Tallahassee Demos Will Learn Size Matters



In Tallahassee like in the bedroom, size matters.

Size means the 74 Republicans compared with 46 Democrats in the Florida House.

Size means 26 Republicans and only 14 Democrats in the Florida Senate.

The overwhelming size of the GOP majority means nothing the Democrats say counts…much less anything the Ds sponsor.

All the Democrats can hope for is to use their minority status to stall bills.  The 2012 election gave them enough votes to demand every word of a bill be read, if they can hold their votes together.  This maneuver would be especially valuable near the end of a session when legislation piles up.

Will the Florida Democrats take their real lessons from the U. S. House Tea Party contingent and learn their most potent weapon is to gum up the works?  When Florida Tallahassee Republicans were in the minority almost a generation ago (Yes, it’s been that long!), they used any stalling tactic they could muster, but they had some conservative Democrats as allies.

Despite these inside baseball games that the Capitol crew plays, here is what matters in Democratic Broward: When the Legislature adjourns in the late Spring,  the Ds agenda will largely remain unfulfilled.

The Democrat’s legislative training session?

Maybe the first session should have been entitled Losing With Dignity?

Here is House Democratic Leader Perry Thurston and Senate Democratic Leader Chris Smith smiling at the start of the training session.

Commit the scene to memory.  It might be the last time you see them smile:




State Rep. Perry Thurston of Plantation and Chris Smith of Fort Lauderdale at beginning of Democratic legislators training session in Tallahassee today (Photo courtesy of Mark Hollis, communications director of the House Democratic Caucus.)


8 Responses to “Tallahassee Demos Will Learn Size Matters”

  1. Reform in 2013 says:

    Perry Thurston is running for Attorney General and HE WILL LOOSE BADLY. HE believes its a win-win, to lose badly then run for Chris Smith’s senate seat. NO SUPRISE, that Chris wants Alcee Hasting’s seat, but many blacks won’t give it to him easy….he will have 2 formidable opponents and now Chris will get what he deserves, since he has stabbed so many Dems in the backs….and he is a closet Republican playing in Tallahassee

  2. Memory Is Good says:

    Chris Smith is no Democratic leader. He endorsed Jeb Bush a few years ago.

  3. voter says:

    they are practicing for their next photo op/step up the ladder of political ambition
    there are plenty more in Broward that aspire
    but many will do only that – aspire, run and loose
    Is there anything either of them have accomplished for us in Broward that would be of credit to them? Other than getting years in on pension system?

  4. Watch out says:

    Dont talk so much Chris and Perry as everyone has heard it enough around town, they are Judy Stern’s “boys” in Tallahassee. It is funny after all these years that these two let a fat old white lady publically call them “boys” and they all say thank you mam. Seriously what self respecting black man with any pride, dignity or character would allow someone to refer to them as “her boys”.

  5. christine says:

    The temptation to say something is so strong, making some crude comment about “size” mattering and then showing a pic of 2 african american men….but I will refrain….

  6. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    So where was Chris Smith when I suggested an audit of Lauderdale Lakes? Where was Chris when I asked for Pam Bondi to opine (AGO) on the city’s loan?

    How come Chris didn’t have an appetite to check out what’s happening over there? It’s not because he circled “the black wagon.”

    Keep in mind sportsfan, an audit of the Lauderdale Lakes CRA might very well reveal more criminal activity by City Manager Jon Allen and State Rep. Hazelle Rogers.

    Thankfully, the taxpaper didn’t have to count on Chris Smith to do the right thing. That role fell upon Commissioner Stacy Ritter. Ritter’s called for the big guns.

    And soon enough, you’ll be able to read this tale of mine over on the NT. Say later this week. We’ll break it down for you. Show you how millions in taxpayer money is at stake. Talk about a $1.6 million tomato garden, overseen by a CRA director making six figures.

    And if that’s not enough … well, you’ll just have to wait.

    Thanks Buddy for drawing the spotlight on Chris Smith.

    Best to you.


  7. All style says:

    You have to admit Chris has a nice bow tie

  8. Elroy John says:

    This is what happens when a voter’s only choices are Republicans, who look and act like winners, and Democrats whose only trump card is Bob Graham (no offense to Mr. Graham, but we should move on). There are still Democrats in this state who believe that there are significant differences between government and business, environmental conservation and gardening, teaching and testing, etc. It would be great to have a state and local party that supported their candidacies. I for one am hopeful that the coming FDP elections produce a real change in the form of Alan Clendenin. It would be a great start.