Sunrise’s Sheila Alu, 50: I Have Colon Cancer




Former Sunrise Commissioner Sheila Alu told a stunned city commission last night that she has colon cancer.

Alu, 50, resigned her post in December to move to Fort Lauderdale and spend more time with her family.

Her message: Get colonoscopies.


sheila alu

Sheila Alu


“I plan on fighting this with tremendous dignity and courage,” Alu said.  “I look at this as maybe I’m suppposed to be the voice to tell people to get a colonoscopy.”

Its time for the medical community to change their recommendations of the age for getting the first colonoscopy from 50 to 40, Alu said.

She said her surgeon told her she probably had cancer since she was 40. If she had gotten a colonoscopy, the cancer could have been stopped early, she was told.

The disease was apparently diagnosed just weeks ago, but she ignored earlier symptoms.

“Take care of yourselves,” she implored the public. “Look at the signs.  All these years, I have put myself last and everybody else first.”

Alu told the audience she will be undergoing surgery Friday.

“I’m going to be okay.  I know I am,” Alu said, wiping away tears.

Then she catalogued some of the issues she fought for during her decade in office, mentioning her opposition to a hotel between the Everglades and the Sawgrass Expressway and a religious ceremony that included killing animals.

“If you build on the west side of the Sawgrass Expressway, I will come back to haunt you. Do not allow any slaughter of innocent goats, “she said.     “(and) I hate red light cameras.”

Finishing, she said to the often combative Sunrise commission:

“Be good to each other…I have absolutely no regrets to anything I’ve done in my entire life… I love you. ”


She speech can be heard here at approximately 3:12 minutes into the meeting.


14 Responses to “Sunrise’s Sheila Alu, 50: I Have Colon Cancer”

  1. citizen says:

    May she have a speedy recovery. To all that eat meat – any meat – cut back or better stop altogether.

  2. Mayor Mike Ryan says:


    You have fought for many causes and now you face the most important fight of your life. Your message last night was unscripted, deeply personal and yet so important for all of us.

    Your personal decision to come forward to talk about your next battle would have been compelling enough. However, by carrying the message of early detection through your own experience, you are trying to make a difference in all of our lives and our families.

    I applaud you for your courage and tenacity in this next battle. No one has ever doubted your fortitude and determination. I do not doubt you now. I will be there to offer whatever support and assistance I can.

    I am certain that that your decision to speak out by itself will save another person and make a difference for another family. Be strong and we will be walking in Relay for Life on Friday for you and all others impacted by cancer.

    All the best,


  3. Chaz Stevens, Malcontent says:


    My thoughts are with you.

    All the best

    TC survivor


    Maybe this could have been a personal message to her? Did you really have to send her a message thru this website?

  5. Sunrise Resident says:

    You can beat it. Keep talking up colonoscopies because everybody needs one.

  6. John Fusaro says:


    Wising you a speedy recovery and keeping your family in our thoughts.

    John, Laura, and Giovanni

  7. Christine says:

    I think Sheila minimizes the real effect she has had upon Broward politics and law and order. It’s been way more than monitoring building or animal rights- she has been a real voice in the prosecution of sex related crimes, for instance. But a “voice to tell people to get a colonoscopy”? Isn’t that Katie Couric?

    Nevertheless, may her surgery and indeed the biggest fight in her life be successful. Godspeed!

  8. Duke says:

    Though I have never met the woman, I know she does a tremendous amount of good and tries so hard to make all of our lives better. Ms. Alu will be in my thoughts and prayers

  9. Richard J Kaplan says:


    I know you will be fine. Cancer can be very scary, but Colon Cancer is often very treatable. I have had family members with it, and they have beat it. So I am aware of the issues and have an idea of what they are going to do for you.

    Just keep up your spirits and work with the doctors. In no time you will be back.

  10. They Eat Their Own says:

    One of the great women of our county who has shown strength and spirit throughout, will lead a new effort now. Sheila, although we never met, my admiration for much of what you did as well as for the headstrong way in which you did it prompts me to repeat what many are saying, you fight, you care and you survive.

  11. beebopper says:

    I will light a candle at my church and pray for your recovery.
    Keep the faith strong. You will get past this.

  12. Chaz Stevens, Malcontent says:

    >> I will light a candle at my church and pray for your recovery.

    That’s guaranteed to help!

    Praise jesus horatio christ on a crutch, pass the altar boy

  13. Can't Hear You says:

    @11 – If someone says a pray for someone else but doesn’t tell anyone, does God hear the prayer?

  14. Jan G says:

    Sheila,My prayers are with you. Think positive and you can beat this disease. Attitude, prayer and motivation with keep you going strong! This is only a mere bump in the road and I know it will not keep you down for very long.