Finally…Superintendent Runcie’s Comment On Moving Out of HQ Bldg


Better late than never.

School Superintendent Robert Runcie has finally commented to about the proposal to move the headquarters of the system out of downtown Fort Lauderdale. reported exclusively two days ago that talks were underway to move the HQ to Cypress Creek.

Runcie today responded to an earlier call or e-mail.

Here is his response by e-mail through his spokesperson Tracy Clark:

A few months ago, the District was approached with the opportunity to explore the possibility of moving Central Administration out of the KC Wright facility. The potential of this move would allow for the consolidation of administrative staff to one location and elimination of some current leases.

Staff has had a couple of meetings to explore this type of situation and discuss what this could entail. These conversations are still in progress.

Once the details have been gathered, the Superintendent would then approach the Board (at a Board Workshop) for discussion and review to see if this type of endeavor would be feasible; this would be the forum for public discussion.

Superintendent Runcie has mentioned this opportunity to several individuals but until the details are fully explored and vetted, a formal discussion has not occurred.



15 Responses to “Finally…Superintendent Runcie’s Comment On Moving Out of HQ Bldg”

  1. Tamarac Talk says:

    I for one welcome the move. In fact, I welcome the move to Cypress Creek.

    Has nothing to do with being closer to Tamarac….nosiree! 😉

  2. Panda Bear says:

    It’s apparent Runcie needs me whispering to him. With over 33% of public school students leaving Broward Public Schools for Charter Schools, it’s crazy to keep paying leases on bldgs. All he’s got to get the Board to agree on is consolidating some schools and he could easily have 3-4 empty school bldgs. to himself…..for free!!! DUH!!!! While he’s at it, he can shrink the departments at KC by consolidating there too and get rid of some 6-figure salary staff that just sit there chitchatting on the phone all day or going to “meetings” while their secretaries do the work for them. I’ve been saying it for lonnnnng years.


    I guess your idea is the same as mine: Move the administration into empty schools. That way there is no lease payments.

  3. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Move the admin in schools… Good idea… That puts them one step closer to being in timeout and/or detention.

    FROM BUDDY: And let’s make them eat the cafateria food.

  4. s only says:

    Definitely move Admin into EXISTING under- enrolled schools. H E L L O…that way they can actually SEE what educating students is all about. And they still pay no rent.

    The extra adults around schools will also keep behavior problems at bay. This is a no brainer, but the board will have to develop cajones to get this done and what are the chances that will happen?

  5. Amazing Karnack says:

    Karnack says move to existing empty facilities? Karnack says you don’t get it do you. Karnack says the waterboarders have already discussed this many times. Karnack says their head facilitator in charge of facilities, tommy tugboat has already told them what they told him to say. Karnack says they claim it cost to much. Karnack says Kaa Kaa. Karnack says who would get paid using existing facilities. Karnack says no lobbyist to get paid, no deal. Karnack says stay tuned on Run DMC. Karnack says public report card on this guy not looking good. Karnack says inside report card looks worse. Karnack says look around same old failures in place. Karnack says train still circling for the stragglers. Karnack says the train goes clickity clack, clickity clack, clickity clack.

  6. Andrew Ladanowski says:

    Buddy everyone agrees with you on this, move the administration to empty schools and stop leasing buildings.

  7. Taxpayer says:

    Who are the bigwigs at KC Wright that live in north end of county? less of a commute?

    I agree that school property will serve their consolidated, reduced size office needs just fine

  8. don't have a cowan says:

    Google Neil Sterling and Bank Atlantic and you will see he has been on the board of BFC since 2003.

  9. Becky Blackwood says:

    The present Building Department was moved into Rock Island Annex in the early 2000s. The only costs to modify 4 kindergarten classrooms was to provide an ADA bathroom for one of the disabled inspectors and a parking space. Other than that, just plain office partitions were used to divide spaces. The office wasn’t even cleaned before we moved in. It still remains an open office space with one storage closet being used as an office. Initially, one of the spaces in the complex was used for a conference room. Then a portable was added near the office to provide for their own conference room for staff meetings and meetings regarding projects. This space is also used as an office. The first office they had was a trailer which housed 13 inspectors. They’ve been there for 10 years. If it was good enough for one of the District’s departments, why couldn’t a vacant school be used? After all, according to recent reports, the District is spending more than $10 million dollars a year to lease space. I think there are quite a few portables not being used, too, which are just sitting and not being used or sold.

  10. Just Beachy says:

    The public needs to demand it! Loudly, clearly and in many, many ways, very often till it is in place and monitored over time. Without meaningful Consequences, no change!

  11. Just Beachy says:

    Good to know Karmack is still on track!

  12. Smart Move 2 says:

    Yea Lets go putting people in empty buildings with out analyzing the infrastructure.

    Lease this property to the Charter schools (100 + and growing).

    KCW est.value 50 Mil. 130k sq ft
    CC complex est.value 25 Mil. 189k sq ft

  13. taxpayer says:

    BankAtlantic was granted a FLL Board of Adjustment waiver for parking (seriously short on parking based on total sq.ft) that is NOT portable for the next user, tenant, owner. But those FLL cc people can be paid off or bought. The taxpayers of broward have had it with being had – by the county, constitutional officers, local municipalities and school board, so Thanks to Buddy and his reporting, there ain’t no hiding this now.

    As to smart move 2 and comment –
    stop trying to analyze structure because had SBBC Facilities staff, and we can let them remain nameless but we have the names, none of them at every level could analyze a structure – new or existing, and the drawings for the renovations and additions, as to whether they were code compliant. Ex. non-sprinklered addition when the entire structure, existing and addition, were required to be sprinklered in order to be current code compliant since old grandfathered structure was “being updated”. A/E’s, contractors, inspectors, facilities management staff can all be named if you would like. Both Greenbarg and Blackwood know what I am taking about as they spoke up on this stuff for years, and were ignored.
    I suggest Runcie explore other options for the “main offices”. Or stay put.

  14. Dad95 says:

    OR maybe dislodge those SPECIAL kids who are at a SPECIAL under enrolled school for our offices..Hey it has a McDonalds and the Georgia Pig right down the street..We can bus THOSE kids to Pompano o Miramar,,,no worries.BTW thank you for installing a cover for the basketball court for the local community now there is no more school there..At least youll have pretty plants there too..SMH!!!!

  15. just wondering says:

    BankAtlantic building on cypress creek is still for sale. is bcs buying it?
    the sawgrass office park that bcs is giving up lease at just sold by Stiles at big discount
    wonder if new owenr knows bcs is moving out?