Tamarac Recall 100 Signatures From Victory


The attempt to recall Tamarac Commissioner Patte Atkins-Grad, which failed by just 18 signatures to gather enough support in March, is just 100 short of success.

The recall team hope that they will gather enough new signatures this weekend to put them over the top. They need 1,250 valid signatures before taking the next step in what is a long process.

Like in March, the recall is being led by attorney and Republican activist Al Entin and Tamarac Talk Internet site editor and Democratic activist Sharon Aron Baron.

“We are 100 from our goal,” Baron said in an e-mail Friday.

“We need 1,250 signatures and I have 20 people that will be knocking on registered voter’s doors this today through Sunday night and we are determined to be a couple hundred over our amount, just like last time…,” she wrote.

Petitions turned in to the city clerk in March were found to contain too many names of residents who were not registered to vote nor voters who didn’t live in Atkins-Grad’s district.

That earlier drive fell 18 votes short.

Volunteers immediately went out again to collect a new set of signatures.

“…This time we have a secret weapon – Andrew Ladanowski, of Coral Springs, who felt badly after we failed the first time, has volunteered his expertise with a software program to help verify our signers, create walk lists and maps and has made this attempt a much more organized process,” Baron wrote.

“Now we don’t have to worry about all the invalid voters we had last time that ate 20% of the amount that we signed up,” she added.

Entin and Baron were outraged that Atkins-Grad was acquitted earlier this year on corruption charges.  The commissioner was accused of taking gifts from a developer.

Atkins-Grad’s defense: Ignorance.

The commissioner didn’t know accepting the gifts was against the law. Jurors were sympathetic and let her off.

After gathering the required signatures of 10 percent of the voters in the district,  the Supervisor of Elections Office will either approve or reject them.

If enough signatures are approved, the recall team must return to the streets.

In this second petition drive, volunteers needs to gather 15 percent of the district’s 12,496 voters to sign — 1874.  If those are approved, a recall election is supposed to be set.

All that is theory.

What usually happens is that the recall ends up in court and a judge decides whether the election proceeds.

I wrote about that here. 

The inability of prevous efforts to push aside the  legal roadblocks is why even Entin and Baron say in their news release that there has never been a successful recall in Broward.


21 Responses to “Tamarac Recall 100 Signatures From Victory”

  1. Emily Rubin says:

    This committee is really about the pot calling the keetle black. Entin defends murders, rapists and corrupt political officials according to his law firm website. I guess if you pay him for his services, then he is not “outraged”.

  2. Notocorruption says:

    I really do hope the Committee succeeds this time.

  3. losers says:

    They had a confirmed 1232 signatures from the first failed attempt. They should have started at that number at a miimum and now with a couple of days left they dont even have that in the bag?

    Their rolls expert doesnt mean crap because this group still walks the streets of tamarac getting signatures with no true way to verify.

    They came in with 1500 signatures last time and claimed sucss. Now they are hoing to have exactly 1250. One vote wrong they are screwed.

  4. Recall Now says:

    Atkins-Grad deserves to be flushed down the toilet along with the other Chait flunkie Mayor Talibisco.

  5. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Let’s not forget the third Chait groupie – Diane “Give Me Immunity From Prosecution” Glasser!

    Hopefully Atkins-Grad will go down quickly in the recall, and then the recall organization will immediately go after the other two Chaitsters (Glasser and Talabisco).

  6. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Ok so if you do get the required sigantures, than what? Then you have to have a special election and who pays for that- you do residents of Tamarac. And to boot the one who is driving this(behind it) wants Comm.Atkins-Grad seat. Her term ends next year. Was this really necessary??

  7. Christine says:


    All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men (and women) to do nothing.

  8. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    #7-your sick. Find a cure for Alzheimers-than toot your horn…

  9. Mitchell Levine says:

    @#4 Several week ago one of the recall people explained the reason they will not go after Beth Talibisco. He explained that they used the magic three letters called a PAC. He tried to say that the PAC did business with the chait’s and gave the money to Beth. They explain that this is ok, since the money did not directly cross hands. Sounds the same as money laundering. Maybe we sould ask Mr. Entin about that. As I have said from the start, If you do not go after all of them, it is a witch hunt with an agenda. Someone needs to clear the garbage to get to the real stench.

  10. Brian Eckard says:

    She is garbage and anybody who defends her must have the same shaky ethical standards that she does. Bravo to the volunteers for actually trying to make a difference and shame on the peanut gallery, some of whom are commnenting here, who do nothing but trash others from a position of anonymity. Period.

  11. Mitchell Levine says:

    @#10 So Brian are you one of those recall groupies that talk out of your ass, or do you really know what the real story is. First, I always sign my name to everything. What ever I right is always the truth. Just ask Sharon Aron Baron, I have been a royal pain in her ass for several years. She hates me because I always speak the truth, and never talk out of my ass.

    So Brian where did you get your information on what is going on? The recall group can’t give you the real story, otherwise people would be saying, this does not smell right. Yes Pattie was arrested, and found not guilty by a court of law. Something Mr. Entin doesn’t seem to understand. which is strange since Mr. Entin’s law firm defends the scum of the earth. Why is Beth Talibisco not being recalled? She did the same crime and did the time. Beth got a judge to sign off on her case, she never went to court. Why do they want Pattie Grad out of office so bad? She has one year left, why go to all this trouble if they are not hiding something. There is something that happened while Pattie Grad was off line that they do not want her to find. Sharon Baron , Harry Dressler and the rest of that group took a defensive position as soon as Pattie took back her seat.

    Let me tell you who your heroes are. Sharon Aron Baron is what we call a hired gun. She writes what she is told to . Patty Lynn was at Pattie Grads trial, reporting to Baron. There is one problem, Patty Lynn and Pattie Grad hate each other to the 100th power. Not my first choice for reporting the truth. Did I also tell you Patty Lynn has been arrested many times for DUI. There are a few people from that group that have visited our criminal courts. Kind of the pot calling the ketel black. I have stated from the begining this is a witch hunt, to remove a person that can uncover the truth. And theres more. People need to educate themselves before jumpng on a band wagon.

  12. Chaz Stevens, Malcontent says:


    Hey Mitch;

    Have you considered thinking about a new hobby?

  13. Mitchell Levine says:

    @11 Chaz;
    I have many hobbies. If your talking about writing statements on a blog. I call that pest control. I hate bullies. What your point Chaz. I know this crew very well. They do nothing without an agenda. Do you really think they want to clean up Tamarac? So were do you stand? For the corruption or against?

  14. Christine says:

    Uh Mitch.

    I think the Malcontent was referring to this statement:” Just ask Sharon Aron Baron, I have been a royal pain in her ass for several years.”

    The sublime looks like it may have been lost on you.

    So you’ll probably miss the irony in this: “People need to educate themselves before jumpng on a band wagon”

    “ketel black. ” Isn’t it kettle black? I thought Ketel was a vodka. They have a citron and an orange, but not a black.

    “What ever I right is always the truth.” Do you ever “wrong” or how about “write”????

    Shall I continue?

  15. Chaz Stevens, Malcontent says:


    I’ve sent three politicians to jail.

    I been on the front cover the Miami Herald Washington Post.

    I’ve guest column space on this blog in the new times.

    Who the fuck are you exactly?

  16. Chaz Stevens, Malcontent says:

    Sorry for the last post, grammatically.

    God damn Siri.

  17. Mitchell Levine says:


    There are people who do not know who you are. I’m one of them. It was not my intention to piss you off. I don’t know you. I would guess by your statement your against. Fine with me.

    I have no problem seeing people doing the time for their crime. I will admit Pattie Grad has been a friend of mine for many years. We do not speak of what happen, it is none of my business. My problem is with this recall group. as a man who has done impressive things you can understand something smells here. Why pick on one, I believe if you are going to remove one you need to remove them all. I know people are not happy with her lawyer’s choices of defense. I get it. But to not remove all involved, you need to step back and say what is going on. As far as getting a new hobby, I get it. Next time give me more info.

  18. Mitchell Levine says:

    Long time no hear, Thank you for clearing that up for me. Also thanks for the spelling lesson, you know I can’t spell for shit. Hope all is well.

  19. Christine says:


    Count your blessings.

  20. TamaracResident says:


    Do you live in Tamarac? I didn’t think so. The difference between Beth and Patte is this little thing called the law. The law says that there has to be PERSONAL gain. Political help is not PERSONAL gain, and that is why the case against Beth was thrown out. PERSONAL gain would be like someone making payments on your PERSONAL BMW for a vote.

    Even if the recall committee got the signatures to recall Beth, it would be thrown out in court because she did nothing wrong.

    Meanwhile, Patte was found innocent in a court of law, but not because she didn’t receive PERSONAL gain. She didn’t deny accepting money from the developers, her defense was that she didn’t know it was wrong. Therefore, she can legally be recalled, while Beth cannot.

    Is this not the same Mitchell who was ready to hang the Krafts over dealings with the Chaits? Or Stacey Ritter? Didn’t your wife walk around telling everyone to elect Bob Sutton because Stacey was in bed with the Chaits? Sounds like a double standard from the family that used to be against corruption!

  21. Mitchell Levine says:


    First of all I love these screen names.Why don’t people use their real names? If you believe in what you say then what is the problem.

    My statement has not changed.
    What I have said all along still holds true, If you are going to burn one, you need to burn them all, and I mean all. You can’t say, well this one is bad, but this one took money but it went through other hands so we will overlook it.

    The only statement I dissagree with is the personal gain statement. There was no personal gain directly with Beth. There was personal gain, just not directly you would have to be a fool to think there was not.

    All you have done is written a play book on how to break the law without getting smacked.

    Look lets call this what it is, It is not about Pattie or Beth, or anyone else. It is about turf. People do not go to this much trouble over a 60 plus year old person with one year left on the seat. It is a waste of time and money. That seat is power, that is what they are fighting for. What I don’t agree with is the way they are trying to get that seat back.
    From what I understand they still need to go out and get another 15%, then have a judge agree to the recall. What are the odds of a judge signing off on this?

    We have people being killed on our own soil by nut jobs, and they are worried about a seat that will be open in a year.

    As far as double standards, my wife and I don’t always see eye to eye on things. We are both still against corruption, my wife has picked a differant avenue of fighting it.

    Our favorite builders are now in Parkland, Lets see what happens there. Care to place a bet?

    Yes, I don’t live in Tamarac. Should that matter?