Supremes To Consider Levey/Cohen



The case to keep Mardi Anne Levey/Cohen off the November ballot will go to the Florida Supreme Court early this week, says a spokesman for lawyer Bill Scherer.

Scherer is the Broward legal heavyweight who filed the lawsuit and lost it in the Fourth District Court of Appeal last week. 

Scherer will ask the Supreme Court to reverse the appeal court justices, says Kevin Boyd, a public relations executive who represents the Scherer law firm.

Scherer could not be reached for comment.  

The suit notes that Levey’s Bar license, driver’s license and law practice use her married name Cohen.  It  stated that since there is no lawyer named Levey in Florida, she was ineligible to be a judge.

The appeals justices ruled that Scherer, who represents the third place loser Judge Pedro Dijols, should have filed the suit before the election.

As a member of the Judicial Nominating Commission, Scherer was instrumental in getting Dijols named to the bench. 

Levey/Cohen waited until five minutes before the deadline to file her candidacy.  Scherer believes Levey/Cohen did this to head off the possibility that a candidate would file against her husband, Judge Dale Cohen, in revenge for her opposing an incumbent judge, Dijols.

Levey’s pathetic response to the suit in the Miami Herald: “(Dijols) filed an offensive, sexist lawsuit to get me off the ballot.”

Ms. Levey/Cohen, this suit has nothing to do with sexism.  It has everything to do with your overriding ambition to be judge. You will do anything –including change your name– to be a judge.

Of course, if Scherer loses the suit and the public is dumb enough to elect Levey, the Levey/Cohen family would be double-dipping at the public trough.  Two judges, one family.
Helping Scherer in his lawsuit is Nova Southeastern Law School professor Bruce Rogow.


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