Supporters Of Defeated Hispanic Judge Can Get Revenge






Former supporters of County Judge Julio Gonzalez Jr. , who lost his seat in the 2008 election, can get revenge.

Plantation lawyer Mark William Rickard is asking Gonzalez’s contributors for help in defeating County Judge Ellen Feld, who beat Gonzalez.

A letter from Rickard to those who gave money to Gonzalez’s 2008 campaign asks for contributions.

The letter is a smart move.

It should shore up Rickard’s support among Hispanics, reminding them of how Feld got on the bench.

Many felt that Feld only picked Gonzalez to run against because of his Hispanic name.

Feld won’t be easy to beat.

She defeated Gonzalez with 61 percent of the vote in 2008,  has head start on collecting contributions and is a woman running against a man — usually an advantage in a Broward County judicial race.

Rickard’s campaign has raised no money to date, but he kicked in $10,000 of his own.  Feld has raised $29, 065 and loaned her campaign $15,000.

Click to enlarge the letter below:

Mark William Rickard for Judge


18 Responses to “Supporters Of Defeated Hispanic Judge Can Get Revenge”

  1. Many lawyers says:

    Ellen Feld is not a popular judge. She has a horrible judicial demeanor and is never prepared. I don’t know anything about the lawyer running against her, but know he could only be better than what Feld represents.

  2. count lf chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    Doesn’t anyone care about qualifications in judicial races or is money n ethnic politics the only things people care about?

  3. Remember it well says:

    In 2008, Judges Dijoles and Avalos each lost by very slim margins under 2 points maybe even under 1 point.

    Julio lost the same year 61-39. Sorry there was more to Julio’s loss than just being Hispanic. The people didnt like him then like they didnt like him in 2012.

    If I was Judge Feld I would be laughing so hard at this letter. Using a guy who just lost again last cycle as a rallying cry? Duh

    More amusing, it appears no one from the campaign was willing to sign the letter. Good move.

  4. qualify squalify says:

    If we cared about qualifications then judges would be appointed not elected. If you have to raise money to win an election its a no brainer that it will be political. This name game is just another way for scumbags and scoundrels to get in. The public is generally clueless and votes on their own personal prejudice and that’s why it works.

  5. East Side Cosa Nostra says:

    Threatening to screw with Judge Merrigan, a great County Court Judge who is a high decorated Iraqui Freedom war vet who saw combat, over the possible loss of a County Commission Seat? Classy.

  6. Ciar to have my vote says:

    Judge Julio Gonzalez Jr, the best judge money could buy at RRA, Scott Rothstein’s party boy judge, When he was employed at RRA name one case he handled……. ? NONE

  7. Just the Facts says:

    The reason Ellen Feld beat Julio Gonzalez 61 to 39 probably had something to do with the fact that the name Feld and her reputation were known in this community for over 25 years as both she and her husband practiced law here, unlike her opponent who was virtually new.
    What I havent’t told you is that I $upported Julio in 2008. Julio seemed to be a good judge but as it turns out had poor judgment when he went to RRA and didn’t leave before the ship sank, like other good attorneys did as soon as they smelled something. I think the public weighed in on that in 2012 when he lost again. I have been before Judge Feld on s few civil matters. I found her to be pleasant, prepared, prompt and patient. What more can you ask for in a judge? I had to laugh when I received her opponent’s letter. Hey guy, it may be the year of the horse, but by your deciding to oppose a good Judge like Ellen Feld, for you it is clearly the year of the horse’s ass.

  8. modeengunch says:

    So who do you believe, #1 or #7? Can’t both be right.

  9. janey says:

    Believe # 7. Ellen Feld is a popular judge who is well liked in the Plantation Court House.

  10. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:


    The fact is Ellen Feld ran several times and lost before being elected. She’s doing a fine job as judge and absolutely deserves to be re-elected.

    The fact is being a lawyer is tough so more folks are running for judge just because the pay is steady. Sorry but if that’s your reason, it is not good enough to earn my vote. You don’t run against any incumbent unless you can say “I can do a better job in these very specific ways.”

    Everybody knew Feld was qualified then and they know for sure she’s qualified now. It often takes more than one run to make it as judge or anything else sometimes.

    Similarly, Julio Gonzalez will eventually be a judge again because he is a high quality human being and people are getting to know that. He has come close to winning before. By all accounts he was an outstanding judge, as was Catalina Avalos and Pedro Dijols. They were appointed to fill vacancies and here’s the thing about that.

    When you’re appointed, no matter how great a job you do on the bench, to get elected you must have your name known in the community. Voters don’t keep tabs with who is considered a good judge. They have no way at all to measure which of their judges is good or not.

    With all the hard work of being a judge, keeping your name recognition high is hard work. Yet I believe that’s why the three Hispanic judges did not win. We had a number of other Hispanic judges, both before and after, who get elected and re-elected.

    I’m not saying that folks don’t pull their own way when they vote, that’s also true. But these three very qualified folks would have profited greatly from added name recognition in their races. I had trouble believing then it was some anti-Hispanic thing in the main and I still believe that now.

    Lots of Hispanics — including me — have won and lost elections in this community both before and after the event with the three judges. So if it was an anti-Hispanic thing, you’d imagine some spill over and there’s no evidence of that whatsoever.

    In all modesty, no Broward elected official knows our Hispanic community better than me and I do not hear this anger out there about the three judges.

    The problem with Hispanics in Broward is we don’t vote in greater numbers. Focusing on that should keep us plenty busy.

    I’ve said this many times, Hispanics are indeed wonderful and great people, we love to lead and argue for better, we work hard, we have earned the right to complain. But on election day we need to vote in greater numbers.

    You don’t see Whites, Jews, Blacks or Caribbeans staying home on election day. That’s a good example for Hispanics to look to. Now, the good news is word is catching on. Young Hispanics are the key. They are helping to drive the Hispanic vote out in greater numbers, as well they should.

    Enough with the three judges thing.


  11. one or seven says:

    Just ask lawyers that appear before her…Feld is terrible, although her hudband seems to be a pretty good guy. Unfortunately, he’s not the one on the bench.

  12. BBB says:


    Pedro was outstanding? Seriously??

  13. yawn says:

    about the same time when the opinions of the lawyers in the courthouse impact who gets elected Judge there will be a summer snow storm in Broward County

  14. Abolish the BOCC says:

    Angelo, go away. You are already ripping off the taxpayers for the tune of $500K a year. Just shut up already.

  15. 1 & 11 is the opponent says:

    It’s clear that the author of 1 & 11 is the same person, most likely her opponent…

  16. Public Records Request says:

    Once again who cares what you think Angelo. You and your unethical Sheriff will be washing cars soon. You getting fired from Broward a House and sheriff being found guilty of ethics law violations. You deserve each other’s, but what you obviously don’t know is there is a massive move behind the scenes to get rid of the sheriff, you and Gunzberger.

    The most important question is Buddy is if was Angelo’s post was entered from his BSO computer or his county phone paid with a tax payer phone stipend ??? While on duty. I’m sure it was because him and the sheriff can care less about ethics.


    There is no evidence I’ve seen that Angelo Castillo got fired from Broward House.

    Also, I have not seen or heard of any “massive move behind the scenes” to get rid of Sheriff Scott Israel.

  17. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:


    Added note: I didn’t want to leave the impression that it’s impossible for judges to keep their name recognition high among voters.

    It simply takes effort.

    Giselle Pollock is a great example but among others. Judge Pollock’s super strong voter popularity isn’t an accident. She earns it through her constant, demonstrated interested in and visibility in the community.

    She attends many more events and stays in contact with many more community leaders and voters than the average judge. She is rewarded for her caring and visibility in the form of voter loyalty. They know she’s a judge, but to voters she’s Giselle first.

    When they think of you on a first name basis, you’ve arrived.

    She doesn’t take being an elected official for granted. And most importantly she isn’t only seen in the community during an election cycle.

    Some may think that Judge Pollock is vulnerable. Silly fool, think again.

    Judge Pollock has a mountain of voter support all of it earned by being a good judge, and an even better elected official, but mostly because voters know her personally. They’ve seen her and shaken her hand, they’ve chatted with her in person. That’s what makes her unbeatable.

    She likes people. Imagine that?

    Many judges don’t put the time into what it takes to be a good elected officials, even if they are great judges. Any wonder why so many are challenged or feel vulnerable as they approach election day?



  18. Enough says:

    Silly me I would think being blasted on the bench would be the markings someone who took their status for granted.

    Ask Joyce Julian if being known as a boozer in the bench can hurt you at the polls. Say what you want about Joyce but no one ever caught her wasted on the bench.