Super Lobbyist Ron Book Attacked In Downtown Fort Lauderdale


Ron Book, one of Florida’s best known lobbyists,  was attacked in downtown Fort Lauderdale by a vagrant as he was leaving the Broward  County Government Center Tuesday.

Book was  fresh from one of his biggest recent victories — the approval of The Commons shopping and office complex in Davie.

The lobbyist was accosted outside the building by a vagrant, who spit on him and attempted to hit him.  

Lobbyist Dennis Mele and engineering company owner Tom McDonald watched as Book ran towards the middle of West Broward Boulevard to escape the vagrant.

“The guy raised his fist at Ronnie and then he spit right in Ronnie’s face.  Ronnie ran into the median, McDonald said.

While Book stood in the median of West Broward Boulevard, McDonald confronted the vagrant.

“I told him to walk away, McDonald said. “He said he didn’t care if he was arrested.

Police arrested the man, who still had a hospital band around his wrist from a November stay in a medical center.  The consensus of those involved in the altercation is that the man was mentally disturbed.

Book was not seriously injured but was advised by police to go to the hospital.  The police told him that the vagrant’s salvia could contain the HIV or Hepatitis virus.

The lobbyist, who is perhaps the most accomplished in the state of Florida, went to the emergency room of Broward General Medical Center.

Ironically Book is a major supporters of aid to the homeless in South Florida.  He was instrumental in the establishment of government homeless centers in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

Book had just left the Government Center where The Commons, the biggest and most controversial Broward development  proposal in years, had passed the commission.

He is a long-time lobbyist for the developer of The Commons.

The commission formally transmitted the land use change to allow The Commons without comment.  It was a triumph  for Book because commissioners were under tremendous pressure from the City of Weston and residents living near the project to kill it.

 The Commons has numerous other approvals in Tallahassee and Broward to obtain before construction can begin.

Book, who lives in Plantation,  is one of Florida’s best known and well paid lobbyists.   His yearly salary is estimated at more than $5 million a year from more than 60 clients.



3 Responses to “Super Lobbyist Ron Book Attacked In Downtown Fort Lauderdale”

  1. P.G.13 Barnum says:

    and they wonder why the Seminoles are turning downtown into ghost-town…

  2. weston resident says:

    You forgot to mention the loser in The Commons victory. Ms. Lori Parrish. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

  3. Eric T says:

    Im surprised a sex offender hasn’t taken his head off, but I gusess good things come to those who wait. Man he is a sleaze bag.