Tea Party Likes Judicial Candidate John Fry, School Board Hopeful Travis Williamson


The Fort Lauderdale Tea Party loves County Court candidate John Fry and School Board candidate Travis Williamson.

No other judicial candidate or School Board candidate gets the party’s nod.

For instance, the party recommends no vote in the other County Court race in Group 26.  It apparently doesn’t like either judicial candidate Frantz McLawrence or Mardi Anne Levey Cohen.

The party also dissed the candidates for School Board in District 4 and 6.

The group doesn’t like Phyllis Hope or Laurie Rich Levinson in west Broward’s District 4.  It doesn’t like Jaemi Levine or Dave Thomas in northwest Broward’s District 6.

It recommends no vote in both districts.

I think the endorsement of Fry and Williamson could cost them votes. After all, this group’s endorsements appear to mirror the ultra conservative wing of the GOP, while this is the most Democratic county in Florida.

Here is the disclaimer on the endorsements and the endorsements:

The large majority of recommendations were done through a survey of TPFL members.  Following our interview of each individual race, every participant was asked: “Would it be fair to say that in the 2010 general election you would be in favor of voting out the incumbent Democrat at every level, and replacing them with the NPA or Republican candidate on the ballot? 

100% Answered Yes.

The remaining recommendations are that of Danita and Jack and do not necessarily represent the views of our group of independent thinkers

Broward County Court Judge Group # 1


We Recommend a NO-VOTE in

County Court Judge Group # 26


Broward County School Board

District #7



We Recommend a NO-VOTE in

School Board Districts #4 and #6


13 Responses to “Tea Party Likes Judicial Candidate John Fry, School Board Hopeful Travis Williamson”

  1. The World Changes Tuesday says:

    Liberal media pigs like you put down the Tea Party. The party represents the Real Constitutional America and not the Socialist Communist agenda of Barack Hussain Obama. On Tuesday, Obama’s puppets like Ron Klein will be thrown out of office by citizens who have had enough of taxes and socialism. We are sick the government telling us what to do. That’s why Allen West and the others endorsed by the Tea Party are needed.

  2. Times are changing says:

    The Tea Party has become a political destination in Broward.
    Most of the judicial candidates in the current cycle felt obligated to appear at the Tea Party meetings.
    A candidate need not agree with all of their positions, but one has to realize that there are a lot of them and they are motivated voters.

  3. Travis is Republican? says:

    Is Travis Republican? I realize the SB races are non-partison but didn’t know he was Republican. Jaemi the whiner Levine is telling people she was endorsed by the Republican Business Network in Coral Springs so I’m surprised the tea party did not endorse her. Usually whackos stay together. Birds of a feather and all that…

  4. watcher says:

    have you been asleep 1 and 2… Florida’s a mess and this has been a right-wing state for years

  5. Charley Varrick says:

    Buddy , can you explain who Danita and Jack are ? Are you saying that only these two people made these endorsements ? Is it the tea for two party ? I’m confused.

    FROM BUDDY: I’m not saying anything. I just reproduced the explanation of the endorsements from their website.

    I read the statement to mean that most of the endorsements were done “through a survey of TPFL members.” The rest come from Danita and Jack, who based on the context of the statement are Tea Party leaders. Danita Kilcullen is the TPFL founder. Jack Gillies has been quoted in the newspaper and on the website as one of the group’s leaders.

  6. Good guy fry says:

    John Fry is a quality person who would make a good judge.

    I was at the Dolphin Democrat club after the “hit and run” report showed up on this Blog and I was appalled that Dist 91 Candidate Barbara Stern ask Mr. Fry if he ever had been involved in a hit and run. This coupled with the fact that the blog story was distributed around the room it was clear that Judy Stern was involved in this race. It was obvious that Mr. Fry was shocked and not happy that Judy’s daughters attempt to be a shill. Then of course Bob Norman publishes the story about Mr. Fry’s problems as a police officer and now this article about the Tea Party endorsement. To his credit Mr. Fry did confirm on Bob Norman’s blog that Judy Stern was involved with his campaign. I have to wonder what role Stern had in obtaining and leaking the hit and run report to this blog.

    One thing is clear, no one in the media even had this race on their radar until Barbra Stern tried to be a shill, tipping off Bob Norman to write something.

    What is worse is that Mr. Fry did great in the primary and probably would have won without having to be dragged through the mud by associating with the Sterns’.

    Other candidates should take note of this race and be aware that Mr. Fry would have had little or no press attention if he had not been involved with Judy and Barbara Stern.

  7. Broward Lawyer says:

    The Tea Party endorsement is worthless. Buddy, I don’t know why you would give them publicity. They are a bunch of nobodies whose only agenda is to be anti-incumbent and anti-Obama. In the August primary the Tea Party opposed every incumbent judge. All 15 incumbent judges won.

  8. Willie Stark says:

    Hey Buddy,

    Me and a few pals were having several drinks at the bar the other night and we came out with our endorsement list. If we send it to you can you publish it on your website please ?



  9. Willie Stark says:

    I might as well send it to you anyway . It was “None of the above” for every race

  10. Laugh On Wednesday says:

    The Tea Party is a group of common individuals sick and tired of high taxes used to pay for government intrusion into our lives. It happens everywhere, from Washington to Fort Lauderdale. We need to throw every Democrat out and teach them a lesson.
    Tuesday is the day Obama Clones are shown the door and there is a New Day in America.

  11. Floridan says:

    I’m hardly a fan of Nora Rupert, but if the tea party pinheads are supporting Williamson, I’m voting for her.

  12. watcher says:

    laugh on wednesday….dems want in your pockets you say..righties want in your bedroom i say… i’m right youre wrong…we both lose wednesday

  13. Frank Soriano says:

    My name is Francisco Soriano aka Frank. I had the pleasure of meeting Sgt. John D. Fry, USMC, while living in Costa Rica. He is the reason I joined the Corps. I have attempted to follow in John’s foot steps, but have always fallen short. He is one tough act to follow. While in Costa Rica, he always behaved with the highest standards. I never forgot John. He has always been a leader. All the staff at the U.S. Embassy looked up to him. The Corps, the embassy, his community, Margate PD, his family, his clients, and the circuit, all are very lucky to have him. He could have gone with any Federal Law Enforcement Agency, but he chose to go back to his roots. He already had secret clearance and was a prime candidate for the FBI and/or secret service. God bless you budy ~ Semper Fi!!