Superintendent: No Principals Will Be Fired



Attempting to put an end to the speculation about a pending blood letting of principals, Broward School Superintendent Robert Runcie told the School Board Monday that no one was being fired or disciplined.

Runcie said “about a dozen” principals would be transferred from schools they now lead.

“No one is terminated. There is no disciplinary action…We move principals from school to school,” Runcie said.

He called the transfers “routine” and said they were done every year at some schools.

Runcie appeared to blame  the speculation and media frenzy on supporters of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High’s principal Washington Collado, who is apparently one of those being transferred.

Collado’s allies held a demonstration last week outside the school and today spoke at the School Board meeting.

Their views that a handful of politically plugged-in parents pressured Runcie to transfer Collado has been magnified by the media, according to the superintendent.

Runcie called that speculation “absolutely preposterous. That is absolutely not the case.”

An earlier post on Collado is here.

28 Responses to “Superintendent: No Principals Will Be Fired”

  1. Steve Smit says:


  2. Tennis says:

    Runcie and the Broward County School are firm of what they are responsible for doing.

    It is amazing parents who continue to vent of past issues are not realizing the changing world we live in.

    Their continued up-roar and defiant behavior is, disturbing at best, wondering if the disgruntled parents that is being mentioned; is in fact themselves and not the four the proclaim.

    I do believe High School students have no interest in who the principal is, moreover, they are more interested in achieving their own goals. Not the goals of their parents!

  3. Questions says:

    If an employee can’t do the job, they should be dismissed. It is troubling that no one is ever dismissed in the public schools, including principals who can’t cut it.

  4. Broad man says:

  5. Damage Control And Spin says:

    Runcie said “about a dozen” principals would be transferred from schools they now lead.“No one is terminated. There is no disciplinary action…We move principals from school to school,” Runcie said.He called the transfers “routine” and said they were done every year at some schools.

    Really? Placating us? Guess those contracts prohibit firings, dismissals and resignations.

    Two words people –

  6. Violet says:

    The tide has turned. Teachers have been transfered from school to school, from one grade level to another grade level, had to move there belongs from room to room and a host of other changes. The general public has no idea what goes on behind closed doors. Sometimes these changes happen after school has started. Now they are being evaluated. Great. Somebody finally read those yearly surveys. I think they felt once they make it they are there till they retire. They are “at will” employees. And it is Mr. Runcie’s will that they play a little musical chairs. Business is business and friends are friends. Interesting!

  7. Fire Bad Principals says:

    I almost lost my breakfast after reading again about principal union leader Lisa Maxwell who wants us to believe every principal is above reproach and deserves a lifetime job. Wake up and smell the coffee. The public is sick of featherbedding by incompetent public workers like principals. Most public workers work hard, while some don’t and must be eliminated. Runcie said a dozen principals being “transferred” instead of being fired. Runcie needs to fire them instead.

  8. whenitrainsitpours says:

    You know, in the real world (private sector) if a principal bans a parent from a school with no due process; then the school board feigns an investigation twice; and then the school board proceeds to defend its outrageous conduct at with our tax dollars (which is a waste that I cannot stand and would love an accounting from the legal department as to resources, time and money spent on this ridiculous effort to hunker down and protect their own), the principal (or private sector CEO) would have been FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quit second guessing the superintendent- he has task of ensuring that the school district is heading in the right direcrtion and take whatever steps he needs to take to make it happen

    Good job Runcie

    Id like to see any of these critics walk in your shoes for just ONE friggin day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Pass the Trash says:

    I thought the days were long behind us when superintendents “got rid of” bad princpals by assigning them to schools where the parents are less involved, and thus less vocal.

    If Washington Collado is not fit to lead Douglas, why would he be any better, anywhere else?

    Years ago, principals with lots of complaints at one school were passed on to another school, with the thinking that the parents at the second school would not be sophisticated enough to complain. This worked for awhile, until eventually, things caught up with them.

    Follow the career of one principal who failed to deal with the cheerleading coach currently at Douglas when she was at her former school and you’ll see what I mean…

  10. Jeanne says:

    Mr. Collado is fit to lead Stonemen Douglas. A recent news organization pulled his records and could not find a reason he would be fired or demoted except politics. He was a fine principal at Lyons Creek Middle School and I think we would make a great principal at Coconut Creek High School where he can increase the achievement rate there like he did for LCMS and MSDHS. Data points to his competency. Anecdotal stories are often exaggerated for effect.

  11. Transparent says:

    It was embarrassing to the school the way the parents talked to Mr Runcie at the school board meeting almost threatening , they were even worse to their district member .
    He took it again the next day at the school keeping his elegant composure and graceful smile . He did get out a ” we should conduct ourselves in a manor to lead our children . That was his version of “you discussing parents with no class , where were you brought up ”
    You can always tell who has class and who pretends when they are put in a situation .
    Now we all know .

  12. Local Mormon says:

    I guess when one cant sell herbalife they move on selling out their religion then onto being a schoolboard critic.

  13. Cougar Ed says:

    Jeanne – How do you speak for the Coconut Creek community? That is what we elected Nora to do. Barbara Barrs is what made that school great NOT Mr Collado.
    As far as him coming into my zone

  14. Jeanne says:

    I am offering my opinion based on observations. My observations:

    My observations of LCMS were both with Mrs. Barrs and Mr. Collado. The kids were out of control when Mrs. Barrs left. Mr. Collado came into LCMS and got the school under control. He did this by winning the students over. My children were in the school at the time and I was there frequently as a member and then predient of the PTSA.

  15. Jeanne says:

    Local mormom: if you are speaking to me and you know me. Have the courage to identify yourself and say what you have to say in the open. Or do what some of my so called friends in the mormon community did, unfriend me on facebook.
    Oh wait, another priesthood holder attempting to spread lies about a woman who doesn’t tow the conservative party line in the mormon church. Can you say unrighteous dominion.

  16. Jeanne says:

    Of course attacking some one who respectfully disagrees is such a classy thing to do.

  17. Jeanne says:

    My point about Washington Collado is this. LCMS was an academically high achieving school who had a bad reputation in parts of the coconut creek community. It was rehabilitated by Mr. Collado. He has always had an open door policy and freely talks to parents. That was my observation and personal experience as an active parent at LCMS while my children attend the school.

    I do beleive Mr. Collado could do well at Coconut Creek High School. They certainly can’t get any worse than what is happening there now.

    Nora Rupert, a friend of mine, ( ironically) does well to represent District 7. However, anyone in the community may share their experiences. I am sharing mine.

  18. I Don't Dream Of Jeanne says:

    Jeanne please spare us your arrogance. Are kids shared the same schools but you need to feel superior by lecturing us about policy and personal moves at school. Nobody cares what you think. Nobody cares how many commissions you sit on. Leave our kids out of you’re power plays. We don’t want Collado or any rejects. I’m writing to Nora to let her know you’re my representative she is!!!!!

  19. Jeanne says:

    Don’t have power plays and it is really sad that you feel the need to attack rather than discuss. I am sure Nora will love to hear from you. She is very welcoming that way. 🙂

    Facts are facts and data is data. The data nor the facts support the kind thrashing Mr. Collado is taking. I don’t lecture anyone. I pass on information. I was involved parent. I find it amusing that several on this blog find my breadth of knowledge and the hard work on behalf of kids disturbing.

    I am confident. Deal with it.

    Still doesn’t negate the facts that by every measure Mr. Collado is a stellar principal.

  20. Truthful says:

    Open door policy if you agree with what he thinks. He obviously “does better” when the parents (PTSA) are running the school! Douglas has become the media baby of High Schools. Right up his alley and that of those parents living their lives through their kids
    Good call Mr Runcie, now if only we could get Collado’s followers to follow him “out” we could have Douglas restored to the great school it once was.
    Focus back on the students and off the principal and his followers.

  21. Nora-Easter says:

    @jeanne, I’ve dealt with you several times over the years and I can truthfully say no one in town is “jealous” of you. You think you are full of knowledge but it comes off as a know-it-all. You do not know why Collado or any teacher lost a job. Now go back to spamming my work inbox with news about your red flag show. Toodles!

  22. No Lectures says:

    If you want a lecture call MJ Enterprises. Serve on enough volunteer committees and you too can lecture.

  23. SchoolDaze says:

    Good Luck MSDHS with the crony Runcie will be sending you!

  24. Jeanne says:

    I feel sorry for those that feel free to attack rather than discuss. If you are on my facebook page then please unfriend me. Clearly you don’t need the info I have to offer.

    Again my observation stands. Data supports Mr. Collado being a principal that increased student achievement at every school he was principal for.

  25. Jeanne says:

    I know that I can come off as a not it all. But, I have never failed to help a parent or student regardless of my personal feelings for the parent. I help everyone. Now I am getting slammed for doing what ever other parents could have done and learned about the school district and it’s policies. So, if you are still on my facebook page and you have that much contempt for some who has helped you in the past. I truly feel sorry for you. If you call , I am still going to help. I know I cannot say say the same for those that do not like me. pathetic.

  26. Mia says:

    I can’t believe the bickering on here… Nora is the best board member and I trust her implicitly! I don’t know any of you,however I do know policy. Teachers are treated unfairly and I’ve volunteered enough time in schools to know what really goes on. Principals need to be a “fit”for the school and it’s culture.

  27. Jeanne says:

    I don’t disagree, that at many schools teachers are treated unfairly. It was the District’s decision as to whom is a good fit. If they are wrong, then ye should figure out where a principal would be a good fit. Not to trash a career that data shows was of benefit to the school.

    I also agree that Nora Rupert is an excellent board member. She listens and is fair and she does the right thing by the kids of this school district.

  28. Truthful says:

    MSD scores were good before Collado and they will be good after he’s gone! The students that are directed in the academic direction will always be directed in the same manner in spite of who the principal is or was. The majority of teachers at Douglas are top of the line (especially those educating the top academic students.) Thankfully most of those teachers have patiently done their jobs in spite of the “ongoing circus atmosphere.”
    There is more to running a school that already has the great teachers and great students that are doing their job without having them be distracted by those that have other agendas. It’s a school not a stage.