Tea Party Pulls Endorsement Over Gays


Broward’s Tea Party handed School Board candidate Katie Leach a gift Friday.


Katie Leach: Friend of gays, not Tea Party

The group withdrew its endorsement of Leach because she refused to reject the endorsement of Equality Florida, a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender group.

This can only help Leach, a Republican, with Democrats.

The Tea Party move won’t cost Leach votes with anybody except the far-right members of this tiny minority.  Polls have repeatedly showed support for gay rights among the public, especially in Broward.

I expect Tea Party members not to  vote in the central Broward District 3 race.  The two other candidates are not bigots, either.

I guess the “individual freedom” that the Tea Party supports doesn’t include the freedom to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

Here is Leach’s campaign news release followed by the release from the Tea Party:


From: Katie Leach 

Date: August 3, 2012 1:02:18 PM EDT

To: Buddy Nevins

The Katie Leach Campaign for School Board District 3 announces the withdrawal of the endorsement of the Fort Lauderdale Tea Party. School Board Member Katie Leach was informed by the Fort Lauderdale Tea Party that the endorsement was being withdrawn because her candidacy was endorsed by Equality Florida. Equality Florida is the largest civil rights organization dedicated to securing full equality for Florida’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. School Board Member Katie Leach was informed that because the beliefs and positions supported by the Fort Lauderdale Tea Party are in direct opposition to those of Equality Florida, the endorsement from the Fort Lauderdale Tea Party would be withdrawn if she remained endorsed by Equality Florida.

The members of the School Board of Broward County are charged with ensuring that every student receives a quality education in a safe learning environment. Board Member Leach takes this responsibility seriously. School Board Member Leach further believes that students should be taught to value and respect one another’s differences and to embrace their commonalities.



Friday, August 3rd 2012


Re: Tea Party Fort Lauderdale’s Pulled Endorsement of Broward                                  County School Board Candidate Katherine “Katie” Leach


Tea Party Fort Lauderdale, America’s longest running tea party, has pulled their endorsement of current Broward County School Board member and District # 3 Candidate Katherine “Katie” Leach.  Leach has received the endorsement of Equality Florida, a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender organization that opposes traditional pro-family Christian organizations along with the popular national fast-food restaurant chain Chick-fil-A.  http://eqfl.org/node/1901

On Equality Florida’s website Leach is mentioned as receiving a 100% rating on their School Board Candidate Questionnaire she had filled out.  TPFL apologizes to the loyal followers of our voting recommendations for us not vetting this candidate closer.  On their website, Equality Florida lists opposition to traditional pro-family Christian organizations Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and many others.  http://eqfl.org/node/1901

Tea Party Fort Lauderdale members are made-up of Republicans, many extremely vocal Independents, and a growing number of Democrats. Members are black and white, male and female, young and old, rich and poor. They share one common bond… uniting to protect our Constitution by changing our government thru the ballot box.










22 Responses to “Tea Party Pulls Endorsement Over Gays”

  1. hmmmm says:

    I see Former Judge Julio Eduardo Gonzalez won the Fort Lauderdale Tea Party internal poll by over 80%. I wonder if that is because he shares the same views as the Fort Lauderdale Tea Party on illegal immigration and gays?

  2. Real Conservative says:

    I have been a consersative (with a little “c”) since the days of Barry Goldwater, who I am still angry didn’t win in 1964. Individual freedom and equality under our constitution means equality for everyone, regardless of their race, gender or sexual orientation. American citizens should be the same.

    It is a sad day for me to watch my party veer off in a way that prevents people with differing views on something like sexual orientation from being on the same page on more important issues – like fiscal responsibility and individual liberty.

    I guess gay republicans who believe in a strong national defense, fiscal restraint, and other conservative principles aren’t welcome in the “Tea Party Fort Lauderdale” either.

    Katie’s got my vote.

    Good for her.

  3. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    At one time, about half of our country had the “traditional value” of owning other human beings.

    Let us not forget to mention that fun time known as Jim Crow.

    Then there was the traditional values of not allowing women to vote, gender inequality, and polluting our air and water.

    But, what the fuck do I know. I’m part of the liberal media bias.

  4. Just Saying says:

    Yet another wonderful reason for this Democrat to very comfortably cast my vote for Katie Leach on August 14.

  5. Shitty Activist Robert Walsh 3rd says:

    This gay dem is voting for Leach now.

  6. Hardcore R says:

    Good for Leach!!!!! The Republican Party has been hijacked by those crazeeeeee people. TP clearly doesn’t care about all the bullying going on to LGBT children. Children are dying. Put aside your beliefs and do what is right!!!! What people do in their bedroom is none of your business. This shows that LEACH is the best candidate for the position! GO KATIE

  7. Not a Tea Partier says:

    If one opposes an activist group who purports to be the Gay and Lesbian community and calls itself “Equaluty Florida”, then one is “anti gay”? Really?
    With the Chick-Fil-A controversy, I have noted the same misguided rhetoric. The president of the company said that he beieved in the “traditional family”. Is that anti gay? Couldn’t one be against gay marriage while at the same time be accepting of gay people?
    Is the Tea Party anti gay? I doubt it. Is the Tea Party against gay marriage? Definately.
    It is interesting that the Tea Party did not withdraw support over any position taken regarding the gay community by Ms. Leach, rather it was withdrawn due to her accepting of an endorsement from an activist group.
    There are nuances to many of these issues and unfortunatley many either don’t see them or instead choose to ignore them.

  8. Sam The Sham says:

    The Tea Party is a leaderless movement and is not organized for a reason. The Tea Party of Ft Lauderdale does not represent the Tea Party in general or specifics. The members of TPFL just got together to appear more important than they really are.

    I am a “Tea Party” member but like most other Tea partiers, I recognize no leader and am not in a chapter nor do I carry an ID membership card.

  9. Just The Facts says:

    Michael E. Levinson, supports privatization, and his Mother supported Newt Gingrich, Maybe Levinson, should switch to Republican and Leach to a Democrat

  10. Reality Check says:

    I agree with Sam. Furthermore, the Tea Party movement has always been characterized by its support for fiscal conservatism and adherence to the Constitution NOT social issues. The tini, bigoted monirity hich did this is led by 2 of the most hateful and hypocritical people you would NEVER want to meet. They represent no one but themselves.

  11. Citizen of Broward says:

    Would the Tea Partiers here care to respond to the forceful challenge to the Tea Party philosophy posted at this URL?


    Quoting in relevant part:
    (Tea Party Conservatives of America, posting on Facebook) If Obama wins this election I will shut down My company and go on every govt assistance program I can find. I will not continue to beat my head against the wall another 4 yrs. What’s the point? Dw

    (Duchess St. Rollins, responding on Facebook) Promise? That would be fucking AWESOME! Make sure to report back and let us know how far the $1.50 per meal and between $100 and $600 a month in cash gets ya’. What I find unreal about you Teabilly fucksticks is that you actually seem jealous of poor people. Like its super fun to be a single mom or elderly person who is forced to rely on Welfare to fulfill basic human needs. HALF of the people receiving benefits are kids and one-third are elderly or disabled. Only a TINY percentage of people getting assistance are able-bodied adults, but don’t let facts get in the way of your pathetic little pity party.

    You assholes begrudge poor children hot meals, yet don’t seem to give a shit that the multimillionaire, Ann Romney, takes a $77,000 tax deduction for her dancing horse and the taxpayers just funded her trip to the Olympics. Where’s the outrage about that insanity? How about the dozens of huge corporations that are making record-breaking profits and getting tax refunds? That doesn’t chap your moonshine-swillin’ hillbilly hides a little bit?

    You’re here working yourselves into a tizzy over some bullshit “welfare queen” myth and the thought that some icky POOR PERSON might get a few free fucking meals so they don’t end up homeless, yet turn away while the oil industry gets BILLIONS in tax subsidies, even after turning huge profits! You bed-pissing rednecks are a fucking disgrace to this country. FUCK YOU.

  12. Tea Party is for Neanderthals says:

    Tea party people and religions zealots in are not rational individuals. They are driven by irrational viewpoints. They harbor deep resentments which they unleashed in the form of hateful discrimination against others. They exaggerate facts, twist them, are bold faced liars. It doesn’t matter to them. They are fighting for their survival and do not care what means are used to achieve it.

    They say they are driven by a deep sense of patriotism. Not true. Freedom lovers submit to the will of any majority. They refuse and that makes them subversives. Those among them saying they are driven by religion are the most Godless people you can find. No God worshiped in our country is that hateful or could forgive such blasphemy.

    Every day more and more people are realizing that these are seriously disturbed people. They are fractured souls, very unhappy, and deeply angry people at odds with a world around them that they refuse to accept. The election of a Black president was the last straw for them. They simply cannot abide by it. “That nigger in the White House” is all I hear them complaining about.

    They are outcasts, half-baked Neanderthals, adrift in a world that long ago passed them by. They feel a need to save America but they don’t understand. America doesn’t want their form of salvation, we moved past all that years ago. They couldn’t keep up.

    The Tea Party is darkness reaching out for more darkness.

    They are mounting their last stand, knowing they face extinction should they lose. Let them lose. They are ignorant and can only take us backward.

    This is the same gang that burned people for noticing the world was round. They are the same gang that lynched blacks simply for fun and to feel superior to other humans. They are the same gang that burned Jews in ovens.

    The best thing you can do with a Tea Party person is ignore them because they are damaged goods.

  13. Sam The Sham says:

    These last two posts by “Citizen of Broward” and “Tea Party is for Neanderthals” demonstrates pretty clearly just who are the uncompromising, prejudiced and bigoted people really are.

    The Tea Part is for fiscal responsibility and there is no social component to their (our/my) agenda. Meanwhile, the so called open minded progressives label us as assholes, drunk hillbillies, neanderthals, seriously disturbed damaged broken souls.

    It seems that progressives are running out of other people’s money to spend and they resent it big time.

  14. watcher says:

    Neanderthal..i hope your post brings some debate…I am on a email forwarding list from tea partiers….daily I recieve pictures and cartoons of the Obamas depicted as monkeys and liberals as communists…the posts are grossly inaccurate and full of half truths…Fox news is regularly quoted as Biblical authority…when we all know that’s Jon Stewart

  15. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    The Ft.Lauderdale Tea Party has obviously veered off in a very strange direction. The TP was created to oppose the rampant spending by both parties that’s going to bring our country down if it doesn’t stop. This misguided group obviously has taken on religious issues.

    Katie Leach was my choice from the get-go, and she still is. I’m an NPA, so I have no vested interest in any party.

  16. Well? says:

    The Tea Party “Patriots” – the “spiritual” decendants of those in history who stood in the way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. The crusaders and the witch hunters. The slave owners and their apologists. Those who fought to keep the little lady in the kitchen, children working in sweat shops, and those who called Bull Conner with the fire hoses. The ones who wouldn’t allow the Jew in their club or hire an Irishman. The ones who thought apartheid was a good idea and the ones who thought the victims of the police raid at Stonewall had it coming to them. Hopefully, the rest of us will put these current clowns on the wrong side of history again.

  17. Citizen of Broward says:

    Sham, you say you are for fiscal responsibility. But you didn’t take a position on any of the fiscal responsibility issues raised by Duchess St. Rollins.

    Below is an example of the kind of “fiscal responsibility” she is sharply criticizing — opposing free meals for poor students — so what exactly is your position on this issue, and with respect to the other examples she cited?

    August 04, 2012
    State Senate candidate opposes free meals for kids
    The Associated Press

    Anchorage school board member and state Senate candidate Don Smith says he opposes more free meals for poor students in Anchorage.

    Smith opposes a proposal to provide boxed meals at 12 after-school programs for at-risk kids, The Anchorage Daily News ( http://is.gd/cdJKNm) reported in Saturday’s newspaper.

    The cost would be more than half a million dollars, but the federal government would fully reimburse the district.

    Smith said he is against the plan because it would add to the national debt. Plus, the district would have to spend money to store, distribute and handle the meals.

    “I just think somewhere we’ve got to draw a line in the sand,” he said. “I’m concerned that the school district is moving into a program that expands the entitlement mentality that we have in Alaska and our school district.”

  18. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Hey Buddy;

    I’ve been photo-following the local Fort Lauderdale organization.

    One thing I noticed… A good dental plan would go A LONG way with these folks.




    And here’s some counter-demonstrators.


    And finally… What’s a post without the YouTubes?


  19. Which brew are you? says:

    @ Sam the Shame
    As an apparent card carrying member of the Tea Party do you feel the endorsement was pulled with merit? If so then you are an asshole, drunk hillbilly, neanderthal, seriously disturbed damaged broken soul…..
    I feel badly for the people who started the Tea Party who were just tired of seeing their taxes and entitlements rise. They have been hijacked by assholes, drunk hillbillies, neanderthals, seriously disturbed damaged broken souls.

  20. Floridan says:

    The Tea Partiers are nothing more than warmed over Dixiecrats. They appeal to those who will jump at a seemly simple solution to a complicated problem.

  21. Bob Adams says:

    I am a staunch Democrat who had already voted absentee for Katie Leach before the Tea Party shot iself in the foot – again. I am very proud of my vote!

  22. Really says:

    What’s wrong with being a drunk hillbilly?