Suspended Broward Health Chair David Di Pietro Sues Gov. Rick Scott To Get Job Back




Embattled suspended Broward Health Chair David Di Pietro has sued Gov. Rick Scott to get his job back.

Di Pietro filed suit today in Broward Circuit Court alleging that the governor exceeded his power when he suspended him and another Broward Health Commissioner, Dwight Wright, on Friday.

“The suspension of Chair Di Pietro was unlawful and wrong, and not within the parameters of the Florida Constitution. Governor Scott lacked
authority to suspend Chair Di Pietro,”  the suit states.

Di Pietro has three lawyers — Bruce Green, Brian Silber and Jay Spechler.

Green’s website says he is an aviation lawyer.  Silber is a well-known criminal defense attorney, while Spechler is a former Broward judge.

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The complaint can be seen below:


Amended Complaint (03-22-2016)

9 Responses to “Suspended Broward Health Chair David Di Pietro Sues Gov. Rick Scott To Get Job Back”

  1. Great idea! says:

    Great idea David. Just like when Broward Health, under David’s leadership, wasted $12 + million of tax payer dollars suing the federal government so it could continue to excessively pay doctors.
    Here is some better advice. Tuck your tale between your legs and walk away.

  2. LW says:

    Look! More money for the lawyers! Hurray for them!

  3. anonymous says:

    why did Donna Lewis want Kevin fired. I don’t understand that. She is incompetent as anyone I have ever met. Yet she has the ego to ask that two members of the executive team be fired at her bequest. I am totally amazed by this

  4. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    It is a volunteer position. Suing to keep it gives the impression it was USED TO BENEFIT THE TWO PEOPLE IN QUESTION N NOT THE PUBLIC.

    Personally I think suing is crass low class and is going to open up more unpleasant things about Mr Di Petro than we need to know. A dumb move.

  5. How the mighty have fallen says:

    The once mighty Di Pietro who surrounded himself with such powerhouse lawyers as William Scherer and Tripp, Scott is now being represented by Dewey, Cheatem and Howe.

  6. Karl Rove says:

    There is no Chip LaMarca without David DiPietro. Much like Karl Rove, David was the brains behind Chip from making him BREC Chair then on to the County Commission. Chip made plenty of mistakes, it was David who was able to clean up the messes and keep Chip in office. Chip acts too much on emotion and is thin skinned. it was always David that could bring Chip back into line when he would get petty.

    By suing the Governor, David exposed his flank and as you can see not one major Republican in town has come out in support of him. What this means is when things get hot for Chip he can sell out DiPietro knowing he still remains In the good graces of the Governor and Republican establishment in Broward.

  7. Huey, Dewey, and Louie says:

    David and his attorneys are likely worried about a pending indictment. If he were my client the first thing I would recommend is this suit. Then when the charges are filed I could claim to the jury that it is in retaliation.
    Then again, I would never take him on as a client. Where are Bill and Eddie when he needs them?

  8. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Just read th e op ed in today’s paper (could they make it any more difficult to follow, I followed fine but i’m not your average resident(so I have been told). I mean wow. Mr.Rodriguez when they ask you a question for you to fumble, and then state i didn’t hear you I was shuffling papers(i know reorganizing files,papers, makes sooo much noise). Mr.Dipietro be ready for the judge to ask you”if you quit, said so long, would the gov’s office be warranted to suing you for leaving. Be careful this is a volunteer postion. However you have the power w/ the depo’s coming, catch anyone lying and he then can put you in jail(be careful). My take he wants revenge, getting even). Again be careful what you wish for because this was a volunteer postion.Lets go w/ th efacts so far. dipietro gets the ax. Connect the dots he pushin for Advertizing co. to get bid. Ad company is Comm>lamarca sister in law(no laws broken). zimmerman gets the bid(ad co). Lamarca from my understanding refinaces his home, some imply you strach my back, i’ll scratch yours. Imply that cause zimmerman got the contract ,pushe d by Dipierto not Lamarca) then in trn Zimmerman paid off his house-well show me. Some of you keep pushin for Comm>Lamarca’ finacial disclosure statements, you really think this will connect your dots. I mean come on. Even if Dipietro pushed for the ad co. so what. Lamarca hands ar e dirty bythe fact its his wife’ sister, so what, small world. Now if I am being duped then time will tell. as of now show me Lamarca’ hands are dirty. Chip is a good man, decent man, and he is our district comm, who was duped by some multi millionare nurse, Barbara Shariff, thats what I know. As far as David your trump is in your depos you send out.Have your lawyers catch them lying. although I don’t think you will get back on the board, you save face. i get it. Key here is the depo’s and what comes out. show cause hearing will also determine if you even have a case…..

  9. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    There is ABSOLUTELY NO BASIS for anyone familiar with Law or Trials to suppose A JUDGE IN A CASE WHERE AN APPOINTEE WAS SUING TO HAVE HIS OR HER REMOVAL BE REVERSED would ask the plaintiff if he or she thought if they resigned could the appointing office holder sue to reverse a resignation.
    Anyone who knows let alone has held appointed elected public offices once a resignation is accepted GAME OVER!
    A Judge any lawyer anyone with a basic knowledge of government KNOWS AN APPOINTING AUTHORITY CAN ONLY STOP A RESIGNATION BY REFUSING IT! No educated person let alone a Judge would ask Mr Di Petro if Governor Scott could sue him!