Tally Lawmakers’ Flawed School Safety Plan




If Broward’s state legislators and senators were graded on its contributions to education, it would get an “F.”

Let’s see. Our state lawmakers have:

  • Failed to pry enough construction money out of the Legislature to solve the overcrowding of Broward’s schools in places like Weston.
  • Failed to wrest enough money for teachers.
  • Failed to find enough money to rehab the schools failing apart in the eastern part of the county.  Just last month, part of the ceiling at Northeast High fell down.
  • Failed to pass an ethics law for School Board. Numerous sources say it was killed by former state Sen. Nan Rich whose daughter is School Board member Laurie Rich Levinson.

The delegation has finally found something it might get done in Tallahassee –more money for school cops.

This is the latest Motherhood and Apple Pie issue. But unfortunately this feel good issue won’t do much to protect our kids.

And it has hidden danger:  Will the Legislature, once unleashed, cut school money elsewhere if it approves this idea?

The Broward Legislative Delegation is backing a bill to allow voters decide whether they want to raise property taxes 50 cents per $1,000 of property value.  It doesn’t sound like much, but its about $100 for a home worth $250,000 with a homestead exemption.

The schools current taxes are about $7.45 per $1,000.

The School Board and local governments have the power to raises taxes without extra legislation.  If cities want to hire more school cops, bite the bullet and pay for it.

Whether the delegation or the locals institute a tax, don’t expect a cop or two at every school to avoid another Connecticut school shooting.

Iraq and Afghanistan are bristling with heavily armed troops.  They can’t prevent terrorist attacks.

Or to give another example, Chicago has been unable to stop the runaway gun violence no matter how many cops the city throws at the problem.

I’m for making schools safe.

I just believe the idea should percolate before being approved. We should have a realistic plan before considering a new tax. Otherwise, it could turn out to be a font of funds squandered by bureaucrats.

For instance, what is the tax really going to be used for?  How many cops….at what pay scale and benefits?  Who does the hiring?

Part of the plan should be making schools less porous.  They currently have numerous entrances that can be penetrated and cops can’t be everywhere.

Many of the threats are from classmates bringing weapons to school. Should we have security check points that kids have to pass through before entering the schools?

And what about school football games and bus stops? If some nut wants to shoot students, they could do so any place kids gathers.

State Sen. Elenor Sobel, D-Hollywood, and the other delegation members need to think the issue before they rush to throw money at it.

But then again, this is the Broward Legislative Delegation. It’s a group that never passes up a chance to substitute grandstanding for a lack of meaningful achievements.


12 Responses to “Tally Lawmakers’ Flawed School Safety Plan”

  1. Sunrise Parent says:

    We have to try to do whatever we can no matter what the cost!

  2. The Realist says:

    The idea that higher taxes can solve every problem is the typical Democratic response to everything and it is what is wrong with our politics. No amount of money can protect people from crazy people.

  3. BCDevelopment says:

    Hate to say it , but if you want your kids in a safer school, get your check book out and send them to a private school….of course, nothing is 100% full proof… violent acts & insane people can show up anywhere and anytime
    that’s not a comment about our Broward Legislative Delegation – well, not really)

    We just toured several private BC high schools for my middle schooler & compared to the public high schools (just on the campus facility & safety issues)the private schools are clearly superior, or at least it felt that way…That said, safety improvements in regards to process, technology and structural changes to our puplic school facilities need to be done, will cost a lot money and take time…so plan to take out your check book for that too….however, as Buddy implied, don’t bet on them spending your money in a practical or effective manner while trying.

  4. Fly on the Wall says:

    Whatever happened to the School District offering trailer hook-up costs, rent and utilties on school sites to support school resource officers who are assigned to that school?


    I remember that plan. I have no idea what happened to it.

  5. Don't have a Cowan says:

    The average police officer makes over $100,000 in compensation these days, not many will live in a trailer. We need to change State law to allow teachers and other school staff, with proper training, to carry. Anything that is designated “Gun free” means only the bad guys are armed.

  6. acitizen says:

    If the guns are the issue why not make the people who own them pay for the SRO’s and the mental health services. If you can afford a gun which cost hundreds of dollars, just add a $5 fee on to the sale of each gun. With the atmosphere we live in now guns are selling like mad this would be a great revenue source. We put a fee cigs, and alcohol why not guns?

  7. Le Peerman says:

    They still have them they are calls ROCs Resident on Campus. Police officers who live on campus. It has worked for the 24 yrs I have worked for the school board as a deterrent as well as making apprehensions.

  8. Gavin says:

    Laredo High School had metal detectors and armed police over 30 years ago. Welcome to the real world America.

  9. Gavin says:

    As for Dishonorable Senator Nan Rich, why isn’t he being prosecuted for violating some sort of conflict of interest thing or a violation of the state’s Sunshine law? I mean really, like he didn’t know his daughter was on the school board.

  10. lms says:

    Breaking news for Gavin: Senator Nan Rich, is currently female & has been for her entire time in public office…No word on her future gender status.

  11. John Brennan says:

    How about getting some unmanned drone from Obama and his gang? And have them hoover on schools during school hours

  12. Miramar Voter says:

    Just institute SRO Program School Resource Program we have them for over 11 years. Regular cops assigned to schools an when no school they become street cops..

    Who pays the city eats 60% and the School Board eats 40%….my tax dollars at work. Thanks Mayor Mosley and Vice Mayor Samuels for a smart program…