Sunrise’s Don Rosen Tied Tighter To Garbage Deal


The firm that wants to build a garbage dump in Sunrise has the same address as the company that Sunrise Deputy Mayor Don Rosen’s consulting business worked for.

Rosen’s “consulting” company had “a business relationship” with Ace Waste, according to a city document.

Ace is a separate corporatation from Green Now, the firm that wants to build the garbage dump, although they have the same key principal — James Feeley Jr.

But another city document indicates Green Now currently “own and manage an existing trash and recycling facility at 7060 SW 22nd Court in Davie.

That address is also the headquarters of Ace Waste, which is the firm that Rosen’s consulting company does work for.

It was known since a post last week about Rosen’s job with Ace, but not that the two companies shared an address.

It was Rosen’s work for Ace that prompted City Attorney Stuart Michelson to seek an ethics opinion on whether Rosen can vote.

A state Ethics Commission staff lawyer opined that since Ace is a separate entity from Green Now, Rosen does not have a conflict and can vote on approving the garbage dump.

They are separate corporate entities.  But let’s get real, ethics guys they work out of the same building!

The information about the interlocking relationship between Green Now and Ace Waste comes March 10, 2009 city memo.

The memo outlines a meeting that occurred in a city office to discuss the proposed Sunrise garbage dump. Attendees at that meeting included members of the Green Now team and Sunrise Planning and Developer Director Mark S. Lubelski, who prepared the memo.

Here are parts of the memo where Green Now describes their proposed operation. The underlining is mine for emphasis:

“*They would like to process approximately 75 trucks per day.

* The hours of operation would be approximately from 4am to 8:30pm, six days per week. However, they would like the abiilty to operate 24 hours per day.

* They claim to only need eight employees for the whole site (per shift).

* At the end of the day, everything will be washed. All water from washing will be considered leachate and will need some treatment prior to sewer discharge.

* They currently own and manage an existing trash and recycling facility at 7060 SW 22nd Court in Davie. However this facility is not enclosed and is smaller than the one proposed in Sunrise.

* Express interest in having an exclusive Franchise Agreement to operate recycling facility in Sunrise.

The Davie address — 7060 SW 22nd Court –is also the contact address and corporate address of Ace Waste.  That’s the company Rosen’s firm did “consulting”  for.

The memo reveals the problems with the dump the hours of operation would put traffic on Sunrise’s streets around the clock, potentially pollute the ground water and employ very few people.

The memo also reveals Green Now’s end game: They want an exclusive franchise agreement for Sunrise without having the city put out bids for other companies. That would be worth gazillions!

Also notice that this deal has been cooking at least since March, 2009 — just under a year.  It was disclosed in in September, months before it was discussed at the city commission in January.

Rosen’s role in this is beyond sleazy. Why is he even getting paid by somebody seeking to do business with the city?  What does his work involve?

Rosen is a sordid, seedy politician.  He needs to skip all the debate on the garbage dump, not vote and get out of politics for good.

Again I ask: What benefit do Sunrise residents get from a garbage dump in their community?

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  1. Follow the Money says:

    Just like the County politics, gotta follow the money:

    Green Now’s lawyer, Coker was contributor to Rosen’s campaign in November 2008:

    Rosen got $1000 from the Feeley family and another $500 from Ace Waste:

    Feeley and Ace Waste were BIG contributors to Sofield’s campaign before he got appointed. $1,000 — or over 10% of what Sofield raised (particularly if you take out the family money and the money from his own business).

    Green Now’s lawyer was also an early contributor to Wishner’s campaign: (6/27/08)

    Contributors and lobbying for a project. More of the same, but gotta follow the money.

    Where is the ethics reform we need?

  2. Ethics says:

    Buddy, Did Michelson know those facts or were those facts included in the letter to the State Ethics commission? What does Michelson say about this?

  3. Not Without Revenue says:

    Buddy has been asking what benefit is there to Sunrise to have a transfer station.

    Unless Sunrise is to receive substantial revenues for allowing this use in their city, separate and apart from ensuring that residents are properly protected against sight, smell and environmental hazards, then there is no benefit. Only the prospect of increased city revenues, to help keep taxes low, can justify having such a facility.

    As to the ethics and legality of this issue, that’s for the authorities and the voters to sort out for themselves. But here Buddy makes a very strong argument. There should be never be any benefit going to any of the commissioners as a result of how they vote.

  4. knowledge says:

    dont forget the Tamarac and Lauderhill streets

  5. Conflict says:

    Here is the point:

    Green Now meets with City.

    Green Now says, WE own and operate a faciilty in Davie

    The facility in Davie is Ace’s office

    It is reported Rosen does work for Ace.

    How is this NOT a conflict?

  6. disenchanted says:

    buddy he was elected by the all wise and knowing people of the great metropolis of sunrise. again, another reason to think possibly the chinese have it right.

  7. Questions to be asked and Answered says:

    Deputy Mayor Rosen:

    Good morning. Buddy has AGAIN written a very interesting piece. I sent you a note through this site last week. I expected you would have come out publicly to put all this rubbish in context. (Rubbish. Get it. That was a play on words. Funny.) Anywho, understand you are not taking calls from the press. Neither are your friend Mr. Feeley or his lawyer. Probably a good strategy. Are you even going to attend Tuesday? Might be a good idea to yank the whole thing from the Agenda.

    When you get ready to rebut the implications of Buddy’s pieces (which I think you should do directly since I am sure you are a man not afraid of answering questions directly), I think it might be wise to answer a few questions directly. As I said before, for now, you will not be able to use that interesting strategy of saying the State Attorney’s office prohibits you from talking about it (That really worked well in the campaign when people were asking you pesky questions about that degree and you were able to say “hey, love to tell if I did have that degree that I said I had, but the State Attorney’s office said I am not supposed to talk about it”).

    Here are the questions, the answers to which you should include in your public statements:

    1. Deputy Mayor Rosen, please tell us what Eveton does for ACE Waste and how much Eveton has been paid by ACE Waste over the past 5 years?
    [Go ahead and explain all the hard work Eveton has done for ACE. Also, might be good to put in context when you show there are hundreds of employees doing lots of stuff for lots of companies. So, to shut the critics up, go ahead and talk about the percentage of gross revenue from ACE or other Feeley companies and how many employees it supports. Oh yea, are any of those employees Sunrise employees, other than family (which you should list out)? The more you can show the more it shows you are supporting Sunrise. And, contrast that with the number of family members on the payroll.]

    2. Deputy Mayor Rosen, has Feeley ever given you anything of value, whether or not you were obligated to disclose it under Florida law? [Careful about this one because Feeley seems to have owned this property for awhile and likely bought it with this very use in mind. If he took you to dinner or for a meal at an expensive restaurant, probably will want to include that in the list of things of value. Heck, if you decided afterward to reimburse him be sure and include that because that will be a win in your column — you could have just ignored the rules but you didn’t. Like I said, watch the setup though.]

    3. Deputy Mayor Rosen, have you ever discussed this project with Feeley and if so when? [Remember, nothing wrong with that. Be careful though when giving the dates you met with him or talked to him about it if those correspond to dates in question 4 — there could be other pesky problems with that].

    4. Deputy Mayor Rosen, have you ever been at a gathering with Feeley and other Commissioners from the City of Sunrise? If so, when and who else was there? [This one is a bit sketchy, I agree. I mean, if you went to dinner with Feeley and other commissioners happened to be in the same town or building or even restaurant, does that count? Tough distinctions, I agree. But probably best to use the standard where the others were at the same table with you two or you traveled in the same car with the other Commissioners or you spoke to them together. Like, just as an example, if you had been Bova with Feeley, might want to say who picked up the tab.]

    5. Have you ever spoken to the other Commissioners directly or indirectly regarding this proposed project. [Yea, I was thinking the same thing … indirectly? What’s that mean? I think, again the wisest course here is to err on the side of full disclosure. So, if you sent a message through someone (like maybe the City Manager or other City staff or someone else) you expected to get delivered to another Commissioner, that would be a good disclosure to make. Dont worry about the answer, it will show how you are very aware of the Sunshine laws and constantly working hard for the City.]

    6. Will Eveton or any company you are associated with ever work for any Feeley companies going forward?

    7. [This is a tougher one because no one wants to bring anyone else in to this cesspool of allegations, but probably smart to do so. The only thing, be careful. Phyllis Hope tried to implicate other elected officials by outing Sheila Alu on that yacht trip thing (you know Sheila right, she is the one 2 seats over), but turned out Sheila was coooperating with the FBIs — pretty funny huh]. Do you know of any other Commissioners who have met with Feeley regarding this project and did they ever get anything of value (or did you ever hear they got something of value — see question #2)

    8. Can you outline once and for and all why this is a terrific project for the City of Sunrise? [Buddy has asked it so many times and Marty tried to help you out, but didnt work so well. Repetitive, I know. Show how much revenue Sunrise will get or how it will lower garbage rates for the City. Some say it will have no financial benefit. Careful about over stating it by the way. We are still living with that Tao problem].

    9. What do you say to the little businesses and the school located right on the property line and why should they support this project? [This question is a good one. Those folks at the Mosque got that on-line petition going and they are getting international attention to the issue. Hey, that’s it! Show that you are supporting Sunrise but getting people all over the world to know a bit about Sunrise. Ignore Tamarac. They are a bunch of whiners. Who is gonna listen to them and they can threaten litigation all they want, Sunrise NEVER runs from a good fight you tell them!]

    10. [Last question. This is a good one.] When do you announce your re-election bid? [This is a real opportunity to show you are not scared of continuing your platforms and running the City like it has always been run. If you shy from this one, you will give someone out there the thought you might be vulnerable. This, I say, is a real opportunity to show what you are all about!]

    Good luck and let me know if need any other guidance on these issues. I really do think you should answer these questions soon. Your silence is causing people to wonder if there is more to this story than meets the eye.

  8. Good Governance says:

    Disenchanted: That is exactly the problem with situations like this, and the silence of those who should be explaining themselves. It causes the electorate to lose faith and that is corrosive to good governance. We need to restore faith. We need to rise above the money of politics so that when a decision is made, it is made on the merits, not because of who the campaign manager was or how much money was raised by a lobbyist.

    Please do not lose faith. We are better than this. We can find people who care and who can restore faith in our local government. Our citizens deserve more, but to get to that promised land we must endure these stories so we can appreciate good governance, when it occurs.

  9. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Can I suggest a slogan for Rosen’s re-election efforts? Goes like this.

    Don Rosen Is Garbage!

    Works on many levels…

  10. FDLE or Satz or Batman? says:

    Where is FDLE or someone to look at the documents and money flows? How can anyone figure what is going on unless they see the numbers and documents that are not even public record?

  11. Deerfield needs Real Blogger says:

    Chaz, i guess Don Rickles and George Carlin need to fear you as an up and coming comedic force. wow, you are so so so funny and offer such insight…wow, i can’t get over how your comments capture it all and makes one think and laugh out loud…my sides are splitting, my brain is twirling from your metaphysical and in depth observation…Boy, Chaz, you are a force, a rock star…geez, you might even be a Genius?!…man, i can’t get over yours on point points…did you get your brain from the Wizard of Oz, can I call you “Scarecrow”…how can i be like you, Chaz?

  12. Wow-just got this texted to my cell says:

    Hey guys! So my family really needs your support. We are asking close friends and family to join us tomorrow night at Sunrise City Hall to show support for my dads company that is being denied but biggot commissioners Shiela Alu and Joey Scutto. His company will provide jobs and create more money for the city as well has put Sunrise on the map for being the first 100% green transfer station. This is history in the making, and I’m asking you for your support. Please please, let me know and I will text u with the time and address. Thank you for your


  13. It Is A Waste says:

    It seems amazing to me that Don Rosen has all this time to work for Ace Waste when he is at the strip club almost every day and night.

  14. Outrageous says:

    WOW: “My family needs your support” — Feeley needs support? I thought this was a company unrelated to Feeley — it was a separate corporate entity according to the disclosures.

    And, did she really use the word “biggot”? That is just outrageous.

    There is nothing in that March Memo that shows they will be green. Oh yea, tommorrow night we will see quite a show — all of sudden it will be the cleanest garbage dumping station in the world.

    Hey, want to be Green — go clean up your Davie property first. Garbage laying everywhere and damaged containers all over the place. Poster for what will happen in the years to come

    PS Watch the crews clean that place up tomorrow.

  15. Strippers Provide Jobs Too says:

    2:07 — which strip club?

  16. My Family Needs Help says:

    Hey guys! So my family really needs your support. We are asking close frinds and family to join us tomorrow night at Sunrise City Hall to GET ROSEN TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING THIS DEAL (starting with those 8:52 posed), HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH FEELEY ETC, AND ANSWER TO REPORTERS FOR THE FIRST TIME. We want to put Sunrise on the map as the first honest government. This could be history in the making. Be there early because it will be packed!

  17. Ode to Garbage says:

    They gathered at Bova
    the team now in place.
    A meeting to celebrate
    their help from friends of Ace

    Money flowed into the coffers
    so many stickered and signed.
    The voters knew no different
    as the four clinked and dined.

    But, alas the plan cracks
    the masses seek someone to nail.
    Hurry, avert the project
    even if we lose the holy grail.

    It seemed so easy and sure
    To support those who are to serve
    In exchange the rights be given
    but will we get what we deserve?

    Ode to the life and business of garbage.

  18. Don's Only Statement says:

    Buddy breaks the story!,0,6021364.story?page=2

  19. Implausible Deniability says:

    How can Rosen even say with a straight face he didnt know. A key City document outlining the meeting between Green Now and City says here is our other site. That is the same address on the Ace website. This is exactly why he will only email his answers, because his denials are so implausible as to be laughable.

    For Wishner and Sofield to let this keep going is absurd. At some point someone has to say, look, this is causing so much damage to the image of our city and confidence of our residents, we owe a higher duty to just say no.

    Here is my bet:

    Rosen calls in sick

    Commission does NOTHING with this hoping it will disappear UNTIL AFTER THE ELECTION OF SOFIELD, ROSEN AND WISHNER.

  20. Marty Rants On says:

    His rants are becoming more and more inane. Seriously, he is losing focus and just doesn’t know which direction to go. Lashing out everywhere and acting illogically. He can not even bring himself to address the central issue — Rosen’s relationship with a large contributor and with whom he has a contract for employment. He must think this is good government in action. With that type of mentality, he would be perfect to jump back in to the school board.

    His big crescendo retort to Sunrise government not being broken is, “Hey, if I wanted Sofield’s seat I could have gotten it.” Proves his arrogance, that he is shill, and that Sunrise government is broken.

    Oh yea, I am not so sure 2 of those commissioners on the end would have let Marty anywhere near that Commission seat again. But, leave a washed up wanna-be to his idle thoughts.

  21. Tommy D says:

    Call me crazy, but isnt the issue what Rosen does for Ace and if he even does anything at all. How much paid? When? has the contract gone up in the last couple of years? what are the communications between him and the garbage kings?

    how do we find anything like that out? is that something you get thru foia? or why doesnt a state attorney go ask him? Maybe he could just tell everyone.

  22. The Perfect Storm says:

    Now, Chaz, Buddy, Bob Norman and Sun-Sentinel have focused on this situation:

    Kudos to Buddy for keeping on this issue.

  23. Totally misinformed says:

    Has anyone seen the renderings of the facility? its far from a garbage dump people. Get informed!!!
    The facility will be entirely enclosed and occupy about 26,000 square feet inside.
    Trucks will deliver solid waste inside the building. There will be no waste outside.
    The facility just isn’t a dump as opponents want you to believe.
    Trucks will exit the property immediately following the process of unloading.
    The solid waste will then be processed for recycling, recovery and disposal.
    Empty trucks will enter the building to be filled with sorted components. Once loaded, the trucks will exit the property and proceed to their assigned destinations.
    As I mentioned, no solid waste will remain, and the process described to me will be much like the old FexEx slogan, “absolutely positively overnight.”
    Maybe not literally overnight, but in and out that fast.
    One of the biggest opponents calls this sleazy and asks in his blog what benefit will residents and taxpayers get from the facility.
    Green Now will pay about $200,000 in property taxes every year on what’s now vacant land. Sunrise will get its share, helping to relieve the tax burden on residents.
    Or even help prevent cuts in services.
    The facility will consume Sunrise water, and to borrow a quote from the spouse of a chief opponent, “every time they flush the toilets, Sunrise makes money.”
    The facility will pay Sunrise taxes on every kilowatt of electricity it uses.
    It will also provide about 40 jobs. Most, if not all of those employees will spend money in Sunrise.
    In a previous article I suggested that some opponents want to keep the status quo. Here’s why:
    New contracts are coming up. This new facility will have the capacity to handle bulk trash, saving Sunrise residents money. They can assume the responsibility for Sunrise recycling saving residents money.
    As with previous Sunrise garbage history, there are some that have a vested interest in not letting that happen.
    There’s much more, but let me leave you with one item nobody has considered.
    The principals of the project are exploring the idea of setting up an education fund to directly benefit Sunrise schools.

  24. Marty rants off says:

    Marty Rants on misquotes…
    Here’s the real quote: You obviously haven’t read Watching Broward. If you did, you’d know that I don’t need Wishner’s support for Commission since I can’t run again ever. If I wanted a seat on the Commission, I MIGHT be sitting in Sofield’s place now.

  25. Criswell says:

    I predict:

    Long meeting tonight in Sunrise. It won’t end any earlier than 2am.

  26. Totally Informed says:

    Hey, 12:15, love your name. Agree you are “totally misinformed.” But too late. Make up what you want and dribble the stuff from Marty’s site all you want. Nobody is buying what you are selling.

    Now between Pulp, Buddy and Chaz (oh yea, heard sun-sentinel doing some reporting), this project is never gonna happen. If it does breath for much longer, 3 commissioners better get ready for some real contenders for their seats.