Tamarac Recall Commissioner Defends Herself


The embattled Tamarac Commissioner has Patte Atkins-Grad struck back at her critics on Monday.

In a news release, Atkins-Grad posed questions  that appear to be the centerpiece of her defense:


  • What will a recall election cost taxpayers?  This is of interest since her term is up next year anyway.


  • Why isn’t Mayor Beth Talabisco also being recalled?  Talabisco’s campaign accepted gifts from the same developer that gave money and favors to Atkins-Grad.


  • Who is really behind the recall?

A leading Democrat told Browardbeat.com last week that many of the recall folks are Republicans seeking to capture a commission seat in the heart of the D-dominated West Broward. It sounded the like political paranoia to me.

Then I realized who is quoted in the media as the recall’s spokesman —  Alvin Entin. He is a Tamarac resident, but he is also  the former chief lawyer for both the Miami-Dade and Broward Republican organizations.  A coincidence?  Probably.

So before we jump to a conspiracy theory, we need to be fair. Let’s find out who’s helping Atkins-Grad fight the recall.

Here is Atkins-Grad’s news release:




Until further notice, please be advised that Commissioner Patte Atkins-Grad will no longer be making any public commentary at City Commission meetings or elsewhere in relation to the attempted recall election in an effort to curtail the lies, distortions and untruths being spread by Vice-Mayor Dressler, Commissioner Bushnell and the members of the recall committee. As she has already stated, she has no intentions of steeping down from office. 

Commissioner Atkins-Grad takes the position that while she respects the legal right of those to seek a recall election; she is of the belief that continuing to discuss same from the dais only serves to distract her and her colleagues from doing their duty as City Officials. She would respectfully ask her colleagues to refrain from commenting any further from the dais on the recall effort and she will do same. The focus of the Mayor and Commission should be on dealing with the day to day business of the City of Tamarac in a civil manner. Unfortunately, the City has failed to curtail the uncivil behavior of some of her colleagues and members of the recall committee.

Commissioner Atkins-Grad is saddened and appalled by the comments of one of the leaders of the recall effort who is quoted in the Sun Sentinel as having said the recall effort is “coming on like a heart attack.” Commissioner Atkins-Grad who knows many who suffer from or have died from heart disease find this reference sickening. Furthermore it further emphasizes the “win at all cost”, bullying tactics by those who have been involved in this recall effort.

Accusations have been made as to whether our estimated cost of the recall election was inaccurate. The figure was estimated on the cost of the recent Special Election in Fort Lauderdale, with some reduction. The City has estimated the cost at lesser amount. No one will accurately know the cost of the election until the amount is announced by the Broward Supervisors of Elections Office. However, there are still costs above and beyond the advertisement requirements, the simple cost for printing ballots and the operational costs involved in holding a special election.

One issue that should be acknowledged by the recall committee, any amount of money spent on this election is an unfunded mandate. Additionally, it has to be agreed that whatever amount is paid by the City for this unfunded mandate, the funds will have to be diverted from other projects beneficial to all residents. Commissioner Patte Atkins-Grad has acknowledged these two issues.  Unfortunately, the members of the recall committee and some of her colleagues continue to either purposely mislead the public or have their heads in the sand. 

It has come to our attention that while procuring their petitions, those supporting the recall were consistently asked two important questions;

 1)      What will be the cost of the election?

 2)      Why is Mayor Talabisco not being recalled?

One thing that the organizers of the current recall effort cannot guarantee the residents of Tamarac is whether there will be a future effort to recall Mayor Talabisco. If the recall effort against Commissioner Atkins-Grad is successful, this could start a domino effect leading to a recall effort to remove Mayor Talibisco resulting in another recall election paid for by the residents of Tamarac.  Vice-Mayor Dressler took campaign donations from the Chait family, Commissioner Glasser and Mayor Talibisco also had “dealings” with the Chait family. Because of this, a real possibility exists that all three of these elected officials could be subject to recall elections. If true, this could result in the majority of the Commission being recalled and replaced.

This begs the question? Do we know who is really behind the recall effort other than those who have declared so publicly?  Could there be special interests looking to ultimately replace the majority of the Commission? Are there potential candidates financing this effort to force an election before Commissioner Atkins-Grad’s term expires? This is important, because it would remain unknown that said potential candidate(s) pushed for recall at the expense of Tamarac residents all because they did want to wait until the next election cycle.

Please continue to monitor www.tamaractruth.com, as we will continue to address the questions that those behind the recall effort do not want to address.

“Paid political advertisement paid for personally and approved by  Patte Atkins-Grad, 5903 Blue Beech Place, Tamarac , Florida 33319 independently of any candidate or committee .”



54 Responses to “Tamarac Recall Commissioner Defends Herself”

  1. Mark Alan says:

    The chutzpah of this woman knows no bounds. I always like it when these local satraps refer to themselves in the third person. Corruption and arrogance.

  2. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Cost of a recall election…. Who cares?

    Removing an ethically challenged Commissioner…. Priceless!!
    If Atkins-Grad is really that worried about the cost of a recall election, she can very easily eliminate that cost by promptly submitting her immediate and unconditional resignation.

  3. TmetoFumigate says:

    She’s right about Talabisco, who is also crooked. Talabisco was slicker than Atkins-Grad and didn’t invoke the “I’m a moron” defense.” Both accepted gifts from the Chaits!

  4. toyman says:

    Just another day in politics. These commissioners are no good DIRTY,SLIMY, CROOKED thieves!!! They are part time employees who are OVERPAID!! All they care about is what backdoor deals they can make to fatten their pockets with $$$.

  5. Alvin Entin says:

    He odds of her doing better are slim or none. The recall is a bargain at any price.The gall of Patricia Atkins Grad has no limits. Notice in her defense that there is no denial of the fact 1) she took the money and 2) she voted for the Chairs project without telling anyone she took the money. Instead her defense seems to rest on 3 legs; 1) The recall is going to cost a lot of money;2) why aren.’t we going after Mayor Talabisco and 3) this is some kind of plot to place a Republican on the Commission ( I think she means me ). Let’s examine all of these points for clarity, if nothing else.

    The election will cost a lot of money. City Attorney Sam Goren estimates about 60,000 dollars. The alternative for the City and its residents is to allow an unabashedly corrupt public official continue to sit on the Commission making financial calls on issues10 times more expensive then the recall. How can we as taxpayers take any comfort in the fact that Grad who (see above)doesn’t deny taking the money the last time, will vote without conflict this time? Because she feels no guilt or remorse for her prior peccadillo, the chances of her remaining honest are probably anecdotal.

    We are not going after the Mayor because, unlike Grad she did nothing objectively wrong. Her lawyer, Larry Davis filed and won a C4 motion where the truth of all the facts known to the State we conceded as true and Judge Cindy Imperato (one of the very best we have), found, as a matter of law there was no crime committed and the Mayor did no wrong. That was good enough for the Committee.

    Its a Republican plot. I really love that one. Its lonely enough to be a Republican in Tamarac, but this is just plain nonsense. In fact, I will take a Sherman here. If nominated, I will not run, if elected I will not serve. This is a truly bi-partisan effort of outraged citizens to rid our City commission of a cancer. Republicans are outnumbered in our little committee by 7-1. Moreover, we Republican’s can count. Running in Tamarac would be slightly less appealing then running in Charley Rangels district. No we are in this self funding effort solely for altruistic reasons, is it a wonder that Patte Atkins Grad cannot understand that?

  6. Ghost of McLovin says:

    Excellent response Alvin Entin.

  7. Patti Lynn says:

    Buddy, your title says, “…Defends Herself.” Where is the defense? I’m also questioning whom it is that you consider a, “Top Democrat.” Those allegations are so far from the truth, that person can’t be very high on the info ladder. Additionally, Michelle Gomez, who IS a Republican, was appointed as interim commissioner in PAG’s absence. She was appointed by a commission with a majority of Democrats, AND she did an outstanding job. In fact, many of the recall committee members are hoping that PAG will resign, (costing taxpayers ZERO), and that Ms. Gomez will be re-appointed for the remainder of her term.

  8. Thanks Patti says:

    Patti Lynn

    Your comments always serve to shed light on things…

    Thanks for confirming the conspiracty theory as to why good Rpublican Alvin is involved here. Alvin the staunch Republican wants a good fellow Republican like Gomez to regain her seat.

    Additionally, thanks for throwing gas on the flames on the questions around who benefits from the recall and why. Sure looks to me like the plan was to get Grad to resign so Gomez could slide back into the seat. Sounds to me it is a done deal Gomex gets reappointed, boy it sounds like the fix is in, hmmmm.

  9. Watching the Race says:

    I do not buy the how much does it cost or the Beth Talibisco did it so recall her too defense.

    There is some dirty stuff going on here. People involved in this are on the periphery of some bad people for Broward County.

    I’m not sure what it is. Patty Lyn was out waiving the flag for Scott Israel and bashing Granteed on his behalf. Part of the Granteed bashing was the dirty Hollywood PD. What does Israel do? Hires Granteed’s old boss Chad Wagner and his old assistant Denzell Brooks. Israel ran one of the dirtiest campaigns in the history of BSO. And Patty associated and participated in it. FYI Sharon Baron was doing the same thing for Israel.

    Now it has been widely reported that everyone got Chait money. The Ritter’s, Lieberman/Michelson, The Krafts, Eggs, and everyone in Tamarac.

    I think PAG should resign but I see her point. Why should she be one of the only ones not to “get away with it” when so many others have.

  10. Why lawyers suck says:

    Talibisco did”nothing objectively wrong” ay wonder why people hate lawyers? In light of benefitting from chait money and a subsequent vote in their favor, she “nothing objectively wrong”

    The 4th District Court of Appeals hears oral argument mid March. Guess they want to hear more about how she did “nothing objectively wrong” otherwise they would have just affirmed the lower court decision.

    Grad got acquitted by a Jury would it not be fair to say she did “nothing objectively wrong”.

    No matter what Alvin, you know your whole plan was to force her to resign so your fellow Republican Gomez could get reappointed. Problem for you, Grad didn’t run and your worst nightmare is convincing the city residents after all the money already spent on beth and grad that you decided they should pay more for an election.

    We both know your group never were upfront with the those that signed the petition about cost, now when that becomes clear it is a whole new situation.

  11. Emily Rubin says:

    Isn’t Alvin Entin a high-powered criminal defense lawyer? If his client is found not guilty, does he ask them to resign?

  12. Gimme a break says:

    Alvin I checked out your firm’s website it is quite interesting…

    At Entin & Della Fera, P.A., we represent clients accused of white collar crimes in Florida, across the United States, and in the Caribbean territories. Our attorneys have extensive experience providing legal services to clients facing a wide range of white collar criminal charges, including bribery, counterfeiting, embezzlement, extortion, forgery, insider trading, money laundering, perjury, public corruption, RICO charges, and witness tampering.

    So Alvin, do you as a practice in the above mentioned or other ciriminal cases have your client deny facts while they are presumed innocent until proven guilty? When you win these public corruption cases, do you typically reccomend your clients resign from office?


    Even more impressive, Mr. Entin displays his practice areas on his website, he is the defender of those charged with…

    – Child Abuse
    – Domestic violence
    – Violent Crimes
    – Hate Crimes
    – Vehicular Manslaughter


    I have to wonder if this leader of the recall effort let those who signed the petition know that he supports himself by defending child diddlers, wife beaters, violent criminals, those accused of hate crimes against minorities, gays or the religious and those who are drunk that kill people.

    Yes, this sounds like a good person to pass judgment on others.

  13. Independent says:

    So her defense is:

    1) It will cost money to recall. Answer: Resign and save the money if you are that concerned.

    2) Others who did things like her are not being recalled, and she shouldn’t be singled out. Answer: Just because others should be recalled isn’t a defense for your actions. If you feel this way, start your own recall action on them. Then the public can decide.

    3) Who is behind it. Answer: Who cares? Having someone in office with the public having no confidence in just to keep someone else from becoming the next Commissioner is not a reasonable consideration. Especially since Tamarac is heavily Democratic and a Republican would find it very hard to ever win. Plus since there is another very qualified person (who was interim), who is a democrat, that should be able to run and win.

    Do everyone a favor, if the signatures are collected and it is going to a ballot, just resign and go. Don’t waste everyone’s time and money to prove a result that is obviously going to happen. That would be a bigger embarrassment to you.

  14. Independent I doubt it says:


    The current round of petitions, if there are enough to be certified or start a second round of petitions where the people will be informed of the players motives and the costs of this election. I find it interesting how everyone is willing to use taxpayer money on this nonsense at the sacrifice of using the funds for the good of the community.

  15. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    The crucial difference?

    Alvin doesn’t have a vote on the dais.

  16. Recall Committee for Sale? says:

    From Facebook today….

    Tamarac Talk via Recall Patte Atkins Grad – Fight Tamarac Corruption
    Hey Buddy Nevins someone needs to tell Patti Atkins-Grad that the volunteers to Recall Patti Atkins-Grad want her to “Show us the money!” They could use some of it!

    So as I read this if Atkins-Grad gives the Recall PAG Committee money they will back off?

  17. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    This is Broweird County. All conspiracy theories are valid. Nothing is impossible. The lamprey eels who hang onto the big sharks abound.

    And yes more people than AG took the C’s money and got away with it. But they’re not being burned at the stake. Ah, only in Broweird.

  18. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @12 – you totally forgot the word “alleged”. *Anyone* can be accused of *anything* at any time. Not all accusations are true! Everyone has constitutional rights, including the right to a fair trial. One of the essential characteristics of a fair trial is that the accused had a competent defense attorney to protect his or her rights and interests. Some of the Founding Fathers of this country proudly served as defense lawyers for British soldiers accused of crimes by Americans.

    Don’t jump to conclusions, GAB!

  19. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Attorney Ervin did some very good Constitutional work here:


  20. Ha Ha Ha says:

    If Gomez gets reappointed, the voters will get their chance to confirm or reject her in 2014.

    With Atkins-Grad, Talabisco and Glasser all getting the bum’s rush (the sooner the better), there will surely be plenty of seats available.

    Qualified candidates, now is the time to introduce yourselves…

  21. Agree with Chaz says:


    Agreed on 12, but if one is going to force a city to spend between $60-200k on a recall election that person asks for as much scrutiny as anyone running for office.

    Cmon even you have to look at the facts from Mayor Talibisco and see the line ”nothing objectively wrong” and call it lawyer bullshit.

    Also, at the end of the day lets look at the “founding fathers” of this Committee

    Entin- a Republican party guy looking to get his republican back on the Commission
    Barry Harris- his background speaks for itself.
    Patti Lynn- You have called her out on her BS enough, no need to rehash.
    Sharon Barron- This is an interesting one. Wasn’t it Sharon who turned you on to her opposition of Red Broward Lauder on the Diversity Committee?

    You wrote some hard hitting stuff about Lauder being on that Committee. Then Sharon suddenly pulls her objection to Lauder on Diversity saying what a good writer he is and that he (Lauder) is an asset to our school board and should stay on our diversity committee. The email is public record if you don’t believe me, 11-28-12 to all School Board members.

    Chaz I may not always agree with you but one thing that cant be denied, you are about two words… right and wrong. No hidden agendas or bullshit.

  22. Rush Limbaugh of West Palm Beach says:

    Both of these POS (Grad-Atkins and Talabiasco) should leave office and let the City of Tamarac live alone

  23. Independent says:

    Independent I doubt it,

    Don’t you realize that using taxpayer money, as you call it, “on this nonsense at the sacrifice of using the funds for the good of the community” is actually for the good of the community.

    That’s the problem, in the scheme of importance, having a elected representative who represents the values and integrity of their community with honesty and competence is a necessity to us. Her behavior reflects back on us and it’s not a very good reflection.

    So removing her is good, irrespective of the money, and she just doesn’t see it. Sometimes you have to eat your losses.

    So the money will be spent and her defense is that it will cost money to do it so don’t? That’s a bad defense. It’s worth it to do it, and I would vote to spend it.

  24. Let the voters decide says:


    In the end it will be up to the voters to decide. To date the voters were not informed of the cost of this elections, if they feel the price is worth it then so be it. Where in my opinion the recall people blew it was with their obsession with getting Grad to resign. Who cares if she resigns if you know you can will the recall.

    By the way since Talabisco’s appeal will be heard on oral argument by the 4th District in the next couple of weeks, maybe someone should ask how much more Tamarac is going to be paying for her defense. I would guess they are on the hook for another $40-50k for the appeal.

  25. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    Sometime ago, I was having a conversation, one of many, with Elgin Jones (former reporter for The S. Florida Times).

    Jones taught me a lot about his business.

    When he and I were discussing agendas and the such, his words were something along the lines of, “I just want the story, I want the truth. If the truth comes from a convicted murderer, than so be it.”

    Lauder is a … what’s that word that rhymes with cock? I can’t speak for Baron, what she does is her business. Rest assured you’d not see a Lauder puff piece on MAOS. Close as I would get is a Lauder fluffer piece.

    So what the dude who’s running the show is a Republican. Who the fuck cares. Unless I am mistaken, local elections are supposed to be no party affiliation. Jesus Christ people, focus on the task at hand.

    Ask yourself this.

    Do you want a fucking retard in charge?

  26. concerned citizen says:

    Doesn’t anyone have anything better to do than stir the pot? Ms. Atkins-Grad can do that by herself.

    Mrs. Talabisco’s case was DISMISSED – check out the definition “to discharge” there are many more definitions for the word DISMISSED.

    As far as Ms. Atkins-Grad, my question to her would be, your defense was “incompetence and stupidity” you didn’t know accepting their “gifts” was illegal, so where is the problem of resigning? It is despicable of you to “stir the pot” at this time to save yourself.

    Mrs. Talabisco has been back in office over a year. She and the commission do a find job and there have been no problems. IF, and that’s a big IF, you honestly care about the City of Tamarac you would step down being a professional and a lady to show sincere regrets. SHAME on you Patti for not taking responsibility for your actions. Just accept the Christmas present the jury gave you.

    It is my understanding the you left the dais during a commission meeting before to a vote on the agenda, that’s responsible?

  27. Beth on the hot seat says:

    Here is a basic primer on the appellate process, Alvin please feel free to chime in…

    If the District Court of Appeals agrees with a Judge they affirm the lower Court’s decision without oral argument.

    So in Beth’s case if the Court blanketly believed Judge Imperato was correct in her decision, her deicion would have been affirmed.

    In Beth’s case the 4th District did not automatically agree with Judge Imperato and have asked for oral argument on the matter. Now this does not mean Beth couldnt still be successful but it is not a good sign that the 4th District has questions about the resolution of this matter.

    If the 4th District overturns Imperato, Beth will be off the Dais again and all you people who claim she did nothing wrong will look like fools.

    Dont count those Talibisco chickens before they are hatched.

  28. Independent says:

    Let the voters decide,

    So you think elections are free? Doesn’t anyone read the papers and see how much Ft. Lauderdale and other cities recently have had to pay for the election?

    Give credit to those that signed the petition that they knew there was a cost behind it for an election and they accepted it. Plus if she is really concerned about it, she can avoid all of it by resigning.

    Believe me, it will pale in comparison on how much Tamarac has to pay in her attorney fees and back pay.

  29. Watching the Race says:

    Even if recalled, the city is on the hook for back pay and legal fees.

  30. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    As Broward’s leading political corruption figther, I’ve spent considerable time studying this subject (as opposed to commenting on blogs).

    The novice will measure Grad’s “costs” as those relating to attorney’s fees, elections, and the such.

    Those are the low-hanging fruit.

    What really matters, and what is rarely discussed, is the cost in human lives – an opportunity cost for the missed solutions, incompetent leadership and missed remedies to complicated problems.

    * Corruption is the enemy of excellence.
    * Corruption is the enemy of innovation.
    * Corruption is the enemy of service.
    * And corruption is the enemy of justice.

    But worse then ALL this is the pervasive sense of cynicism, resignation and apathy that falls on our citizens like some miasma and which has poisoned the body politic. Our democracy is dying right in front of our eyes. That is the ultimate price we pay by ignoring the Grad’s misdeeds and all she represents.

  31. Independent or Dumb says:

    The voters who signed the petition were never told anything about the potential cost of the election or that is was more tax dollars that could go to benefit of all Tamarac citizens.

    Why do you think the Recall people pushed so hard for her Grad to resign? They knew on the second round of petitions the costs to the taxpayers would come out and it would be a much harder sell.

  32. Ha Ha Ha says:


    You are right, problem is she was found not guilty.


    Acquitting her of 15 counts of public corruption in one hour and 15 minutes is not a “problem.” Its the beauty of our legal system.

    But the court case really has nothing to do with the recall. There are different standards.

    Prosecutors were required to prove that Atkins-Grad had “corrupt intent” when she took the favors from the developer. They couldn’t.

    Jurors, who wouldn’t talk about their verdict, apparently accepted the defense argument that Atkins-Grad was naive, rather than a calculating criminal who did it all intentionally.

    The defense also attacked the prosecution’s chief witnesses, admitted corruptors Bruce and Shawn Chait, as unreliable. That is an understatement and it is surely understandable why jurors did not believe this unsavory pair.

    The State Attorney’s Office lost this criminal case because it was weak.

    The recall isn’t a criminal case. Recall supporters only have to prove misfeasance, malfeasance or nonfeasance. Not criminal intent.

    Atkins-Grad was clearly wrong to accept anything from these developers or anybody else doing business with the city. In the end, voters will decide whether taking these gifts are enough to remove her from office. Her acquittal really has nothing to do with it.

  33. Independent says:

    Well Independent or Dumb, now that there is a second round of petitions to sign, and it is clear that the issue of cost is being publicized, I don’t know what your response will be if the additional petitions are gathered to force a recall.

    Will you still be saying that the public wasn’t told about the cost?

    I seriously hope not, and my position is to spend the money to get rid of someone who doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong. How they can be trusted with watching millions of dollars?

  34. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Comment #32 was NOT made by me.

    @32 – get your own screen name – that one is already taken.

    This is the second offense – the first one was over in this thread:


  35. Respectfully disagree says:

    The definition for Misfeasance and Malfeasance use the word criminal. Hard to claim an act was criminal when one is acquitted.

  36. Watching the Race says:

    Malfeasance definition is unequivocally wrong or criminal act.

    Misfeasance is an improper act without the criminal connotation.

    Nonfeasance is a failure to act.

    I think we have a case of misfeasance at best since the finder or fact (jury) decided no crime was committed.

    It is much like Talibisco’s case. Talibisco admitted to the facts and the judge ruled that her actions were not unlawful.

    Grad admitted to the same facts that the prosecutors alleged and the jury did not find criminal liability.

    A judge has to take judicial notice of the acquittal in the case to challenge the petition.

    The sole question will be whether PAG committed misfeasance, while in office.

    The only money she received was the BMW payment while in office. (That’s like saying someone is only a little bit pregnant)

    She has a good story for that. I personally think she’s dirty and should resign but she’s looking for her money and that trumps everything.

  37. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Get it right

    Atkins Grad never admitted to anything, she was presumed innocent, exercised her right to not testify and the Jury found the State did not meet the burden of their case. Show one article, transcript or otherwise where she admitted or had an obligation to admit anything. You won’t.

    Also, get it right on the car payment. She was never handed a wad of cash to pay the car. Chait I believe by his own admission gave the dealer money as a down payment to lower the monthy price of the car. It was never stated in the lease agreement that Chait paid money towards the car. That is partly why she was acquitted.

    Dont worry when Talibisco and her $800 an hour attorneys who are doing oral argument next month on her appeal lose and she is removed from office again, people will wonder very loudly why she was not recalled either.

  38. George Stroker - Recall Volunteer says:

    Geezzzz People …… Get it together and stay on track. There is only one issue here. If she ever was, Patte Atkins Grad is now not fit to continue being a commissioner.

    The court found her not guilty of ‘criminal intent’ during a Christmas jury trial. Her defense was as her attorney presented … ‘She was politically naive. She did not understand the nature and intent of the gifts. She thought the Chaits were her friends.’ Ms. Grad never denied accepting the money. She never disclosed to the city that she accepted these gifts, as required by State Law. She had a good lawyer in a Christmas trial. She beat the rap. She took the money. She lied about taking the money. She continues to lie. Her behavior has been horrible and embarrassing since returning to office. These are actions of someone that can’t be entrusted with representing people of Tamarac. It is the Recall Committee stated opinion that Ms. Grad’s vote is still for sale. Her behavior since returning says nothing different. In her mind, she did nothing wrong. She should be recalled or resign.

    The Recall effort is NOT bipartisan, it is NON partisan. The volunteers are so different politically and we disagree on so many issues. But, there is one issue that we agree on … Patte Atkins Grad must go because she is not fit to be a commissioner.

  39. Stupid is as stupid does says:

    PAG is as stupid now as she was when you all first elected her. She is also as crazy, rude and as inappropriate now as she was before. The only difference now is that while she had admitted no wrongdoing, and the jury found no wrongdoing, she has admitted her stupidity and the jury agreed. So she is/was innocent until proven stupid.

    The only question is, is stupidity a valid reason to recall someone who was just as stupid when she was elected? If stupidity is grounds for a recall, citizens in many cities would have, should have, or could recall lots of former and current city commissioners.

    We’ll have to see if gross stupidity is valid grounds for a recall. If nothing else, PAG’s erratic behavior should show she is not fit for office. I hope that was one of the grounds cited in the recall petition.

  40. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Comment #37 was NOT made by me.

    @32 & @37 – get your own screen name – that one is already taken.

  41. Dear George says:

    Here is where the Recall Committee has looked bad all through this. There is a system in place under the law to have a recall, your group is complying with it. Where you have created sympathy for Atkins-Grad is the obsession with her resigning. It seems obvious good or bad she is not resigning, nor has any obligation to do so. So why continue to go after her to resign and not just allow the requirements of the law regarding recalls to be met?

    It would seem you may have the votes for both components requiring signatures to force an election. So ride it out and if there is an election the people will decide.

    The problem your group has is obvious, you never told the people they would have to pay for an election, 60k or 200k, there will be a cost and tax dollars will be used. What you did was most likely tell the signors was that Atkins-Grad would resign and there wouldn’t be a cost to the taxpayers. You gambled and lost, she didn’t resign and now the taxpayers have to decide if wasting more taxpayer money on the Chait mess is worth it.

    George, give an example of a vote since she has been back where he vote is for sale? You can’t, can you? Would it not be a concern in light of the Mayor’s admissions, if a developer wanted something done in Tamarac they could guarantee her a well funded ECO in advance of her next election?

    The line of she never denied it has worn thin, she had no obligation in her trial to say anything, it’s in a thing called the Constitution.

    Finally, the other big problem for your group is you should have gone after Mayor Beth too. Alvin can say she did “nothing objectively wrong” all day long but the residents are not buying it. Are you not appalled that Beth’s two appellate attorneys are costing your City $800 an hour or more? What happens if the Judge Imperato’s decision is tossed? You cant recall her if she is again suspended from office, all the while she still gets her fees paid by the City.

    Forget legal technicalities, you know the residents in your City see no difference between Beth and Patte, the error of your group was not going after both.

  42. Dear Buddy says:

    Buddy can you please direct me to where I can claim and own screen names such as Ha Ha Ha. Idiot. It is not like stealing an actual real persons identity, like Chaz etc.

    Can I be Ha Ha Ha Ha or Ha Ha or HaHaHa?

  43. Ha Ha Ha says:

    “Not going after both”? There are three commissioners stuck to the Chait money, not two! Diane Glasser only avoided a starring role in her own trial by cutting a deal with Mike Satz to testify against the two others who did go to trial in exchange for immunity from prosecution. She is just as rotten as the others.

  44. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @42 – All of those options are different from my screen name, so I have no objection to any of them. However, if anyone else has previously used any of those names at this site, those individuals may object. I believe HaHaHa has already been used in the past by someone else, with absolutely no objections from me.

  45. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Dear Moron

    The comment was being fasciculus. You don’t “have” a screen name, i.e. there is no “my screen name”. You don’t own anything. Go back to AOL because obviously you need a secure place where everyone has a distinctive screen name.

    The only protection to a copy cat is if you use your real name and someone is writing posing as you a real person. This is the price of not wanting to use your real name, someone can take your pseudonym and run with it.

    As for your objections, I will leave them to the ultimate Judge here, the Court of Nevins. If he rules Ha Ha Ha is yours I will respect him as this is his house.

  46. George Stroker - Recall Volunteer says:

    Again, get a grip Dear George … or should I address you as Mr. Afraid To Use Your Real Name. May I enlighten you regarding …..

    Obsession with her resigning: You’re right, the Recall committee does want her to resign and I for one, mention it a lot. Wishful thinking I guess. It would not cost the city a dime if she resigned. I think I will continue to mention it a lot.

    Never told the people they would have to pay for an election: Forgive me, but you are very presumptuous. You have no idea what the volunteers presented to prospective signers of the petition. You were not there. I invite you to volunteer for our next successful round and see for yourself. Give the signers credit. They were intelligent, informed and knew exactly what and why they were signing. Call the Recall Hotline 954-380-4166 and leave a private message. I will extend a personal invitation for you to join us in the next round.

    Give an example of a vote since she has been back where her vote is for sale? You can’t, can you?: Dear George, I can and will give a perfect example of a vote for sale since she has been back. During the Commission Meeting of February 13, 2013, just before the public comments, Patte Atkins-Grad bolted from the commission chambers. She left the building. She missed the highlight of the evening which was the Recall Committee’s presentation of 1468 registered voter signatures to the City Clerk. 20% more than required by Florida Recall Statutes. However, this was not the most important event of the night. Patte Atkins-Grad walked out on the Firefighter Pension Plan Amendment vote. This amendment represented the most recent single important public and financial event for the City of Tamarac. This amendment locked the sustainability of our Firefighters and a savings to the City of more than $660,000. It represented hundreds of hours, and months and months of cooperative negotiations between our Firefighters and the City Staff. For Patte Atkins-Grad to purposely leave and not participate in this historic vote, represents, once again, her placing her personal interests ahead of everything else and illustrates her lack of compassion, concern and respect for the City of Tamarac, our Firefighters, City Staff and Citizens. Every vote she does or does not place is not to be trusted. Yes, Dear George, her vote is still for sale.

    The line she never denied is worn thin: I beg to differ. It is central to the issue and thicker than ever. She accepted the money, she did not disclose the gifts, she voted accordingly and she lied to her fellow commissioners. She continues to lie.

    You know Dear George? If Patte Atkins-Grad came back and said I really messed up, forgive me for my way, and give me another chance… I might, might, think differently. But she didn’t.

    The issue of the Mayor: Again, Dear George, get a grip and focus. If I didn’t know better (maybe I do) you are beginning to sound like Patte Atkins-Grad’s ghostwriter. The Mayor is not the issue. The cost, or not, of a recall election is not the issue. Patte Atkins-Grad is the issue. Forgive my presumption, but it is obvious to me that Patte Atkins-Grad is desperately trying to divert attention away from the issue at hand… The Recall of Patte Atkins-Grad. There is no presumption here. People see right through this diversion tactic. Patte Atkins-Grad has again failed to understand (oxymoron) that her constituents are intelligent, informed and can see the difference between right and wrong.

    Residents in your City see no difference between Mayor and Patte: You are so right Dear George … or should I call you Mr. Do Not Live In The City of Tamarac. The residents see no difference between the Mayor and Patte Atkins-Grad. Remember, we talked to 1468+ of them. There is no failure on our part there. Every single one said or had an opinion about the corruption in Tamarac. They are sick of it all, still are and want to get rid of it.

    Are you not appalled .. about the money?: Yes, Dear George, it sickens me to see all the money being spent for all of this. But we all know Patte …. It’s all about the money.

  47. Alvin Entin says:

    I am unimpressed by COWARDS afraid to post their poison under their own names, but I have little tolerance for lies. The Recall committee never hid, or lied to anyone about an election costing money. Just by saying it over and over again doesnt make it true. Second, Grads failure to deny, or the exercise of her 5th amendment right against self incrimination is not getting old. She had a right to hide behind it and not testify. Now she has double jeopardy protection and she still hasn’t denied taking the money. Her sole defense is the cost of the recall, not that she didn’t do it. Speaks volumes to anyone except her cronies, many of whom post here under pseudonyms. Some have even attacked me for being a Criminal lawyer, does that disqualify me from smelling the stench of corruption and trying to do something about it. As Edmund Burke wrote; ” All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for enough good men to do nothing”

  48. Broward Lawyer says:

    Alvin, being a criminal defense lawyer does not bar you from what you feel is your civic duty. Anyone who takes that position is an ass.

    I am unimpressed with you as a criminal defense attorney because your positions fly in the face of everything an attorney would do for your own clients.

    1)Do you characterize your clients who invoke their 5th Amendment rights as “hiding”? Of course you do not?

    2) Would you agree it was an accurate depiction if by exercising their 5th Amendment rights, your client is bad because they didn’t admit something? No.

    3) You represent clients charged with public corruption, would you advise any of them after acquittal to resign? Of course not.

    As members of the Bar we are obligated to uphold the Constitution. We do not get to turn that off when we are acting in our personal capacity.

    I don’t disagree with your recall efforts. I am just saying it is hypocritical to point the finger and say someone is bad because they exercised the same Constitutional rights your criminal clients invoke on a regular basis.

    Alvin, your reputation as a criminal defense lawyer in this town is above reproach. It is so beneath you to be critical of someone else doing the same things you would advise our own clients to do.

  49. Alvin Entin says:

    I appreciate you compliments, but I respectfully disagree with you. If I represented Ms Grad, and I had her story to present to a jury of course I would never let her testify. I would have her exercise her privilege because as her lawyer my job is to try to keep her out of jail. It is still hiding behind the privilege, we can gussy it up a bit, but if you put lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig. I have in the past , in appropriate cases advised public corruption clients to resign after acquittals where their defense was other then a denial of the improper conduct. Of course I could not force anyone do what I think common decency requires.

    Certainly now, when protected by double jeopardy, Grad could deny taking the money, she could try and explain her actions, there is no privilege issue now. she doesn’t because she can’t. Her ridiculous explanation could never have survived scrutiny and still will not. Crying look at me I have been vindicated is her obscene way of deflecting. I live in this district, she represents me and votes on matters which impact my friends and neighbors. I need this battle like I need a hole in my head, but I try to do the right thing, and the right thing is to get this person out of the office she has demeaned and disgraced. While I respect the jury system we know that the standard of proof differs between criminal and civil. we are not trying to incarcerate her, we are attempting to free our city from her, and I know that is consistent with my love for the Constitution and my oath as an attorney.

  50. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Comment #45 was NOT made by me.

    @32 & @37 & @45 – get your own screen name – that one is already taken.

    Ad hominem attacks are inappropriate as well.

  51. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @48 – I’ll give you half credit for #1 because “has the right to” was also in the same sentence. Poor choice of words by Entin.

    As for #2, Atkins-Grad is (for now) a politician, and the voters she supposedly represents legitimately want to know what her position is on this important issue. Entin is pointing out, correctly, that she has de facto taken a position and it is a position that hardly anyone will agree with.

    And Entin wins again on #3 because Atkins-Grad is not his client and he is speaking as a private citizen who has the right to express his political views (that’s also the case with #2).

    I don’t see Entin failing to uphold the Constitution here. In fact, as I already pointed out @19 above, Entin is actually doing an excellent job of defending it.

  52. fla cracker says:

    You know what the best part of this whole stinkin’ fiasco is: Talabisco died her hair blond. She just as guilty as atkins-grad, but smarter and arrogant. Recall, shmecall. What’s done is done, let it pass, and move on to bigger and better things. her term will be over eventually.

  53. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @49 – it’s called “invoking your right” or “exercising your right”. Anyone can do it anywhere, and in fact it is almost always done in a public place. No “hiding” is ever necessary. That description is entirely inappropriate.

  54. Emily Rubin says:

    To Alvin Entin @49
    Dear Mr. Entin,
    Thank you for all you have done in the community and for your explanation about your position on the recall. I checked the public records to find those corrupt politicians you defended and then told them to resign, but couldn’t find any. Can you please post their names since their trials and your defense of them are public records?
    Also, I found some public officials you defended who got 100% of their back pay and benefits when they were reinstated after being found not guilty and whose governments paid your bill for defending them. Can you please explain the difference to me between those public officials you defended who got their back pay and whose governments paid your bills and the situation in Tamarac that Patte Atkins Grad got her back pay when she was reinstated and is asking for her attorneys’ bills to be paid. I ask these questions becauase I have always had an interest in the law and hope some day to become a lawyer just like you. Thank you.