Talk Host Sues Congressional Candidate


Radio host Steve Kane says he learned his lesson—not all Republicans are honorable.

Kane filed suit in Broward County Court last  month alleging that Republican congressional candidate Edward J. Lynch has not paid his advertising bills.

Lynch, who lost a race last year to U. S. Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Boca Raton, owes about $2,000, according to the suit.

Lynch did not return two e-mails for comment.

Kane, a conservative broadcaster with a morning drive-time show on WWNN 1470 AM, says he only accepts advertising from Republican candidates.

He says he had a handshake deal with Lynch to broadcast the ads.

“I thought he was honorable, Kane says.

Kane says he will require money up front from political candidates in the future.

The ads couldn’t help Lynch in the overwhelming Democratic District 19.

Wexler won with 66.2 percent of the vote, while Lynch got 27.2 percent.  Independent Ben Graber, a former Broward County commissioner, received 6.6 percent .

7 Responses to “Talk Host Sues Congressional Candidate”

  1. Deby Weinstein says:

    This is not the only piece of litigation against the once Honorable Edward J. Lynch. It appears that the hospital district is the plaintiff in an action whereby Lynch failed to pay delinquent bills.

    I never liked Lynch and now care for him much less that he cannot pay his bills. How can he expect to represent us when he cannot even represent himself honorably?

  2. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    I’ve never seen a candidate get anything without paying up front, cards, signs, advertising, etc., whatever they purchase always at least has a half down deposit with the balance on delivery. That’s Steve’s fault for not getting the money up front.

  3. Marty Rubinstein says:

    Actually Beth, I’ve contracted for services in my campaigns and for the most part written checks after they were performed or at least in progress.

    But then I always created and adhered to budgets. Needless to say, I always paid off debts incurred during the campaigns.

    Steve should have taken a 50% deposit up front.

  4. Tyronne Steele says:

    Maybe Steve Kane was a little to trusting of this Lynch. Doesn’t mean he should not be paid for the advertising.

  5. Deby Weinstein says:

    Has anyone ever noticed that Marty attaches himself to every story? Everything has to be about Marty. Give up and get a life Marty.

  6. Deby Weinstein says:

    How honorable of Edward Lynch not to show up in court yesterday. It appears that Lynch does not care about his finances and took a default in the matter of Kane versus Lynch. This is an automatic loss and a black mark on his record. How will Lynch ever be able to run for public office again, I do not know.

  7. Radio Talk Host Steve Kane Wins Law Suit : says:

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