Tallahassee Beckons Jack Seiler



Get used to Jack Seiler as Fort Lauderdale mayor.  He’s going to be here for a lot longer.


Jack Seiler

Despite the rumors and the pressure from Florida Democrats, Seiler says he is leaning against running for a statewide office in 2014.

“At some point and time, I will probably run statewide.  I would expect that would come later rather than sooner,” Seiler says.

Think 2018.

Why the wait?  Here are the reasons:

–Family Considerations

Seiler has four children. The youngest is a seventh grader and the oldest a freshman at Notre Dame.

He spends lots of quality time with his children while being mayor. If he ran statewide, everything would change.

He would be on the road almost constantly during a campaign.  If he won, he would be living in Tallahassee.

“It would be a major consideration how a candidacy would impact my family,” Seiler says.

–Financial Considerations

In three years, he could have three children in college at the same time. By 2018, all but one child could be finished as undergraduates.

With a thriving law practice, Seiler can handle the bills.  A pay cut, something statewide office would require, would be a huge burden on his family.

–Open Seat

Gov. Rick Scott will be running for re-election in 2014.  So will every member of the Florida Cabinet –chief financial officer, attorney general and agriculture commissioner.

By waiting until 2018, Seiler will have his pick of open seats.  It is always easier to run for an open seat than to run against an incumbent.

–The Charlie Factor

Totally lacking a potential candidate that is known statewide, party Democrats have begun wooing former Gov. Charlie Crist.

It doesn’t matter that Crist is a former conservative Republican who became an independent to run in 2010’s U. S. Senate race. Democrats are desperate.

Scott is extremely unpopular.  But the list of statewide Democratic candidates could be written on the head of a pin.  They have nobody. Zero. Nada.

Crist is known statewide and can win back his old seat.

The former governor is playing coy, but expect the pressure to increase on him.

A Crist candidacy would edge out Seiler and any other Democrat who wants to run for governor.  That includes 2010 losing candidate Alex Sink, who some believe is looking for a second shot.

Seiler could ride on a ticket which would include Crist. He could run for attorney general or agriculture commissioner.  My bet is that he waits.


The mayor if only 48.  He has plenty of time to run statewide.

Any scenario assumes Seiler wins re-election next year.  He will…easily!

No candidate has surfaced who can realistically challenge Seiler.

All this could change before 2014.

Seiler may not be able to resist the arm twisting by Democrats.  Democrats know that the Fort Lauderdale mayor is one of the only Democratic office holders with potential statewide appeal.

He’s a moderate and business-friendly.  And he is not Jewish or black.

Before the critical comments start, let me note that being a black or a Jew just makes it harder to get elected statewide.  When was the last time one won a Cabinet or U. S. senate seat?  Was it the Jewish U. S. Sen. Richard Stone, who won in 1974*?

Seiler will be on a statewide ballot someday. Just don’t expect to see him very soon.


(*Political maven Ron Gunzburger answered my question.  He remembered that Secretary of State George Firestone, last elected in 1986, is Jewish. Even Gunzburger forgot Gerald Lewis, the former Comptroller last elected in 1990.)


14 Responses to “Tallahassee Beckons Jack Seiler”

  1. Git R Done says:

    Seiler is a Great Guy, especially since he puts his Family first!!!
    That’s a real human being not a “politician”

  2. Jimmy Garfollo says:

    Jack Seiler is the best mayor we’ve ever had since I moved here. There was racist Cox and than racist Naugle. Seiler is a true public servant who brings us together. He deserves not just another 7 years. He deserves 70 years.

  3. Wranglr says:

    I moved here from my penthouse apartment on Central Park West to be closer to Jack. He makes everything better just by smiling.

  4. I See says:

    Everybody knows that you are Ahole’s puppet which is the reason you are singing Seiler’s praise. Ahole is Seiler’s “boy” and you are his “boy.”
    Seiler is mediocre. He does the bidding of Ahole who works for Judy Stern. Get back some credibility Buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. watcher says:

    @I see….huh???? a little “inside” knowledge is dangerous…Seiler is a solid guy who does what he thinks is right (including roughing it with his kids at camp when smart politics would have had him at other events) and certainly doesn’t do the bidding of those named by you

  6. Las Olas Lawyer says:

    I’ve seen a change since Jack Seiler took over. He has been a true leader through the rough patch in the economy. The last mayor was viewed as a detriment by drawing too much negative attention to our community due to some of his Ill-advised comments.

  7. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    since everyone else is throwing their two-cents in here’s mine. Mayor Seiler i think would be a great Att-General. I don’t agree with your timing Buddy.Gov.Scott is a one term Gov. What will he spend another 70 million of his own money? I think Jack could run for any of those Cabinet postions when Gov.goober is up for re-election. Like this Gov. is any threat to a seasoned poltician like Seiler. The only issue w/ his tenure as Mayor is w/ “his thriving law practice” and jungling Mayor(part time postion) there is no way w/ a 600 million budget plus over 2000 employess the job(mayor) is impossible to rule(govern) on a part time basis. Also the Charter needs to be changed the Mayor should call th eshots not just being one vote(as his collegues (Comm.Dubose)points out that he is only one vote on the Commission(very rude-seiler could eat you for breakfast). They call it a “strong Mayor”. Why should the City Manager run the show? The buck should stop w/ the Mayor, regardless of who it is me, Jack, Charlotte(people talk)whoever. its no secret i like mayor Seiler very much, & little old me(you’d be surprised) would help him out if he ever needed anything(he’s knows it). What I can not stand is some of these over zealous residents(Bo-Bo Justice in my opinion himself Earl Rynerson). Here is a guy that shoots his mouth off all the time, but comes up w/ no real answers. Has all the answers but no answers. And To State Att. Prosecutor Att. Tim Donnelly when are you going to arrest Mr.Rynerson? for his “ILLEGAL “campaign manevers during the last Mayor campaign. you cheated Earl. And I like jack Seilers “bull in a china closet” personna.

  8. Counting Chickens says:

    Seiler is behind a lot of bad things including the Bahia Mar, which would give a developer the city property for 100 years.
    Doesn’t anybody else except Art Seitz see this?

  9. Woody says:

    When Marco Rubio went from Dade County to Sate office his income went up. Check it out, he made around $80 K before, and after he took over the Florida House his income was over $400,000 a year. ( Maybe he just got lucky.)

  10. Smart Move says:

    Everybody seems to think Jack Seiler is the annointed one. There’s no question that he’s smart and for sure he’s a nice guy. But I haven’t seen anything all that special yet. If he has greatness in him he’s going to have to let some leak out before he goes big time. People want to see the goods before they put their money down.

  11. Oodles says:

    I like Mr. Seiler, but few pleasures in this earthly life surpass watching Notre Dame get pounded in a big game.

  12. Lots of smart moves says:

    He has never lost an election in almost 20 years of service. In that time he has never been accused of public corruption, dirty campaigning or anything else negative while serving. In the world of Broward Politics besides Lori Parrish, no one can boast this.

  13. Kirk says:

    Read why Jack Seiler sold out the city on Bahia Mar.


  14. Saturday Jones says:

    Jack is a smoothie. He is not to be trifled with though. He is a grizzled veteran and knows his politics. Not someone to mess with.