Surprise: Rightwing Radio Producer Chides Allen West

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When Allen West was elected to Congress, he promised to hold regular town hall meetings to keep in touch with his constituents. A smart move since Tea Party voters sent him and other Freshmen Republicans to Washington with the message that the Grand Old Party spent to much time in the Washington Beltway and had lost touch with the people back home.

The February 21st West town hall meeting in Pompano Beach sounded less like a town hall meeting of Tea Party voters expressing opinions on a out of control government and more like a mob of angry Islamaphobe’s.   Nezar Hamze, the South Florida Director of the Council for American Islamic Relations (C.A.I.R.), a regular at town hall meetings featuring Congressmen West, waited in line for his turn at the mic to ask questions of the Congressmen just as any other citizen.  What it turned into was a history lesson given by West on the violent history of Islam from its beginnings through the Fort Hood attack.

When Mr. Hamze accused Congressman West of attacking his religion, the Congressman responded, “You attacked us.

While C.A.I.R. has had some dubious members, to my knowledge I’m not aware that Mr. Hamze himself has taken part in any terrorist activities.

Is it appropriate for a sitting member of Congress to lay blame for the September 11th attacks and the  Fort Hood massacre on any Muslim-American who openly professes their faith to him?

What was even more disturbing was the behavior of many of those in attendance to the town hall.  The crowd can be heard in the background telling Mr. Hamze to ,“sit down“, and “we’re not interested,  when the Congressman told him, “You attacked us!, the crowd cheered on the anti-Islamic rhetoric.

Many of the conservative news sites including Glenn Beck’s The reported the confrontation and describe Hamze as “the  Koran-wielding Executive Director of the Council for American Islamic Relations.  For anyone who watches the video of the exchange it is obvious that not only is Hamze being polite and not wielding anything, but that it is the crowd of West supporters and the Congressman himself who are on the attack.

The Tea Party members showed their detractors on the Left that they do have some hate and bigotry in their ranks.  Congressman West should have calmed the crowd down and not incited them.  As a supporter of Allen West,  I hope that he will not allow his town hall meetings to be turned into anti-Islamic hate fests, but rather a chance for all his constituents to able to speak on the issues without fear of being attacked by an angry mob.

(Brian Craig is the producer on The Steve Kane Show,  heard on 1470 a.m. from 6 to 9 a.m. Monday through Friday.)

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  1. Las Olas Law says:

    Brian Craig shouldn’t be surprised at Allen West’s intolerance. He was very open about his hate for anybody who did not fit into his view of America before the election. If you hate an entire body of people, why should you let them have a say at a meeting? West’s town hall meetings are only for certain people who have views like him.
    Steve Kane, who I disagree with, at least allows contrasting points of view on the radio. West is unable to put up with contrasting views at all. Is that America, Mr. West?

  2. BewareWhatYouWishFor says:

    What Allen West said and how some of his supporters acted is no surprise whatsoever, unfortunately. The anti-Muslim bigotry is shameful and un-American. I think religion (Christian, Muslim, etc.) is a bunch of nonsense, but in the USA, our government officials are charged to defend our freedsoms, including freedom of (and from) religion.

  3. cal says:

    Mr. Craig says, “I’m not aware that Mr. Hamze himself has taken part in any terrorist activities.”

    Hamze joined CAIR with full knowledge of the evidence presented by the FBI and others exposing CAIR’s origins with the IAP, HAMAS, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Hamze is a willing participant and officer in a group that “has been identified by the government at trial as a participant in an ongoing and ultimately unlawful conspiracy to support a designated terrorist organization, a conspiracy from which CAIR never withdrew”

    Hamze came to that meeting to posture, and West took cut an frothing Islamofascist (Hamze) down to size.

    There is nothing “anti-Islamic” about that.

  4. James P. McGarvey says:

    I agree with Brian Craig regarding the hostile crowd. There is no excuse for disrespectful behavior in a public forum such as that. However, Mr. Hamze was wrong in his response. According to the theory of abrogation, the parts of the Koran written later override those parts written earlier. Listen to some of the “later” parts of the Koran and see if Congressman West’s assertions are not right. “Sura 9, verse 5,says, “Fight and slay the unbelievers wherever ye find them in every stratagem of war. But if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practrice regular charity, then open the way for them…” Sura 9, verse 29, says, “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allan and His Apostle, nor acknowledge the religion of truth, even if they are of the 40 people of the Book, until they pay the jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” Sura 5,51, says, “Oh ye who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors; they are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them for friendship is of them. Verily Allah guideth not the unjust.”
    The doctrine of taaqiyya is found in Sura 3, verse 28. It “…holds that Muslims should not be friends with the infidel except as deception, always with the end goal of converting, subduing or destroying him. (Brian T. Kennedy) Judge for yourself the intentions of those who actually know and follow the Koran.

  5. Bible Quotes says:

    Mr. McGarvey uses the Koren to justify his position that Islam is a terrorist religion.
    I could use the Bible to “prove” that Christianity is anti-women, anti-black and anti-Jewish. Segregationists used various passages in the Bible to justify segregation.
    I assume that Mr. McGarvey has never read the Koren. He just quotes selective passages to “prove” his theory.

  6. ExCompassionate Conservative says:

    Get the F out of here Brian. I listen to your show every morning on my way to work when I have time. You have spit on Islam with the same saliva that is used against Gays and minorities and non Christians who will be going to hell in your crazy world.

    Just admit that you and Steve are pretty upset that West has used radio host Joyce Kaufman to get votes instead of you. Maybe you are still smarting over that other conservative winner you backed that stiffed Steve for thousands in radio ads not paid for.

    Every day you spend in heat against Obama and have an endless array of snide comments against Gays and Blacks. I would hear you talk about Blacks whining against the police for years until you rode lawlessly through MY hood of Parkland and our fine law enforcement in green pulled your sorry gangster speed limit ignoring sorry ass over.

    How may times have you insulted Spanish speaking people?

    How many times did you kiss the feet of the anti Muslim Preacher in Deerfield and describe him as a real Christian Brian?

    “Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.”

    “As I have seen, those who plow iniquity
    and sow trouble reap the same.”

    Has anyone besides me and 5 other listeners heard your rant against the parents of children with Autism as whiners and mentally problemed? Even Steve was set back at this.

    I have always found that the most vile anti gays vocalists usually have something to hide about their past Brian. I do not recall Jesus in my lessons telling me that I have to hate others. I do recall that how I treat the defenseless , the poor and sick will be part of my judgement.

  7. James P. McGarvey says:

    Bible Quotes: Islam is not first and foremost a religion but an ideology whose stated goal is world domination by force if necessary. That is clearly stated in the Koran and evidenced by history. That is not to say that every Muslim is a terrorist or sympathetic with terrorism. Yes, many have misused the Bible to advance their prejudices, but your pejorative attack upon the Bible is unwarranted without further explanation. One thing those of us who believe the Bible acknowledge, is that we are imperfect human beings (the Bible refers to us as sinners) who have fallen short of God’s law and are in need of His forgiveness provided to us through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and received by faith. I am one of those in need of His forgiveness. That is what gives me personal hope and hope for the world.

  8. Joe Kaufman says:

    I’m really surprised at Brian for this.

    Nezar Hamze is not just another Muslim. He is a leader for CAIR, a group that the U.S. Justice Department states has ties to Hamas and Hamas financing.

    So when Congressman West said “You attacked us,” he was saying that to a leader of CAIR, and given CAIR’s many terrorist connections, it would seem appropriate.

    Indeed, Brian and Steve Kane have had me on their show numerous times to expose CAIR. Brian was right there on Kane’s show, when the former Executive Director of CAIR-South Florida, Altaf Ali, derided me for being Jewish.

    It doesn’t make sense that Brian would write something like this, and I must say I’m disappointed.

  9. Broward Politico says:

    Buddy –

    You’re guest columnist’s article and the comments that follow make for a good healthy discussion.
    I will note one thing, not directed at any particular religion, history is full of the evils done in the name of organized religions.

  10. Extremist Kaufman says:

    Joe Kaufman is an extremist who is as bad as any Islamic. When he condemns Israeli violence against Palestinians by people such as Baruch Goldstein or the statements of fanatic Avigdor Lieberman, he will have more credibility.Every country in the world, except the US and Israel, believe Israel is illegally occupying the West Bank. They are all wrong and Kaufman and his ilk are right. Ha.

  11. CAIR A Civil Rights Group says:

    This is directly from CAIR’s website and is a direct quote:

    “Our moral position is clear. We unequivocally condemn terrorism. Any group that hurts civilians deserves condemnation. As recently as January, 2009, CAIR’s vigorous condemnation of violence committed in the name of Islam was acknowledged by the United States Institute of Peace in its report “Islamic Peacemaking Since 9/11.”
    We are proud of our principled advocacy for just and peaceful resolutions to conflicts even when that advocacy requires stances that are not viewed as politically correct.
    In truth, however, condemnations alone do not solve problems. That is why CAIR’s moral position, which is prompted by the basic Islamic principle that no one has the right to take innocent life, is backed by action. CAIR has its sent staff to Baghdad to appeal for the release of a kidnapped American journalist; produced anti-terror public service announcements in English, Arabic and Urdu; coordinated an Islamic anti-terror religious ruling (fatwa); raised money for rebuilding churches in the wake of Middle East violence and called on Islamic religious leaders to deliver anti-terror messages in their sermons.
    CAIR has condemned specific terrorist actions against Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Americans, Spaniards, Turks, Israelis, Saudis, Russians, Egyptians, Jordanians, Iraqis, British, and so on.
    CAIR has condemned specific terrorist groups by name. On 3/11/2009, the 5th anniversary of the tragic Madrid attacks, CAIR issued a statement saying, “We unequivocally condemn all acts of terrorism, whether carried out by al-Qa’ida, the Real IRA, FARC, Hamas, ETA, or any other group designated by the U.S. Department of State as a ‘Foreign Terrorist Organization.’”

    Anybody who says different, including Mr. Kaufman, is a liar

  12. Rosine Ghawji says:

    Brian Craig…. needs to find another job… Time is the essence in the fight of Radical Islam . This country is going to its downfall at a very high speed ….. on the international level the USA lost its power and prestige. and the medias here are doing their best to hide the truth from the people…. Wake up America your enemy is not overseas . your enemy is inside your own country,…

  13. Karen in Parkland says:

    I agree that town halls are a place where every voice should be heard and not shot down. Whether you agree with someone or not, this is America and we all have a right to express opinions without fear or intimidation. It is hypocritical of the “Tea Party” to say they do not like big government and then you have an elected government official bullying people who are just speaking their minds. This crowd acted like a bunch of union thugs. The very thing they speak against.

  14. patriot reporting says:

    That’s funny —–> CAIR A Civil Rights Group says:

    C.A.I.R’s representatives act in a very Un American way in two videos on Youtube of Florida’s C.A.I.R’s Ali Altafi and Ft Lauderdale’s local Imam.

    Video of a Citizen Journalist Asking your C.A.I.R organizations Ali Altafi a question. Look how Ali treats citizens who ask questions compared to local media.


    Local Imam interview.

  15. Elaine Laffey says:

    Islam is a religious/political/military system. Why do Muslims publicly deny their intolerance? Because their “prophet” declares they are allowed to lie. Considering that Islam defines the entire non-Muslim world as “house of war”, for a Muslim it is acceptable to always lie and deceive non-Muslims. CAIR, and the people it represents, simply cannot be trusted!

  16. John says:

    Craig’s ignorance is showing!

  17. Oodles says:

    CAIR is the smiling mask worn by Wahhabi Islam.

  18. Fishymish says:

    When did expressing opinion turn into “hate and bigotry?” A chorus of “boo’s” is attack by an angry mob? I was at the meeting, and I’m delighted the electorate is FINALLY waking up, motivated, passionate and will vote out the P.C weenies, RINOS and Libs who have ruined this country.

  19. Duke says:

    The turnout for the 2012 election will be huge, just like it was in 2008. Alan West will be gone. Only reason he got elected in the first place was because of low voter turnout among dems and independents and the countless hours of free advertising Joyce Kaufman gave him. Next election, he’s done.

  20. Claudia Dunne says:

    You are off on the wrong point. That gentleman from CAIR has shown up at other Congressman West Town Hall meetings. He does not stand before the Congressman with any issues that are of concern to the rest of the District 22 constitutents. He wastes the Congressman’s time. People are there with real problems like home foreclosure, VA benefits, Medicare cases, and other topics of real concern. So please don’t support the distracting man from CAIR, and And to quote yourself I hope Congressman West’s Town Hall meetings are “a chance for all his constituents to able to speak on the issues…”. And you must mean REAL ISSUES.


    Thanks for participating. This is a very good point about other issues of concern to the residents of West’s district.

  21. furtive says:

    do as i say, not as i do! not unlike madame obama consuming fatty foods, brian is the epitome of hypocrisy,- perhaps the most INTOLERANT PERSON ON RADIO.
    West has been there on the battleield of hate; would Brian ever expose himself to russian roulette? doubtful.
    CAIR (Muslim Brotherhood) has infiltrated the US GOVERNMENT.
    Brian., listen to 1040AM Saturdays 2-4:00 p.m. get up to date, & oh, kill ’em with kindness…

  22. Floridan says:

    Did we used to be this nutty?

  23. GOPapa says:

    The point Brian Craig seems to be making is that democracy requires us to listen to even people who we hate.They shouldn’t be shouted down. They should be debated.

  24. Warren Meddoff says:

    I live in District 22 an know that we have far more important issues to be discussed than CAIR. I thank Congressman West for his past militray service. But, he is now serving as my Congressman and I want to know what he is doing about our out of control national debt, health care issues, and out of control federal spending. I am looking at the issues not the distractions. I appreciate that the head of the local “tea party” people, Karen in Parkland has the view point that she stated here.

  25. Rupert says:

    The real “surprise” is that we learn that Brian Craig can actually complete a sentence without trashing Michelle Obama. What a pleasant surprise.

  26. Marion says:

    Time to wise up…You want us to be polite? Have you heard of TAQQIA?

    Omar M. Ahmad, chairman of the board of the Council on American-Islamic relations
    “If you choose to live here (in America) … you have a responsibility to deliver the message of Islam,” he said.

    Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant, he said. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth, he said.
    Since 9/11, no fewer than 15 CAIR executives and board members have been convicted or implicated in terror probes, including CAIR’s founding chairman and acting executive director

    Saudi-funded CAIR has been identified by federal prosecutors as a front for Hamas and its parent the Muslim Brotherhood. Prosecutors say CAIR conspired in a multimillion-dollar scheme to underwrite Hamas terrorists, who have murdered 17 Americans and injured more than 100 U.S. citize