their constituents – the bottom line is that there is not one shred of evidence that Jonathan Williams violated and policy, abused and person, acted in anyway that was inappropriate. There is however an unfortunate record of numerous assaults on his character by those who clearly have an agenda that is self serving and designed to avoid doing their jobs!

  5. juliet hibbs says:

    This is a common practice within the district and I can only speak to my case…but the union helped and Sharon Glickman said she wan Ted to talk to me. But as of this date..nothing and they think they should protect HIS due process?

  6. Lisa Maxwell says:

    It is also interesting to note that the BTU union steward at North East High is under investigation for inappropriate conduct involving students.

    Lisa Maxwell
    Executive Director
    Broward Principals and Assistants Assoc

  7. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    A union that really serves its members is sorely needed, not one that is in bed with administration.

    BTU knows along with those who even casually follow the district’s abuses that SIU is a joke.

    Keep up the great work, Buddy. Skewer anyone/anything that needs it.

  8. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    Is lisa maxwell paid by the union the principal under investigation is a member of or is paid by the school board? Interesting miss maxwell knows about an investigafion of an official of the teachers union that i would suppose is suposed to be confidential. Her blog postings seem to be ghost written by the prinicipal using what i would think is confidential information.

  9. Real Deal says:

    Is Jonathan Williams the son of former school board member Ben Williams?

  10. I am dependent on government says:

    This is what Unions do. They use the union herd mentality to protect the wicked at the expense of all others; and, we all suffer.


  11. Mia says:

    Lisa Maxwell… Still defending those principals like mine who was a “hands on”” kind of guy… We were bad teachers who were out to get him… Change your tune it’s getting old!

  12. Due Process says:

    Ms. Maxwell is correct, there is a big difference between being “investigated” and being found guilty. Based on her response, the accusations against Mr. Williams are just irate teachers who are not happy with his management style. And says, “All of the grievances at North East were filed by teachers facing discipline and were told they were not performing- this unfortunate strategy is a common one in an effort to avoid doing their job”. One of the teachers she accuses of not performing is a former finalist for the Florida Teacher of the Year. Others she accuses have found success within the school system as assistant principals, literacy, reading, math coaches and department chairs.

    As Ms. Maxwell articulates so very well, “The Unions in this country have not always acted in the best interests of their constituents”. Question to you Ms. Maxwell? Are you acting in the best interests of their constituents by protecting Mr. Williams?

  13. Julet Hibbs says:

    Lisa Maxwell,

    If there are so frivolous complaints filed? Why can’t the people see the outcome and that includes the board!

    Investigation into. Jon Marlow and the abusive leadership at Deerfield Beach High School has been done according to Mr. runcie and no one…not even the board has seen it.
    How many employes jobs are RUINED by this process only to have them restored because of NO EVIDENCE. Not a lack. No investigations done. People…teachers, parents and students have NO right to due process when these things happen!
    This is COMMON practice to cover up and often promote the abusive. 2 promoted from MY abusers list!

  14. Waitaminute says:

    Lisa Maxwell: I do not know about the inappropriate touching. However,I know for a fact that many teachers have cpmplained for years to Notter, Agrahi,Tina Butler,Runcie, the BTU and SIU about harassment. I know because I did and at least 5 others did as well. Fell on deaf ears. And as for the BTU rep under investigation..More proof of WIlliams vindictiveness ,Once this teacher did not sing WIlliams tune any more, Williams went for the jugular by making malicious accusations. He did this with several other former BTU stewards too. Dane Ramson was his buddy and protected him in fact she told him how to go after three union stewards.She is no longer at BTU because finally after years of complaining about her too, Sharon Glickman canned her. Get your facts straight .

  15. Disgusted says:

    What planet does Lisa Maxwell live on? She is a complete disgrace! “Not one shred of evidence?” Did she mean to say that Senior Administrators, SIU and BPAA shredded the evidence? I can’t even stomach rereading her pathetic comment. It just shows how out of touch she is with administrators and their schools. I know I wouldn’t put my name on half of the people she defends. The problem with the evidence is that no one ever follows through with an investigation. Once employees put themselves out there for the good of the students and the school, they are harassed and bullied into silence. The Superintendent doesn’t follow policy, why should Administrators. Again, you are pathetic Lisa Maxwell! At least look over the facts before you defend the scum that you defend!

  16. Disgusted cont... says:

    I left off the fact that one of the teachers that spoke out was Broward Teacher of the Year and another was a finalist. There goes Manwell’s claim that complaints only come from poor performing teachers who are under investigation. He’s also had issues with FLDOE in the past. Maybe Buddy should give Lisa a copy of Jonathan Williams file! I think she should start public records requesting and researching before she runs her mouth.

  17. LCG says:

    Lisa Maxwell

    The school’s name is Northeast not North East. I think if you are going to speak regarding a school at least get the name correct. I love how it is always the teachers who are wrong. Maybe the district will get this one right.

  18. Bridgette says:

    Lisa Maxwell is certainly not a credible source. She makes her living covering up for bad principals. Her statement speaks volumes. We all know that most of the grievances from Northeast are from educators who are NOT in trouble like me. Go ahead Ms. Maxwell, continue to allow your principals to abuse staff members. It’s all about a paycheck for you and nothing to do with valuing education in Broward schools.

  19. Señor Censor says:

    What about the great BSO Sheriff Scott Israel send in his deputies for a report, criminal investigation, present his evidence to the SA, BTU is for contract negotiations.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Yes it’s true that some people abuse the system, however when past and present staff who have never met or communicated with each other say the same exact things about Mr. Williams during their interviews with the investigators that means something is very wrong. The BTU Steward was voted in AFTER being cleared the first time, they then returned to Northeast with their head held high which infuriated administration and made them a prime target for them. Now they are trying everything to get rid of them because they won’t back down. This investigation is one big joke, they will again find a way to excuse his behavior and he will AGAIN run out those who “don’t share his vision”. Or gather us again to remind us that we can’t hurt him.

  21. Bridgette says:

    Lisa Maxwell, can you answer four questions?
    1. Is it true that Jonathan Williams was denied a Florida teaching certificate the first time he applied because of an assault?
    2. Is it true that he had an altercation with the principal at the first school he was an assistant principal?
    3. Is it true that Jonathan Williams was written up for performance problems while an assistant principal at Piper High School?
    4. How much do they pay you to cover up for bad principals? I bet you make more than I do as a veteran teacher with over 20 years of service at one school where I constantly receive accolades. I don’t expect you to reply. It’s ok to take the cowardly way out.

  22. Bridgette says:

    Also, Ms. Maxwell would be greatly served by visiting an English class at Northeast or any other school in Broward to fix the grammatical errors in her posting. Don’t worry Ms. Maxwell, we won’t bully you. We sincerely want to help you write well!!!

  23. Due Process says:

    Ms. Maxwell, per your statement, “It is also interesting to note that the BTU union steward at North East High is under investigation for inappropriate conduct involving students”. These charges were brought after he/she testified against Mr. Williams. Is this part of the Williams’ investigation, another investigation or is it retribution for testifying? Is he/she still at the school or has he/she been reassigned to another location?
    FACT: the person involved in this investigation was one of Mr. Williams’ most passionate supporters when he became principal. Appealing to parents, faculty, community leaders, school board staff and members that Mr. Williams be given a chance at Northeast. No one could question his loyalty for the first five years of Mr. Williams’ administration. He/she supported Mr. Williams to the point of harassing others who did not. Whatever happens to him/her is irrelevant to me and most of the faculty who are still at Northeast or who transferred due to his prior actions. However, about two years ago he/she finally got off the “Kool Aid” and realized what a disaster Mr. Williams has been and continues to be at Northeast High! What changed his belief in Mr. Williams?

  24. PandaBear says:

    Once and for all, know this: Nine out of ten administrators in any rung of the School Board ladder do not, I repeat, DO NOT, belong there and they certainly didn’t get the job because they were good at what the do. They got pushed up the ladder because of who they knew and what favors were owed by whom. Period…end of story. Thus, we have what we have. Simpletons and idiots make big bucks who simply lucked out do to whatever circumstances surrounded them. It works from the Crystal Palace down to the elementary, middle, and high schools…..and I include all charters. The truly “qualified” will never see themselves doing what they know best, never, unless they also happen to be connected, and that happens from time to time, that’s the 10% out there who are truly good. But they would’ve never had the chance unless they were connected. And they know it. Truly sad.

  25. PandaBear says:

    Simpletons and idiots making big bucks who simply lucked out due to whatever circumstances surrounded them.
    Sorry for the human error!

  26. Facts says:

    Jonathan Williams is not Ben Williams son. Ben’s son, Steven, is a principal at Driftwood Middle.

  27. Waitaminute says:

    No Ben Williams is not related, but he is one of Williams mentors and was the one that pushed Williams as well as his own two sons to be principal.

  28. juliet hibbs says:

    The disgrace is the this is all allowed to continue! So many schools have spoke….elementary, middle and high schools. So many staff, from so many departments, crying put for help from the abuse being inflicted. This problem got so much worse in the last 5 years! The stories are crazy and almost unbelievable, but the same stories happen again and again.
    When will something be done? Will it take MORE until someone breaks? It breaks my heart, staff confused because they don’the even have a right to provide the evidence they hold, they have no righats at all.
    How will ANY of this help students achieve! It is a truly disgraceful system that MUST be completely changed

  29. Playing Favorites Much? says:

    I didn’t realize Jonathan Williams was one of Lisa’s chosen few. No wonder this investigation has taken so long. There are a couple principals and ap’s whose back Lisa has. The rest are SOL when shit goes down.
    I would list the ones she has left out to dry by name but they have suffered enough. Many of them were none renewed even this year while Lisa stood idly by and did nothing. Shameful.

  30. checkitout says:

    How about Anthony WIlliams, the new SIU (Broward School Police) Chief? He is a black male,hopefully not related or in anyway connected with Jonathan Williams. But I can assure you, Jonathan will do everything to be his buddy! Or have his political friends strong arm him.

  31. Also Attended says:

    @19: Law enforcement investigations generally follow the filing of a criminal complaint. Absent a complaint investigations are less likely to occur. The school board has their own police department, so you’d imagine they could investigate their own staff’s conduct.

  32. Really Lisa? says:

    Just the fact Lisa calls him “Jon” is too close for comfort. She knows he has all of the lawyers and Hastings et al. behind him. The complaints started back in 2008 when teachers notified Notter and Toni Weissberg,area director. Every year since then a different crop of teachers have complained. The bullying and harassment was out of control. Teachers had classrooms ransacked,mail broken into,schedules changed and threats.

    Then the real corruption started. Lisa, there is a ton of evidence to prove the accusations that we all know are criminal.

    If he is not terminated,there are quite a few that will make this public with news organizations,etc. We can prove also you have terminated some AP’s for simple personality issues, while let a violent man with criminal activity both professionally and personally continue to run Northeast Shame shame on you!

  33. Mia says:

    I can remember when a certain North Area principal was taken out of what he called his “Kingdom”. The teacher was sexually harassed and had to move away. She sued and received a huge settlement when PROBBLE CAUSE was found! The school was turned upside down and the BTU Steward’s life was threatened.

  34. Alice McGill says:

    Good luck to all who are trying to fix the problem at Northeast High School. I can relate to the problem. I once was bullied inhumanely by a fellow teacher. I understood why I got no help when I realized the other teacher was the girlfriend of the married assistant principal who was best friends with the superintendent of the central area.
    The union rep…was useless. I finally solved the problem myself by forcing transfers for both of us.
    The school system has many stories about principals who run off good teachers. Often, the motive is ethnically based. Sometimes it is because a weak principal chooses to surround him/herself with weak employees that are easily manipulated. These actions absolutely crush the delivery of education to students.

  35. DoanyofyouactuallyworkatNortheast says:

    Do any of you commenting actually work at Northeast? I think not cause if you did, you would KNOW that this is not the consensus of the majority of the staff. This is in FACT a handful of disgruntled people after a man who has and continues to make POSITIVE changes for the students and school. There are several other Principals in Broward County Middle and High Schools that need investigating and that you should be bashing, NOT Mr. Williams!

  36. Juliet Hibbs says:

    Mr. Runcie, the school board and Upper level leadership has NO intention of being held accountable

    http://youtu.be/-I5w-G8zb4I this is a video that was “investigated” by Mr. Runcie

    Here is the board and Mr Runcie responding to all that I and others had exposed about the abusive leadership at DBHS…I am a bully for exposing it


    What about FEDERAL laws that are IGNORED by those that are HIRED to make sure we are in compliance

    here is THAT video

    what is useless and wasteful use of the funds that are so limited in the district.

    Now they will have another lawsuit…I tried NOT to sue for more than two years…but they WANT the lawsuit! So, I tried not to sue and now the people of Broward will be required to pay because of TRASH that REFUSE to deal with the real issues happening.

    The BTU is a failure!!! Those people appear to be in bed with the board and Mr. Runcie! what a waste

  37. Anonymous says:

    Yes actually I do still work at NEHS. Just because you only know a handful of disgruntled employees does not mean there aren’t many, many more. You don’t hear about it because we are afraid for our jobs. We don’t talk because there are his favorites that will report back to him and then all hell breaks loose. It’s not just teachers, it’s ALL departments and parents as well.

    What positive changes are you talking about?
    The unhappy staff?
    The horrible facilities?
    The lack of security for our students ?
    The hiring of coaches that leave mid year? The fear of losing your job?
    The non-recognition of all the hard work from everyone but administration?

  38. John Henry says:

    Northeast took a complete nose dive after Mr. Kemp left.

  39. Investigate Other Principals? says:

    Now, instead of supporting Jon, his “followers” are suggesting that other principals be investigated. Talk about throwing someone under the bus to save YOUR own hide! And if you do have knowledge about other principals or anyone one else who should be investigated, it is your professional duty to inform SIU. Otherwise you are a dishonest, unscrupulous, unethical, amoral, untrustworthy, and corrupt administrator/teacher who is an embarrassement to the educational profession. You obviously do not care about the children by your cover-up, it is all about you!
    Wait, now I realize why you support Jon! You are just as dishonest, unscrupulous, unethical, amoral, untrustworthy, and corrupt as he is. The nut does not fall far from the tree!

    But in your defense. If I was one of Jon’s “followers”, I would do everything within my power to make sure Jon stays and a new administration is not installed. They WOULD then discover the incompetence and favoritism that is prevalent among administrators and his “followers” at NE High!

  40. Cindy says:

    Dear Idiots,
    There are numerous people both current and previous employees who have been victims of Jonathan Williams. Those of you who are rewarded with extra classes and great schedules are not true educators. Dummies like Jonathan Williams surround themselves with other dummies who they can control. So continue to lie on this blog but there are at least 100 current and previous staff members willing to come forward. Let Runcie and the people in the Crystal Palace take note. We want Williams moved!

  41. Accountability says:

    Most Fortune 500 Companies do “exit” interviews whe someone leaves the company. They have invested money into that person and use the interview results to make improvements. Some school systems are doing this too.

    So when Northeast lost two superior administrators before the first year was out with JW,why didn’t someone find out why? One of them went to a school 35 miles further from his house. All he did was point out some scheduling mistakes to JW and he was called a “racist” He was well liked by all,we’ll almost all. The other administrator also was called a “racist” because she had an opinion.

    Then before the next year was out two more administrators were labeled “racist” and they got transfers.

    Plus every teacher with leadership roles were racist. Many left the first year,especially when they were accused of “sabatoging the FCAT” more left the second year,and the third. new teachers came in. Those that adored the ” CEO” of Northeast (Williams calls himself that” got great positions. Those that did not were harassed. This has been going on for 7 years. Over 70″staff members left for ONE reason. The School Board needs to put i. Place some kind of system that monitors turnover in a school.

    You would think after seven years,the house is clean of the racist troublemakers. But it continues. In fact EVERYWHERE
    This man has been ,it is the same old same ole. .

  42. Ana Gomez-Mallada says:

    I’ve said it before: Fire 2/3 of all administrators and divvy up the money in the form of raises and classroom allowances amongst the teachers. The system wouldn’t miss a single one.

  43. Juliet Hibbs says:

    I, like many others before me, have been working to expose the abuses across the district. I DID report and I was brought up on charges of professional misconduct for “possibley contributing to a students homosexuality” BECAUSE I reported abuse from her parents. SIU is corrupt or why would MY case have been modifided to the state, as opposed to the copy I obtained from SIU and David Golt!
    Runcie and the leadership in Broward School are VIAL lying trash. there is MORE than enough evidence! They lie about EVERYTHING or sit in silence when the board asks a question to them. It is disgraceful that so much abuse could take place.

    http://youtu.be/DrHjXDqfNKs look up EACH thing I quoted in this speeech before the LYING trash of the Broward county school board.

    They ONLY care about self protection It is why the board is writing policy to ATTEMPT to absolve themselves in ANY civil preceedings.
    The “first ladies of Broward” as Dr Osgood LOVES to refer to themsselves….are a self rightous, impotent to do anything anyway and only have their self interest at heart. Not like Mr. Rucnie could give a rip or any of HIS leadership
    We must have change! This is a disgusting example of corruption and cover ups….how does this serve the people or students of Broward. it does not…but they think little of US

  44. Andrew Ladanowski says:

    The real problem is why Broward Schools millions of dollars each year in a creation of an internal cover up department also know as the SIU. This department does not provide resource officers for schools. Your local PD and school board share these costs. If a private business, has criminal behavior they call 911. An external agency investigates the allegations. We have 20 SIU officers that report to the school board. Their role is not to investigate but to keep the board happy and pretend everything is running smoothly. It’s not. It’s time to push these officers out to other agencies, and when a crime occurs call 911. Have an independent agency investigate. Most staff don’t even trust your SIU. Pretty Sad.


    I totally agree. I believe any investigations of possible criminal violations should be done by an agency outside the school system. The school police report to the superintendent, leaving any decision they make suspect.

  45. Baffoon says:

    Andrew – Thank you again for your half-nformed statements
    1 – They are investigators, not officers.
    2 – They answer to Chief Anthony Williams who answers to the Superintendent. They do not answer to the school board.
    3 – When a crime is committed, 911 should always be called.
    4 – Having another agency respond to internal human relations related matters is absurd.

  46. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    “Baffoon” you obviously have none of Andrew’s determination to find the truth. You’re just another system toady trying unsuccessfully to discredit anyone who wants to get to the bottom of the outrages and fix the miserable performance of SIU.

    And you of course are calling what’s going on at that school “internal human relations matters.”

  47. Juliet Hibbs says:

    Seems like Lisa Maxwell and MANY like her LIKE the abusers and want them to stay! But those that protect children or want what is right…oh it is an ending of a contract!!

    I believe this is because the abusers and corrupt are EASY to control. Often they are not very smart and will go along with anything to keep themselves protected….like the video of the student beaten up by an administrator He still has his job…no disciplinary action…NOPE the security guard in the video room was the one under investigation! CRAZY!

    Lisa Maxwell..take the time and watch the last two years of school board meetings I can even save you time….public speaking and the G2, G3 and G4 and you will see so many, parents, students and staff all pleading for help from these abusers…you know…the ones that you support freely. Take the time! You MIGHT have some compassion for the victims of these abusers

  48. CitizenB says:

    There is a lot of corruption in Broward, both within the school district and within county government. Independent agencies should investigate wrong-doing, not individuals on the payroll of the entity being investigated. Buddy, you should look into how Broward County Government handles internal complaints of unethical, inappropriate conduct and retaliation which occurs toward those who report same.

  49. Andrew Ladanowski says:

    1 These are 20 fulltime police officers.
    2. They answer to the chief, who answers to the superintendent and then to the board.Follow the chain. Those officer’s are pressured not to make the board look bad.
    3. You are correct.
    4. You do not seem to understand, since these are 20 police officers they are actually investigating or covering up internal crimes, they do not deal with internal human relations related matters. That’s not the job of police officers.

  50. Andrew Ladanowski says:

    @CitizenB your dead on. We should look how Broward County handles problems.

  51. Also Attended says:

    If they are sworn police officers, inference with their duty to fully and factually investigate cases is a criminal offense. Directing a law enforcement officer to fake an investigation is also a criminal offense.

    Police chiefs routinely report to city managers or elected mayors. That fact does not keep law enforcement from being ineffective. Runaway cynicism, on the other hand is a form of corruption because it permits only one conclusion based on emotional predisposition not facts.

    If these had been city employees accused of wrongdoing commencing an internal investigation would have been the normal and appropriate first step.


    The possibility of conflicts is why many corrupt city officials are investigated by outside agencies, like the FBI or the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

    State Attorney Mike Satz routinely turns over investigations of Broward politicians to other counties to avoid even the appearance of a conflict.

    The appearance of a conflict doesn’t seem to bother the Broward public school system.

    The Broward school police have numerous times covered up violations of the School Board’s own policies and criminal violations stretching back many years.

    This from my pal Bill Hirschman at the Sun-Sentinel in 2000:

    “No one knows how safe students and educators are on Broward County’s schoolyards and in the classrooms.

    Administrators say they can make an educated guess: Campuses seem safer than those at other urban school districts; the number of serious crimes seems to be dwindling, especially compared to the swelling enrollment.

    But while district file drawers are filled with reams of school -by- school crime statistics, many people doubt their accuracy….During the 1997-98 school year, Nova High School in Davie reported 36 significant crime incidents. Sheriff’s officers reported 204. After that was reported in the Sun-Sentinel, Broward officials announced another crackdown on inaccurate reporting.

    But during the last school year, for example, Dillard High School listed only four serious incidents in a school of 2,397 students, including not a single drug or weapon possession case. Thurgood Marshall Elementary, with one-third of the students, reported six times that many incidents.”

    Essentially, the system is flawed. You can’t have the fox watching the hen house.

  52. Also Attended says:

    Buddy, your argument seems to be that the Broward school police department is incapable of honest service. Colleges also have police departments, perhaps they are corrupt also.

    If that’s true then having a police force within any educational institution as is allowed by statute would be inadvisable. Yet almost every school district and every public university, certainly the larger ones in Florida have their own police departments.

    Is that your recommendation that none of them have in-house sworn officers or just Broward?

    Just trying to get to the bottom line of what the issue is here. One of trust for Broward’s school cops, one of trust for any cops, we only trust somebody else’s cops?

  53. WorksatNE says:

    I work at Norteast and the conditions are horrible. No one speaks up for fear of job loss or harassment, and those who say otherwise are blinded by all of the favors bestowed on them by Jonathan Williams. Look at how many wonderful teachers and administrators have left because of his harassment and handling of situations. Speak to neighborhood parents and students who have had truths hidden by this man to protect his “elite” students (all football players, none who can make the gpa required on their own).

  54. The South Shall Not Rise Again says:

    I don’t know about how the confederate flag was brought into this but here is the real story. I have lived in the NEHS area my entire life. For as long as I can remember, the house across the street from the school flew a confederate flag. Mr Williams mentioned to the pastor at the church on the corner that it bothered him. The pastor went and spoke to the homeowner. The pastor discussed the meaning behind the flag and told the neighbor that many people see it as offensive. The neighbor immediately took it down.
    This flag being flown has nothing to do with Mr William’s arrival at NEHS, however, he did have an indirect contribution to it being brought down. How can he then turn around and say he is being targeted with racism is beyond me.

  55. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Also Attended, the record of SIU covering up problems has been documented thoroughly.

    But those who don’t want to understand and admit will continue to raise specious arguments and questions rather than fix the problem.

    We’re talking about Broward, not colleges, not universities, not other institutions. Nice try at misdirection and distraction.

  56. CitizenB says:


    There may be investigations concerning politicians that are turned over to other agencies, but Broward County Government has it’s on internal agency, staffed by Broward County employees, which handles investigations of reports of unethical behavior and misconduct of other Broward County employees. The agency is known as the OIAPS. How often do you think they find against their own? I don’t think they even comply with state statute as to utilizing an “impartial panel” to rule on some of the complaints which are dictated to be handled in that manner by statute, for obvious reasons.


    My understand is that the OIASP handles ethics and job allegations, not criminal violations.

  57. CitizenB says:

    They handle reports of wrong-doing involving governmental employees. That includes unethical conduct, misconduct, and in some cases conduct which is not only unethical and/or misconduct but also in violation of the law. Regardless of the level of the violation, there should be an independent investigative agency, without one they are in effect policing themselves. Inquire as to their statistics for finding against their own staff. OIAPS is also run by lawyers, not investigators, and their goal is often to mitigate the county’s liability rather than doing unbiased investigations.

    State law dictates an impartial panel decide whistle-blower complaints, but the county conveniently worded their whistle-blower ordinance to state that they can use county employees on what is supposed to be an impartial panel.

    Believe me, there are publicly funded employees getting away with acting improperly and unethically and nothing is being done about it, and those who report such behavior are retaliated against, even though the county claims to have a zero-tolerance for same. What they say they do, as far as investigation of reports and enforcement of policies, and what actually occurs, are often two different things.

  58. Cody says:

    This guy is connected! He is now punishing all of us who he thinks is against him while his union and the downtown groups ignores us. The atmosphere here is worse than normal.
    News flash!!! He has the Sun Sentinel buying into his race card game. They are writing an article on him next week. We are doomed!


    Next week! That would be three weeks after Browardbeat.com. The dissension at Northeast High has been going on for years. How come the Sun-Sentinel wasn’t interested and probably didn’t know about it until Broardbeat.com wrote something? Don’t they have a reporter covering education since Bill Hirschman took a buyout? Par for the course for the fast-fading Sun-Sentinel.

    The principal would be hard pressed to play the race card, because several of those complaining about him are black. But the Sun-Sentinel’s White editors and reporters (Just how many blacks are really left on the Sun-Sentinel staff?) can always be guilted into a story by someone claiming he is the victim of anti-black prejudice.

    Williams did not answer calls to his office. I talked to both Williams’ union rep and his lawyer. They both asked me to hold off on writing their answers to the allegations.

    I again offer to post their views on this controversy at anytime.

  59. Oh Teflon Jon says:

    He will play the race card and the poor me card. But JW has a long history of violent and retaliatory behavior. I wonder if the Sentinel will be wise enough to get the statements of his victims who are both black and white.

    To his followers: test the man. Disagree with him or question him. See what happens next.

  60. Juliet Hibbs says:

    The FDLE told me PERSONALLY. Broward schools investigates themselves. That is WHY David Golt could LIE about my case to the board.

    So they can lie and mislead. No accountability. Mr Carland tells the board all the time they are not allowed to question runcie. But this is more games and word play. He is THEIR employee. But no one holds anyone accountable

    I will NEVER stop fighting for the kids

  61. Señor Censor says:

    I will NEVER stop fighting the kids