Tallahassee Whispers Tie State Sen. From Broward To Sex Harassment






A state senator representing Broward County is the latest politician rumored to be caught up in a growing sex harassment scandal sweeping Tallahassee.

Three very well-placed sources have told Browardbeat.com the names of the state senator and the state employee he is supposedly having an affair with. We are withholding the name at this time.

“There is a lot of chitter chatter about the two of them,” one source said.

The harassment scandal whispers about various politicians including the Broward office holder have sent Tallahassee journalists, legislators and lobbyists into a frenzy of speculation.

Just a week ago, Jeff Clemens of Lake Worth, the married incoming Democratic leader, resigned after his affair with a lobbyist who now works for Broward government became public.

Then POLITICO Florida revealed that Sen. Jack Latvala of Clearwater, a GOP candidate for governor, was mysteriously being investigated. Photos surfaced last week of Latvala planting a kiss on the cheek of a female lobbyist in the parking lot of a Tallahassee restaurant.

Latvala denied he was having an affair with the woman. He was backed up by the woman.

A Twitter account called @timetotellFL briefly threatened to expose “politicians guilty of sexual harassment, hypocrisy and corruption one tweet at a time.”

The account was closed earlier this week and it is unknown who operated it.






Also last week, the Times also revealed that “a covert surveillance camera recorded the comings and goings of legislators and lobbyists living on the sixth floor of the Tennyson condominium near the Capitol” at the end of the last legislative session in the Spring.

The suspicion behind the condo bugging has fallen on former state Sen. Frank Artiles, R-Miami, who quit the Legislature earlier in the session after it was disclosed he had made racial slurs. Artiles told senators he would seek revenge.

If the rumors prove true and a Broward state senator is unmasked as having an affair, it would constitute sexual harassment due to his position since the woman works for state government.

Stay tuned.







13 Responses to “Tallahassee Whispers Tie State Sen. From Broward To Sex Harassment”

  1. Lady Law says:

    I worked in Tallahassee. It is the rare male legislator who isn’t a pig.

  2. TimeToTell says:

    This is nothing new and certainly not limited to Tallahassee. Broward County has several men in positions of authority that have been sexually harassing female politicians and residents for years. Media knows, other leaders know, and yet nothing is ever done. Many of us accept it as part of what we signed up for while trying to level the field for those who come after us.


    Hey, TimeToTell. Tell Browardbeat.com. Browardbeat@hotmail.com

  3. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Let me catch them.Alot of you are right.Its not just the men cheating.Its some woman to.Its just so cheap.Adultery ruins families.Huh Robert.Shame.One solution call them out.Shame them.Even hang them ..

  4. #MeToo says:

    Lady law is so right on. My experience as a lobbyist is that male legislators were interested in one thing and it wasn’t the Legislature. When I went to talk to too many male legislators, all they were interested in were my clothes, my hair and whether I would see them tonight in their rooms because they were of course too busy to go out to a restaurant. Oink oink. No bill or client was ever that important to me so I left, went to law school and now have my own practice.

  5. Pat says:

    A State Senator from Broward rumored to be having an affair with a State employee? He must be a real charmer!!!

    How many State Senators are from Broward?

  6. Lisa says:

    Ridiculous an affair is not sexual harrasment. I don’t care where they work. If it’s consensual it’s cheating plain and simple. This area of harassment is getting out of hand

  7. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #6 yes consenual affair between two people is fine.

    Where the harassment fits in is when these affairs happen in the work place and esp.when one party or both are married.

    Yes, when other staff and or other employees have to put up with it, it certainly is harrassment.

    Right here in Fort Lau.at our own city hall has happened numerous times. Men,woman,yes get this married woman having a lesbian affair. Cheating on her own husband with a coworker. Unreal.At taxpayer expense. Lucky,i wasn.t privy,i would have spit on both of them. Call the cops.


    An office affair like the article describes can create an uncomfortable and unfair workplace for other employees. Other employees will always suspect that favoritism being given to a coworker who is having an affair with the boss. Other employees may feel spied upon and that everything said in the office is going right back to the boss in bed. Not a good situation and a firing offense at many private companies.

  8. Zowie says:

    Pat: I count four—Sens. Rader, Thurston, Farmer and Braynon.

  9. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Yes Buddy well point.Don.t forget im not a college grad. Just an average Joe.You stated it much better than i did.They get it Buddy.

  10. Not An Average Joe says:

    @3,7 and 9

    Leave it to you to drag this discourse down to the absurd. You say you are just an average Joe. I would submit that you are giving yourself too much credit. I apologize on your behalf to average Joe’s everywhere …

  11. Andrwe Ladanowski says:

    Since BroadBeat like’s to beat around the bush. Pun intentional everyone knows it’s the representative that represents both Miami Dade and Broward but no major Blog is calling it out yet!

  12. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Lady Law and #MeToo paint a pretty depressing picture of our State Capital. Sadly the issue is WHY ARE PUGS ELECTED?Where is the Press Coverage – MARCCAPUTO has beencovering Tallahassee for the Miami Herald n now Politico Florida forever. Why hasnt he exposed the pigsty these Ladies describe?


    Politico Florida has broken at least one of these Tallahassee stories.

  13. Don't insult Pugs! says:

    I am complaining about the Count’s last email, where he asked the question “why are pugs elected”. My sister owns two pugs. They are wonderful dogs, and the Count should not be slandering them.