Tamarac Commissioner Flips Out: Throws Bottle Of Water At Family





Tamarac Commissioner Patte Atkins-Grad threw a bottle of water at a family on Tuesday because they were wearing T-shirts calling for her recall,  according to residents.

The assault took place during the citywide “Night Out Against Crime” at the Tamarac municipal complex.

Tamaractalk.com quotes the victim Kevin Muscolino, who along with his family were wearing a recall T-shirts:

“We were in a grass swale and had just gotten there, next thing I know Atkins-Grad is charging at me yelling, ‘You’re going to rot in hell for bringing that child out here in that shirt!’ Referring to recall shirt we were wearing, and yelling ‘What did I ever do to you? I’ve done nothing to ever deserve this!’”

The website is run bv another supporter of the recall,  Sharon Aron Baron.

Democratic activist Patti Lynn e-mailed Sheriff Scott Israel about the incident:

“She threw water at people, ran at and screamed at people, and had a little 11 year old girl, (granted, the little girl is much bigger than I am, but, she’s still a CHILD), in tears!!!”

Lynn wrote the sheriff that “this is a serious matter and should be dealt with by both your agency and the City of Tamarac…(Atkins-Grad) may be Baker Act material…if something is not done, someone will be hurt.  She is not rational.”

There was no immediate comment from Israel or the Broward Sheriff’s Office, which polices Tamarac and had deputies at the event.

Both Tamaractalk.com and Patti Lynn reported that Muscolino would be filing charges against Atkins-Grad this week.

Atkins-Grad could not be reached for comment.

The commissioner is facing a recall because of her admission during a corruption trial that she took gifts from a developer.  After her defense lawyer argued she was too naive to know accepting gifts was wrong, she was acquitted by jurors.


32 Responses to “Tamarac Commissioner Flips Out: Throws Bottle Of Water At Family”

  1. DeeDee says:

    Illen Lieberman is behind Atkins-Grad, which is two peas in a pod.

  2. Mitchell Levine says:

    As far as I’m concerned those people got what they deserved. This issue is a hot spot to begin with, why escalate it by wearing a recall shirt. What happen, was it the last shirt in the dresser? To use a child for their cause is criminal. These parents should be smacked. If you want to be a jackass and put on a recall shirt, that’s fine. DO NOT SUBJECT YOUR CHILD TO YOUR BULLSHIT. This is wrong on so many levels.

    I will give you a short story. When I was a kid I lived down the block from the biggest card carrying Jew hater on the planet. Everything that happen was the Jews fault. He taught his children that the Jews were the problem with the world and needed to be removed. I went to school with his son from 1st grade to 12th. The first 9 grades we were friends. I did not blame the son for the fathers stupid remarks. One day the father came home drunk as always, he drove down the block and saw us all playing ball. He roles down his window and says “get your ass home now, I don’t want you playing with that fucken Jew Bastard”. From that day on that boy became the father. All through High School, all I heard was Jew Bastard. I finally had enough one day, I must of snapped. I beat this kid so bad he was in the hospital for days. After I felt bad, this was my friend. It was not his fault his father was an asshole.

    Remember that when you drag you children into your crap. You want to follow a group of nut jobs with an agenda, no problem. Ask yourself, do you really know all the facts about this Recall? Or are you just doing this because everyone else is. Can we say WW2 Germany six million Jews. They were just following also.

    Sharron Arron Baron, and Patty Lynn, created this problem. Think of them as this father and all of you as the son. Pattie Grad was found Not Guilty, you need to remember that.

  3. GMAB says:

    Atkins-Grad is not right in the head, but what kind of a puss tries to press charges for getting water thrown on him? Grow a pair Kevin. Does this guy file charges on God every time it rains?
    If Atkins-Grad wants to look like a bitter BRAVO housewife then feel free to publicize it in your campaign, but for Pete’s sakes our Court system and police have far more important matters to deal with.

  4. Han Solo says:

    Lieberman has been behind most of the corruption in Tamarac for years.

  5. Alice in Wonderland says:

    #2 you need to see a psychiatrist, you should be ashamed of yourself and the hatred you still invoke no one has said anything about Jewish people quit chasing the boogie men in your head.

  6. Creekgirl says:

    Mr. Levine

    So sad that you experienced a predjudice act growing up. That said: You are so full of crap on this one.

    There is quite a difference between predjudicial conduct and standing up for something you believe in. This is not some race/religion baiting issue. It’s for standing up for something you believe in. The parents of the child truly strongly believe that Comm. Akins-Grad should be recalled. They have every right to express it. They have every right to expect that their views will be respected and not be subject to a brutal attack.

    I applaud the parents for showing their child to stand up for what they believe is right. I even applaude the parents for showing the restraint and not physically retaliate to the Commissioner’s assault. If Comm. Akins-Grad would have me or my child, I would have kicked her ass.

    Comm. Akins-Grad was found not guilty on the past charges. If the Commissioner did throw the water bottle and hit this family during a community sponsored event while on official duty, she will be found guilty on this assault and the city could face a lawsuit from the family.

  7. Love the irony says:

    Is anyone else just tickled that this happened at a “Night Out Against Crime” event??

  8. Alice McGill says:

    The politicians are a constant source of amusement. Bobbie Grace, commissioner in Dania Beach, attended the “Night Out Against Crime” in our city last night. She chose to wear a COPS shirt for the event. Bobbie Grace never attended meetings for the COPS program, never got a certificate to be a member of the COPS program. Bobbie Grace falsely presented herself as a member of that program. Her running mate, Patrick Phipps, used to do that same trick when he was running for office. He was called on the matter and had to stop.
    Funny act, Ms. Grace.

  9. Ana Gomez-Mallada says:

    Judgment? Self-control???

  10. Mitchell Levine says:

    Thank you for your input.
    I always enjoy reading comments from uneducated people. You guys make my day.

    # 5 I have been told many times I need one. It is a prerequisite that you be nuts to work in my field. We can go together, it takes crazy to know crazy. Since you live in wonderland I will get my drugs from you.

    The sad part is the joke is on all of you. To spend this much time and money on a women who’s term is up in less than a year is nuts. Unless there is an agenda behind this recall. If so then the joke is really on you guys. This group got a whole town to do their dirty work. Now that is funny.

    They are behind closed doors laughing their asses off on how stupid you people are.

    Thank God I do not live in Tamarac, if you guys will believe this trash I have a bridge I can sell you. Let’s see how well the city does if it gets a new commissioner.

    As I said the joke is on all of you. At the end of the day Pattie will take all her money and go home. Instead of letting her do her job and earning her pay, you bad mouth her, held up signs and shirts. Who is the dumb ass, if it was me I would stay home. Screw this I’m getting paid wither I’m there or not. You guys should of been quiet, and ran your own person in the next election. Now it cost the city double.

    What most of you did not understand about my story is, this recall is not for good government, it was a witch hunt. You do not teach children to hate, or prejudge people because the group says so. This child will grow up thinking if everyone else is doing it must be ok.

    You guys have a wonderful day, think about what I have said. I will enjoy all the nasty remarks.

    By the way Alice, we can get together on Tuesday, you bring the drugs from wonderland, I will bring the crazy.

    I have a saying: The Universe always has a way of straightening it’s self out.

  11. George Stroker says:

    Dear Mitchell Levine

    I am sorry that your experience growing up has left you a bitter old man. You know nothing about parenting and you know nothing of Kevin Muscolino, Michelle and daughter Ashley. I have been Kevin’s Friend and neighbor in Tamarac for 26 years. I have watched him grow from a ‘working for others guy’ as an extraordinary automotive mechanic to taking the chance that few people have the fortitude to do and start his own business and named it Perfection Automotive. The
    name is appropriate because Kevin is a perfectionist, skilled and technologically advanced Master Mechanic. Perfection Automotive is now in its 20th successful year. Kevin has been actively involved in his neighborhood. Not just giving Mitchell Levine type lip service, but ‘hands-on’ active. Getting rid of a high profile criminal in our immediate neighborhood; During Wilma it was all about neighbor-helping-neighbor. Kevin provided power, cut trees and his family cooked meals and provided emotional support. Kevin provided personal support to me when my dear wife was sick. When daughter Ashley was born he changed. He got better and stronger. He took being a Father as another perfection profession and threw his all into helping raise Ashley. All during Ashley’s growing up, he was teaching her, by example, about how to be a good neighbor, how to share and how to show respect (Ashley calls me Mr. George). Kevin has coached and sponsored little leagues, attends school functions, takes her to school, strives to help her get good grades. Ashley has grown up to be an outstanding student, athlete and cares for others. This and more, Kevin has instilled in Ashley a sense of responsibility and citizenship that will carry her beneficially throughout the rest of her life. Kevin brought Ashley to City commission meetings. They rarely miss a City function through the City’s Park and Recreation programs. Kevin “asked” Ashley if she would like to be involved in the Recall effort to learn what active citizenship is all about. They attended meetings together. Kevin invited Ashley to go door-to-door and talk with voters. Kevin’s
    thought? Show Ashley first hand (Kevin’s words) ‘democracy in action’. With excitement, Ashley often shared her experience with me after several hours of
    recall canvassing. She told me stories of the wonderful people, how angry they were about corruption and proud they were to see democracy in action. At times, they were invited into homes to chat about school and share their own experiences. Kevin is a proactive, protective and involved Father raising his Daughter Ashley to love, share and be involved responsibly. I am proud to know Kevin.

    And if I had a prediction, someday you might be calling his daughter, Ashley… Commissioner, Senator or Madam President.

  12. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Mitchell Levine’s wife, Jaemi Levine, actually wrote a letter asking that corrupt former School Board Member Beverly Gallagher receive leniency from the judge who was about to sentence Gallagher for corruption, and she wrote that letter while herself being a candidate for election to the School Board.

    Unsurprisingly, Jaemi Levine lost that election, as well as losing her other two attempts to get herself elected to the School Board.

    Jaemi Levine also received the BrowardBeat “Whiner of the Week” award for filing a police report claiming that her opponent squeezed her hand too hard in a post-debate handshake.

    I think we can all safely forecast that neither Mitchell Levine nor his three-time-loser wife will ever win any meaningful election.

  13. Christine says:

    hey Mitch,


    You sound like the uneducated, ignorant one here. ( Hey, now there’s a surprise for you!)

    Your comment, “As far as I’m concerned those people got what they deserved.”

    The family gets yelled at and a assaulted for wearing a t shirt????

    Does that mean rape victimes deserve “it” because they might be wearing a skirt?

    Or did your daughter Nicole “deserve” what happened to her because she went online?

    Let’s not elevate the Commioner’s behavior to one of necesary causation.

    She is merely a self-righteous bully.

  14. Your Pal Al Lameberti says:

    You people keep electing them.

  15. Climb Under A Rock Liar says:

    The Coconut Creek Girl Beth should crawl back under the rock where she came from. Your words mean nothign to anyone. You are as bad a Atkins-Grad. You are sneaky, dirty and a liar on all accounts. We don;t really care about your thoughts…

  16. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Ok so she threw water on some spectator(that is what you are). So the man got embarrassed in front of his kid. He ran to the cops/deputy and demanded that she be arrested(ok). Comm.Atkins-Grad stated “I spilled a little water on him and he went nuts”(she is good). You will never be able to prove that she intentionaly threw the water on him. She will stick to her story. As far as him presses charges good luck. Besides its a misdeamnor(simple assault-$25.00 bond -thank you). I mean some of you push and push no wonder she vented.Again the State att. off. will never go after her, because the alibi(I spilled some water on him ,by accident. -That’s it). Good for her. I think I’ll put a case (water) in the trunk just for some of you(woops)….

  17. Mitchell Levine says:

    George I love when people talk out of their ass. It shows how much of a dumb ass they are. If you did any research on me you would have found I’m not old. I’m 56, My parenting skills are A+. I lost my wife to breast cancer in 2000. My son who is 31 years old, married to a doctor and just had their first child. He has his own company as a sub-contractor to a cruse line traveling all over the world. My daughter is 21,goes to school at UCF holding down two jobs, and a double major and minor with a 3.9 GPA. I guess I did ok?
    I have been in business for the last 21 years owning & operating the largest independent Jaguar repair shop in south florida. I have been with Jaguar since 1979. Most of the shops in south florida come to me when they take on a Jaguar.
    Next time you want to open that pie hole you call a mouth you need to have your facts straight.

    Now for Ha, Ha, Ha, is that all you got. You don’t have the balls to take on me, so you pussy out and go after my family that has nothing to do with any of this. So what have you done with your life?
    Jaemi has done more for children than any of you loser’s ever did. I think your the looser, someone who has to hide behind a screen name instead of using their own. Very week. Big Looser. You and Alice should get together.

    So Alice, are we still on for Tuesday? Are you getting the drugs from the mad hatter? Let me know.

    Christine, you missed the whole idea. This person wearing this recall shirt in a public function was asking for trouble. He knew this was going to cause a problem, but he did it anyway. The smart thing was to wear a regular shirt and go to the party. His choice is why he deserves what he got.

    You all still fail to understand the real reason for the recall.
    As I said the joke is on all of you. At the end of the day Pattie will take all her money and go home. Instead of letting her do her job and earning her pay, you bad mouth her, held up signs and shirts. Who is the dumb ass, if it was me I would stay home. You guys should of been quiet, and ran your own person in the next election. Now it cost the city double.

    Sharron Aron Baron and her merry men are behind closed doors laughing their asses off on how stupid you people are. She got an entire town to do her dirty work.

    Why don’t one of you that believes in good government run for that commission seat. See how fast you get shot down. They will give you some bullshit remark that they have it under control and do not need your help.

  18. Point of Interest says:

    Not sure but I think that if someone who is elected is convicted of a Misdemeanor which is related to their office, they are removed from office. Felony is not needed in this case.

    Well, it sure looks like a Misdemeanor and she admitted doing it, though the ‘I’m to stupid to know it is against the law’ defense will probably come up.

    Also, it was at the National Night Out in Tamarac and she was there as a Commissioner working. So it sure looks like it is related to her office.

    If both are true, could she be removed from office? Also, then doesn’t it make it of interest for the State Prosecutor to take action on this?

  19. BOB WOOD says:


  20. Alvin Entin says:

    Mr. Levine, I understand your point. You however, choose not to understand anyone elses. By being aggressive, insulting and nasty makes you believe that it somehow makes your point better, it doesn’t. So lets, rationally deal with just 2 of your many issues. You contend the Muscalino’s brought this attack on themselves by wearing their Recall Patte Tee Shirts. Well, it was a public function and they were, in the great traditions of this Country, expressing their First Amendment right of free speech. So as to be perfectly clear then, that excercise of Free Speech entitled Atkins Grad to berate verbally and to assault the Muscalino’s in your judgment. Well you are very wrong about that, whatever you think about the recall effort
    The Second issue is your position we should do nothing and let Atkins Grad do her job. Interesting. I live in Tamarac, do you? I for one do not want a person “working” for me you takes bribes purposely, naively or stupidly. As there are no guarantees that the less than able commissioner won’t do it again, I choose not to take that chance. Additionally, if she is either so naive or stupid that she can’t recognize a payoff, I do not want her making decisions for me or my neighbors, not for one more day then necessary. I also believe you owe an apology to both the Muscalino’s and George Stoker, but I doubt that you will do so.

  21. Susan says:

    You are the biggest jackass I’ve had the misfortune to read.
    Who the heck are you to tell anyone what to wear. If that dishonest commissioner is so thin skinned than she should stay and home but resign first and you’re example of what happened in the past are pieces of crap.
    I don’t care of you sell Jaguars or big Mac’s, you come across as a bombastic braggart who’s opinions are less than valid. Go sell your cars. Wait a minute????????????? A care salesman. Enough said.

  22. Creekgirl says:

    TO: Climb Under A Rock Liar( Jen-c-)

    This is not Beth. Still sore??? Take a pill!!!! Works well for those who cannot deal with real life.

  23. Tamarac Talk says:

    #17 – Who cannot spell a person’s name correctly, not even his wife’s best friend Patte. But that’s OK, Mitch never disputed #13 who called him uneducated.

    Anyway, Levine wrote, “Sharron Aron Baron and her merry men are behind closed doors laughing their asses off on how stupid you people are. She got an entire town to do her dirty work.”

    This was sent to me this morning and I enjoyed laughing at this. You see Mitch, you just don’t understand the passion here in Tamarac for wanting to remove your friend. I know you live in Coral Springs, but the climate is so different here. After years of hanging around Patte, you must understand that she seriously is incompetent.

    Anyway, our 30+ volunteers can attest, as well as hundreds signatures on the petitions witnessed by myself, that I did more than get an entire town to work while I did nothing.

    I enjoyed being part of the solution.

    Sadly, you questioned a man who wore a political shirt in our free country instead of questioning why your friend Patte, why would she do something so vulgar, so viscous, at a public event…in front of a child. As a father, I hope you can understand that at least.

    We all enjoy wearing our shirts around town, you wouldn’t believe the amount of support we get. We are also anticipating an election soon. An election to recall Atkins-Grad, so wearing our shirts is appropriate, and timely.

    Sharron Aron Baron

    Sharon Aron Baron

  24. Larry Gertz says:

    It is time for Tamarac to be absorbed into Coral Springs. It doesn’t make sense to have this dysfunctional small city. Combing the two would save money on administration and employees salaries. While we are at it, throw in another ridiculous city North Lauderdale.

  25. Tits McGee says:

    @tamarac talk save your sanctimonious bull crap. Your whole “recall” movement is orchestrated by the Kiwanis Crew- Barry Harris, Ms Gomez, Patti Lynn. You boob

  26. Tamarac Talk says:

    #25 Not going to debate the ignorance of a person who goes by the name of “Tits.”
    But thanks for jumping in.

  27. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Mitchell, when you mentioned that many people have told you that you need to see a psychiatrist and you offered to “bring the crazy”, that’s exactly when I remembered your wife’s antics. There’s plenty of crazy in the Levine household!

    I hope the next time you “smack” somebody because you don’t like what they have to say, you will be arrested and the video of your arrest will be quickly posted on YouTube for all of us to laugh at. Maybe your wife can write yet another letter to ask your judge for leniency while you work on writing up a plea of “Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity”.

  28. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Here’s a great article on this story that includes a link to the full police report. It’s an “Active” case of “Battery” against Patricia Lynne Atkins-Grad, and the victim is pressing charges.

    Also according to the article, 2,600 signed recall petitions against Atkins-Grad were turned in two weeks ago, and if at least 1,875 of them are valid there will be a recall election. Those recall petition validation results should be available about two weeks from today.


    According to the incident report, the reporting officer writes that Atkins-Grad called the family walking by wearing light green shirts “white trash that were trying to get her removed from office.” Also according to the report, Atkins-Grad “shouted at them that they would burn in hell for what they were trying to do.”

  29. Alice McGill says:

    #24 It is time to take another look at other cities also. Dania Beach has rapidly deteriorated under the “leadership” of Walter Duke, in part due to meddling by his wife and a cohort, Patrick Phipps, a known stalker. The city commission now has 4 members, looking for a 5th with no luck so far. Hollywood should absorb the city of Dania Beach. It cannot function at the present time. Egos and personal agendas destroy cities.

  30. Concerned citizen says:

    Thank you Kevin for not tolerating such outlandish behavior from anyone yet alone a City Commissioner. Ms Grad is a disgrace to her position and IF she cared about her city she would resign IMMEDIATELY. Pattinyou need medical help, get it, being an angry person, carrying around guilt wears on your health. Suck it up, acknowledge you have problems and go out like a lady instead of a nutcase. Find a little dignity.

  31. Mitchell Levine says:

    All you people that joined in, thank you for the entertainment. My crew and I enjoy a laugh now and then.

    # 20 Mr. Entin, I’m happy you thought my suggestion of letting Pattie Grad stay in office interesting. To be concerns about bribes & payoffs is a mood point. There are many other politicians out there taking money. Let me ask you a question, if I understand your firm protects crooked politicians and criminals. What I don’t understand is why would you endanger your business joining yourself with a hired gun. Sharron Baron is in this for way different reasons than you. You have no Idea who you have gone to bed with. This is a little 180 of what you do? You keep they out out jail.

    #19, Bob Wood, Is that all you can say, I don’t know you from a hole in the wall. You know nothing about me, and to bring my wife into this, she has been out of the game for a while now. Now sit down like a good little boy, and stop talking out of your butt.

    #21 susan, I once knew a women named Susan, she was a very smart person, wrote many books. It is sad your such a dumb ass. My conversation was with George, not you. Stay on track Susan. I’m surprised you did not say anything about my dead wife. I would not put that past you. First of all I do not sell cars. I own the company. I am what you would call Owner / Operator. I do not sit behind a desk, I work for a living. We restore and repair Jaguars. A way cut above your average repair shop. what do you do besides talk shit. Next time spell car correctly.

    #27 Ha, Ha, Ha Once again why bring my family into this. Is that all you got. First thing, use your real name when you talk smack. Otherwise your just another nut job flapping their gums. I feel bad for you, your the one who needs help.

    #23 Sharron, Is that all you got, complaining about my spelling. What you have forgotten is that I know the truth. #25 Tits McMgee has hit this right on the head. The Kiwanis Crew- Barry Harris, Ms Gomez, Patti Lynn are all your little pawn’s. And of course you are someone else is pawn. All of you manipulating the people of Tamarac to get what you need. What are you going to do when these people find out the truth. Yes Sharron it is a witch hunt. The day you do not recall another, is the day the city will want your head on a stick.

    #25 Tits Magee Do not know you but
    You hit the nail on the head. What does Sharron know keep the name.

    People you have gone off the track. Again for the people in the cheap seats. Why create all this bullshit for a person who’s term is up in Nov. It is costing the city way too much money, not counting the money spent on signs, shirts. Wasting peoples time. That cost money. For what? Again, I would have let her do her job till Nov. and vote someone else in. These people have created a group of people to do the bidding of a few. What is so important about that seat? Why does some one ask Sharron Baron? It has nothing to do with good Gov., it’s about power. How many of you in this recall group have gone to a commissioner’s meeting? Do you know what goes on? Maybe you should start going before you jump on a band wagon.
    Wake up, you never know. One of you may be next.

    Enjoy your witch hunt!

    I bid you all a good night.

  32. Christine says:

    Your cluelessness and ignorance know no limits. To think that both of our votes have the same value is a travesty.