Sunrise’s Alu Publicly Accuses Rosen Of Selling Votes


Sunrise Deputy Mayor Don Rosen got what he deserved on Tuesday a public scolding.

don rosen

Don Rosen

Rosen worked for a garbage company whose principal James Feeley Jr. was seeking through a second company to build a dump in Sunrise. 

It looks like a conflict to me,  but not to a state Ethics Commission staff attorney.

Still, any reasonable person would say a commissioner shouldn’t take a pay check from somebody seeking his vote.

Alu agrees with me.

Near the end of Tuesday’s marathon Sunrise City Commission meeting, Alu said that after she publicly opposed the dump, she was suddenly hit with public record requests. 

The requests asked for information about her background and about her daughter’s background.

“Look under every stone with me. You can call my Third Grade teacher. But you’ll never find me selling out my city like Don Rosen. I’m sick and tired sitting up watching somebody like him, Alu said, pointing at Rosen who sits two seats away from her.

Rosen responded a few minutes later:

“I wasn’t going to say anything, but its time to respond.the only thing I voted on is to have a discussion,” he said. 

Rosen said Sheila was making “an assertion that I did something behind closed doors” which was wrong

Then Rosen said to Alu: “I don’t particularly like you.” 

“Feeley pays you for your votes, Alu fired back.

Rosen answered that wasn’t true, because he never voted for the project.

“All I pushed was a discussion of the issue, Rosen reiterated.

“Just certify this part of the transcript so I can bring it to the proper authorities, said Alu, who has been an informant for the FBI on corruption cases.  

“Bring it on, Rosen said.

And to that I say, you go girl.

54 Responses to “Sunrise’s Alu Publicly Accuses Rosen Of Selling Votes”

  1. Floridan says:

    If Alu has evidence that “Feeley pays for [Rosen’s] votes” (a rather serious charge) she should provide some evidence.

    FROM BUDDY: I believe Sheila was referring to Rosen’s work for Feeley’s company.
    Why do you believe he was hired out of all the consultants in Florida ?

  2. Hey Marty says:

    What say you now? Thank goodness for internet feed.

    Wishner pushed that project so hard last night and it was obvious as he was questioning the city. Trying to set it up to show the City had one so why cant feeley. Did he not understand why all those people were there and more at the civic center?

    Rosen – same thing.

    Marty, how come you didnt go up there and speak? You love to hear yourself talk but u didnt dare speak. Were you even there? Easier to write stuff that cant be supported then go state your views in public? Dont worry, you have been exposed as well.

    What about all those concocted benefits? From what I saw never even came up.

    The issue was taken off the table but the voters are not going to forget, there will be great clips for posterity of wishner and rosne ganging up to push this project, and you have now been shoved back into the shadows. You lost all credibility (if you ever had any).

  3. Ethics says:

    was the act of Rosen voting for the issue to be discussed a violation of ethics rules or law?

  4. CuriousO says:

    Buddy, with all due respect, why would you be commenting on Rosen’s looks?

    and looking at an entity paying taxes in a city on a large swath of prime real estate hurts the city’s tax coiffeurs in what way?

    i am not saying the project is a good project, but isn’t the responsibility of a city, especially in turbulent economic times, to look at all business options?

    as far as ms. alu, wasn’t she investigated before for pushing for the city to hire a lawyer firm that had been involved, i want to say, in her divorce (or something to this effect) and if she was cleared by the state, just like mr. rosen. it seems like the state’s opinion is being poo-poohed for him but not for her; not fair to use a double standard to judge folk, the state is right when they wrongly cleared her for pushing the lawyer but was absolutely wrong when it came to rosen.

    and she was part of the majority that pushed the non government ranked city attorney they have now. does it smell to you? now she is running away from that…. smells to a lot of folk.

    question: would this dump have been a mount trashmore type dump like in creek and davie?

    FROM BUDDY: You are right about my comment on Rosen’s looks and I removed it.

    The dump would not be an outdoor facility. According to last night’s hearing, trailer trucks full of trash would pull into an indoor barn-like structure. They would dump “dry” trash on the ground — paper, cardboard, metal, glass and up to 10 percent general household waste. The trash would be sorted, placed back in trucks and hauled out of the facility.

    The complaint you mentioned against Alu was frivilous and designed to harass her. It was filed by people connected with the city’s waste hauler when she suggested the city go out to bid on its contract after three decades of no bid deals with this company. There is no comparison with Rosen, who was taking money from a man and then sought to vote on the man’s waste project.

    I have repeatedly written about my disapproval with the hiring of Stuart Michelson. His hiring was another sleezy no-bid deal. Her vote in favor of hiring Michelson without at least considering any of the other government lawyers available was not admirable.

    The commission looked at Green Now and rejected it. The commission listened to its residents.

  5. Resident says:

    Alu was right on the issue, but she clearly showed a lack of decorum and respect at the meeting. There were children present, and it wasn’t right.

    There are plenty of ways of showing disapproval, but name calling her colleagues as a joke, etc., is out of bounds. Outside the meeting, well she can do what she wants.

    While Wishner and Rosen were wrong on what they were doing, Wishner tried to keep the matter under control, unlike Alu. Heaven help Sunrise if she actually ran a meeting.

    Alu, actually several of the Commissioners, try to at least act civily during a meeting. Disagree as you want, but do it with reason.

  6. Ethics says:

    Resident: You were obviously not there when Alu attacked Rosen. There were no children at the end. Everyone left.

    And, did you know GREED NOW (as one resident coined the term) had t-shirts made up, and their people were yelling at the Commission WHILE CHILDREN WERE THERE. The T-shirts said recyle good on front ALU BAD on back. That was outrageous, but more important a terrible political move. That is the lesson you want for children — call someone BAD if you dont like their position. It only got the crowd upset more. NOT THE ACTIONS OF A RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS.

    Resident — be fair, and get your facts straight.

  7. I am still asking says:

    Buddy, there have been posts on this question that have gone unanswerd.

    Separating out all the other issues, and I agree that there are many, is there or isn’t there a substantial revenue opportunity for the City of Sunrise to recoup if they go forward with the transfer station?

    Do you know the answer to that question, has that at all been discussed, and if so how much is projected?

    If the answer is no then I don’t see a justification even for a discussion on the issue.

    If the answer is yes, then the issue needs to turn on the relative merits of the revenue versus the impact to the community, and whether Sunrise has any interest in making that trade.

    Any financial benefits to the city was not discussed
    by Green Now last night and has not really been part of the debate. There may be figures floating around somewhere, but I don’t know how there could be solid estimates because this project has changed repeatedly.

    At first the owners wanted a full service garbage transfer station, handling many types of waste. Hitting opposition, the idea devolved into a recycling facility. The hours of operation and the number of trucks that would be handled remained as late as last night loosy-goosy.

    Bottom line: I believe Green Now thought they could get anything passed quietly because Rosen was on the payroll of a company principal and Wishner was in their pocket. So they didn’t have to offer much to the city.

    Sheila Alu, Joey Scuotto and the people felt differently and blocked their inside deal!

    There was vague talk from a Green Now supporter that the company would set up an education fund to benefit Sunrise schools. I never saw that idea formalized in documents or in comments at the commission.

    I assume there would be a property tax increase when a structure was built on the land. There was a suggestion that Green Now would bid on the recycling franchise at some time in the future. I believe that would be a wash since Green Now would just replace the firm paying that franchise agreement now.

    The question is not about money, but the cost to the residents’ quality of life. Hundreds of residents — the Sun-Sentinel said 400 — showed up last night to protest the so-called waste transfer station, saying it would damage their city. Commissioners were responsive to these voices.

  8. CuriousO says:

    Breaking News:

    the city of Sunrise, in a hastily called executive session has just issued an emergency no bid contract to the Dali Lama to conduct a Commission Seminar to teach tolerance, decorum, courtesty, respect……

    Sam Fields Tse-Tung tried to break into the executive session, but Mother Teresa supporters whipped him into submission with dandelions.

  9. Truth says:


    1. Buddy has been asking those type of questions for WEEKS. There is no surprise that many have been asking. Last night, you would have thought would have been the time to answer.

    But, Rosen wouldnt respond to phone calls from Sun-Sentinel. Feeley’s garbage team wouldnt respond to phone calls. Apparently, none of the city documents show ANY benefit.

    2. The economics of what they said last night made no sense — which is why everyone saw right through the presentation and Wishner/Rosen questions. The reality was likely that the project was economically viable ONLY as originally proposed not in in its polished version (especially without govt money to subsidize).

    3. This looks like it was all about being in position to be a full garbage transfer station when the ILA contract is attacked. Having in place a facility that could transition to it is where the real money is at.

    4. Not a single mention of real benefits to the city last night. If there were any meaningful benefits, last night was the night to impress the 400 in attendance and the commission. Instead, there were questions from Rosen and Wishner scripted to attack the city staff and try to show how inconsistent the staff was being.

    So, “still asking”, yes there were many questions that needed to be answered, but about the benefits to the city were not the questions that were unanswered — there were no meaningful benefits AND lots of problems.

    That still leaves a lot of questions about Ace, Feeley, Green Now, Eveton, Rosen, Wishner that are not answered. Maybe Rosen will sit down with Buddy now and answer questions. Any bets on that?

    I would bet the chance of Rosen sitting down with me and answering questions is slim and none.
    If he won’t take the Sun-Sentinel Writer Susannah Byran’s call, he will never talk to me.

  10. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Green NOT Now!

    The great unwashed masses showered up and arrived at the Sunrise Commission meeting. Told the 5 elected officials to take a hike with the garbage proposal.

    Come see Democracy in action!

    Video highlights.

  11. Mother Mary says:

    omg, does Alu ever give it a rest with her thirst for attention? FBI informant, pleeeeeease…….they have something on her and she is paying them back with this BS. Imagine this woman as the state attorney? ynuk ynuk ynuk
    Duey, Cheatum and Howe

    Do you have any information that they “have something on her?” I’ve heard those rumors for months, but nobody can provide proof.

  12. Truth says:

    Chaz — great excerpts. Everyone, go see those clips. Then, when you want to see the theater of it all (make sure have barf bag nearby when some of the commissioners try to support the project in a scripted manner), go to

    click on the 2/23 video

    and fun starts at thirty seventh minute. Gotta also see the Tamarac and Lauderhill politicians who lecture the 3 Sunrise Commissioners who allowed this to go forward — it was a lecture on responsibility of an elected official to understand what the people want. Then, there were a few more interesting residents (Chaz got the main ones, but gotta see the people from the Mosque too, and then people from synagoges and churches). Let’s hope it resonates.

    (skip the self-serving state of city address which no one was listening too, since they were there to talk about the state of democracy)

  13. CuriousO says:

    Wait a minute.

    How could there be no benefits to a city for a major industrial ad valorem tax paying entity?? Are you kidding me? Weighing the pros and cons of the life style impact to the residents and Tamarac is a major impact that needs to be debated and discussed and if the cons outweigh the pros, then the commission should not vote for the project, BUT

    i can’t believe this would not be great positive for the ad valorem tax base. please, an intellectual answer rebutting this would be appreciated, AND

    that excludes you, Chazz, for you are not capable of intelligent, pensive discussion on anything. stay in deerfield please!!!!!!! all you do is scream for the sake of screaming! you are nails on a chalkboard defined.

    FROM BUDDY: I disagree on your judgement about Chaz. I believe he has done valuable work in Broward, especially Deerfield Beach where he is questioning the power structure.
    Dear CuriousO: Sometimes you’ve got to scream for people to listen!

  14. Truth says:

    Curious: You are asking the wrong people and let us all make CLEAR to you AGAIN: benefits to the City were NEVER even presented by the Green Now representatives. If you doubt it, go to video (which why you would even ask the question repeatedly not having reviewed the video is beyond me). Not only did they not make any presentation on the benefit to the City (and what would even trickle to the City from your important tax flow), they never provided any documents to the City explaining even any alleged benefits. Add to that that everyone has been asking that question.

    So, I think it is fair to assume that any benefit was de minimas — or they would have had some pretty charts showing how much money would be flowing into the City. But if you are still curious, you can call Green Now. Since they dont have a website, you can use the ACE WASTE contact information for the Davie facility (since Green Now proudly says they own and operate that messy facility too). Google Ace Waste and you can find it since you are so curious.

    As to your attack on Chaz, are you really serious? What has he done in Sunrise that has been nails on chalkboard. That is offensive because all he did was put the video of residents speaking — why do you offend the residents of Sunrise who took the time to go out, ask questions, be informed, and give their opinion. You obviously have some axe to grind or are scared he will come out to Sunrise. Frankly, I think Sunrise needs a Chaz!

  15. Mayor's Election says:

    What is the story with this election? I heard some thing that if mayor loses, he still gets a seat on commission? If that is based on City Attorney opinion, given the latest conflict opinion, maybe the public needs to look at the logic of that opinion too? When is the cut off for people to announce they are running?

  16. appreciator of great comedy says:

    Truth: i am trying to be objective. i want to know how tax revenues would not come out of a major land parcel and industrial entity setting up shop on same.

    as it regards, Chazz, all he does is yell everything is corrupt everywhere. govt. is serious business, tough choices need to be made re. quality of life issues vs. business tax receipts/job creation… that is why elected officials run campaigns, are voted in and then have to make choices that all of us have to live with. almost all of us choose not to run to sit up there on the commission dias; it is a hell of alot easier to yell, complain and bitch from the other side of the public mike. chaz is the quintessential definition of the person who likes to criticize everything politicians do (“they’re all corrupt, i tell you, over and over and over, it gets old and isn’t based on one sliver of intellectual delving/dwelling upon). if he is so upset, he should go run himself and then make tough decisions himself. he is a naysayer just because he can be and if you ever read his stuff, he calls people horrific names,especially women, he is very sexist and disgusting, a true gutter mind with not an iota of class, a name caller, the kind of kid you grew up around who would yell at you and then run away around the corner of the school..yes, a loser nerd.

  17. CuriousO says:

    to Truth: by the way, it was me that just wrote the previous post and i do appreciate your thoughts and observations, just find it hard to believe this wouldn’t be an ad valorem tax winner.

  18. Truth says:

    I am sure there is some economic flow, but seriously — watch the meeting, watch the pitiful presentation of green now, come to your own conclusion. But, do not invent suspected benefits because they were not discussed. Like I said, you can be sure if there were substantial benefits, they would have tried to tie themselves in to the Mayor’s set up (oh woe is us, we are in terrible financial shape and the future is oh so grim) to try to be the great hope for sunrise. Wasnt even discussed. They had all the time they wanted and could have spewed almost anything.

    In the end, I am sure they are sorry Rosen and Wishner even pushed this forward at this time. Then Scuotto and Alu sensing the set up — wait until after the election, jumped on the suggestion of charter amendment.

  19. Right Wing Reactionary says:

    Truth and CuriousO, last night’s meeting was not about approving the project. It was simply about holding a public hearing. Next time, read the agenda.

    “Public Hearing for discussion of a request for a proposed recycling/solid waste transfer facility.”

    Even Green Now knew this so their presentation was not about approval, just explanation.

  20. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    The gloves came off last tonight.

    In this short video montage, watch Commissioner Alu bitch slap Commissioner Rosen.

    By the way, what galaxy did this dude just shatner in from? Someone needs to run a DNA test on that boy.

    You can find that video here.

    Chaz Stevens, Genius

  21. Oh My says:

    Alu is not backing down on Rosen (probably cuz she senses Rosen’s crew is gonna keep trying to come after her). These are some of the most astounding quotes I have ever seen from a seated politician.

    Rosen’s days are numbered. He coud have sailed for 2 years, but his friend dragged him into the cesspool of allegations, accusations, and conflict.

  22. Resident says:


    I was there, and to be fair, I should have included a reference to Commissioner Rosen’s actions as well at the end of the meeting. It was no better than what Alu did earlier, and it wasn’t pretty between the two of them. We should expect more from our elected officials.

    The issue of children present or not shouldn’t dictate civility. It just makes the matters worse.

    People yelling from the public should be controlled by the Mayor, but isn’t an excuse for a Commissioner to come down to that level. They need to set a good example, not a bad example.

    Actually, it was not one of the Sunrise City Commission’s finer moments.

  23. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Politics is civil? Really? Must have missed that memo.

  24. CuriousO says:

    to Chaz:

    please just go away. you are annoying. don’t use words, phrases like “b—-slap. it verifys your infantile mentaily

    ms. alu is no saint and has/ needs to continue to come under as much scrutiny as anybody else in sunrise. she put the city attorney in the position he is in now with a no bid; she pushed for vendors to get work in the city she was close to; she has her own ethics complaints filed against her…

    it is a tough city commission and hard hitting in your face politics; if you serve on their commission, you are a player and deal with tough contentious issues and many agendas; everybody up there, except probably soffeld, has been and will continue to be scrutinized.

    chazz, if you don’t know the city, don’t comment on it. if you want to show your clips, go for it but don’t offer any insight you don’t have, you just make yourself look silly.

    From Buddy: I like Chaz’s work and think he adds to the debate in this county.

  25. When Dirty, it gets dirty says:

    Stop the whining about lack of civility or go back to your ivory tower. Do you see or understand the magnitude of the allegations? This is not petty “I want to park closer to the building” or “I should be vice assistant deputy head honcho.” This is serious. There are accusations about bad governance.

    Sure, looking at the video out of context, it is hard to watch. Why? Because we dont like to see that. But, when something is wrong yo uhave a choice. Speakly mildly and with great deference and hope there is change, OR make a change.

    Rosen’s response that all he did was vote to have a discussion AND somehow he was obligated to do that is so self-serving as to be laughable. Listen to City Attorney scramble to address Rosen’s off-base question — doesnt a judge have an obligation to hold a hearing no matter how ridiculous? — uh, no and stop playing (your own) attorney.

    You can say what you want, but if you watched the meeting, there were many residents who hammered him, lectured them, and expressed outrage at governance gone bad.

    This is just the start. The people are sick and tired of this. Sunrise has been the butt of jokes and relegated to name synonomous with crooked politicians. There are so many good people in Sunrise and many came out last night. They deserve more and I applaud Alu (on this one issue) for having the guts to say what so many in the community have been thinking.

    Want civility. Ask Rosen to resign and lets make some other changes.

  26. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    CuriousO says:
    please just go away. you are annoying. don’t use words, phrases like “b—-slap. it verifys your infantile mentaily

    Commissioner Rosen is IN THE HOUSE!!! Hey Dood. What is up?

    Sorry that Alu, what was it again, oh yeah, she “b—slap”ed you.

    PS Get a spellchecker.

  27. Marie Shear says:

    Just the idea that Wishner and Rosen considered putting a garbage dump next to a school says it all.

  28. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    >> chazz, if you don’t know the city, don’t comment on it. if you want to show your clips, go for it but don’t offer any insight you don’t have, you just make yourself look silly.

    I’ve really never worried about what you, or anyone else for that matters, thinks about what I write.

    Technically, it’s called giving a flying fuck.

    And not giving a flying fuck about your opinion is very liberating…

  29. Well Said says:

    Marie: Exactly, and that sums up the whole issue. How could they even think they were gonna sneak this by? Thank goodness for the grass roots power of the people.

    There is change coming in Sunrise.

  30. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    >> chaz is the quintessential definition of the person who likes to criticize everything politicians do

    My part in this play is that of a cynic. And as Oscar Wilde said, a cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

    Corruption is everywhere, and when you relocate from McDonaldLand and join us here in Broward, you’ll quickly come to realize this.

  31. Pictures says:

    Buddy: I know you have used the picture of Rosen above many times. But, is that fair? It seems like an old picture. You have already been criticized for commenting on his looks.

    I really think that the snap shot on Chaz’ site is far more flattering, certainly more current, and will not need you to comment at all on his looks. Please use that one instead (since it came from the video last night, I dont think Chaz would mind).

    Go to

    It is not old.

  32. CuriousO says:

    Chaz Stevens, aka Merlot:

    Why are you know as this? Because all you do is wine, wine, wine. OOOOH, everybody is corrupt, ooh, look at this tape, everybody is corrupt…..aren’t you the goof who hung out in Seiler’s parking lot with a geiger counter to determine if some air waves were radiation infested or some stupid ass shit?

    My god, man, get a friggin life, go to publix and handle some fruit, or go to a technical scool because anything related to thought, acadamia, writing,…is not your forte for remember, you would need a brain, Scarecrow…..ooooooooooh, they are all so evil, she b—-slapped him,ooooh…

    my god, you can’t possibly interact with people in your daily life…do you sit in front of a computer all day? why don’t you move up to where Deetjen is the city manager so you can wine, wine, wine up there and we will be drivel-free here in south florida; i will pay for your one way ticket on your highway to hell.

  33. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Consider upping your meds… Or lowering them. Either way, the current level ain’t making the grade.

  34. Spelling and Grammatically Challenge says:

    Curious O: Do you even realize you lose the entire force of your (lame) message when you demonstrate your inability to spell school correctly (scool is your version) or understand there is a difference between whine (which is what you are doing) and wine (which you should be drinking instead of the rock gut that has damaged your synapses), etc….

  35. CuriousO says:

    to Chazz:

    Do you really have to respond to everything with a short, terse, curt, smart alec, nonsensical, flippant, uninformed, uneducated, silly, ridiculous comment? can’t you just accept you are a ridiculous person who sees life through a broken, unrepairable prism that needs to be washed out more than your mouth.

    listen, they say everybody has a brain but they might have to go back and revisit this because you are doing your best to disprove it. did you ever hear of the saying
    “think before you speak” or in you case, before you blog respond. it doesn’t hurt to think Chazz and it is free. try it, you might like it, ….well, let me take that back, you don’t like anything including are the definition of self loathing…

    i actually should feel sorry for you…..but that would be very hard and i would be lying if i said that i did….

    i will pay for the one way ticket, it is a standing offer, anywhere out of south florida where they don’t have electricity so you can’t plug in your computer and keep misinformed of what is happening here…

  36. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    But you KEEP READING MY BLOG and that is the funny thing about this whole discussion. I mean, speaking about self loathing…


    Good night. You boor me…

  37. CuriousO says:

    Chazz, i have never gone to your blog site nor will i ever do so. you are on this blog so i can’t avoid you; it’s like a mosquito flying around your head. if you stay away from this site, i will be happy.

    would you stay away, Chazz? would you just focus on deerfield? i will mail you a christmas card with some coal in it, if you do so. please.

  38. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Buddy loves me. Bob loves me. Tom loves me.

    Can’t we just hug out it. You can be my special little bitch.

  39. CuriousO says:


    I don’t need the approval of others to feel good about myself or justify my existence. You obviously do, and that is pathetic.

    I am so much your intellectual superior and I am very much a better human being. Because I am a decent human being, I won’t answer anything about hugging you or answer your use of the b—- word, as it regards me because why you would want to go there with me is beyond me. suffice it to say that the short answer to your queries is “uh…NO”. I hope to never meet you, you are disgusting, disrespectful, an intellectual flop, not funny…you get the drift. If i were ever in the same room with you, I would walk to the other side and avoid you. grow up, chazz, and try to like yourself so your annoying, over the top ways don’t infringe on society any more than necessary.

  40. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    For being so vastly intellectually superior, well I have to say, your grasp of the written word kinda sucks…

  41. Ace says:

    Chaz, I think that you got under CuriousO’s skin(alias MR). I tip my hat to you. Have a great night.

    Good night Marty Bob, Roger Bob, Don Bob, Feeley Bob, and the rest on Green Now Mountain.

  42. CuriousO says:

    to Ace:

    uh, noooooooo, to being MR.

    Chaz called the woman mayor of Deerfield Beach a four letter word in a blog, it begins with a “c”, ends in “t” and and is a crass term for a woman’s privates. he did it on tom francis’s blog, check it out.

    how is something like that defended; whether one likes a person or not, how is calling a woman such a despicable thing defendable; it is the lowest of lows, sexist, sophomoric….

    it is typical of him. he is way out of bonds and if he wants to do a bad an poorimitation of howard stern, i guess the first amendment allows it… is sad that formulative thinking folk with different view points on interesting and tough subject matter, have to look at his swill, his sexism, his childness, his lack of depth…an ancillary headache of free society and free thought, i guess ….what are you gonna do?

  43. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    I think the word you are looking for is cunt.

  44. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    And I’ve called her a cunt to her face…

    Get over it. It’s just a word. Does she not have a vagina?

    Wait. Ick. Gross imagery. Back up. Rewind. Undo.

    But you were spot on with me being sophomoric…


  45. Ace says:

    Pictures, I wish i could get the picture of Ferangis from Star Trek. Rosen is an exact clone.

    Sorry for the spelling.

  46. CuriousO says:

    to Buddy:

    Do you like Chazz’s language? Do you think it is appropriate?

  47. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    Now that you’ve found me, aren’t you glad your life finally has a meaning?

    Must have been boring as fuck before…

  48. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    Who is MR? Mark Richards? The famous surfer from the 80’s?

    Surfs up dude!

  49. The Public Square says:

    CuriousO: Welcome to the public square where everyone gets to speak. Yea, sometimes, you dont like the language. I understand that. But, careful to be able to separate the vernacular from the message. IF you are TRULY interested in the what has to be said out here in the public square, sometimes you have to endure a bit of discomfort. Don’t leave because of that.

    Here is a piece that if you ignore the language above you might find interesting — and it is clean:

    Remember, there is even room for those who can’t type well, have an affinity for butchering the rules of the English language, despise punctuation, and jettison all semblance of common sentence structure. The only ones no one really likes are those who spew opinions that are predicated on any knowledge of the facts. That is just noise.

  50. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Oh that Marty Rubenstein. I thought he was dead…

    As they say. Oops. My bad.

  51. Sunrise Resident 2 says:

    Leave Marty alone. I am sure he feels terrible he so poorly understood the issues, and so badly gauged the public sentiment — not just in Sunrise but also in Tamarac, which means both cities he purports to understand. He is out of touch, his rantings are rambling, and he will not even start a website where people can respond to his rants. He says it is because he doesnt want garbage (oops, that is a dirty word) on hiw website from the public. But, we all understand that he understands that we understand he is just a shill. Buddy called it and Marty got it ALL wrong. Must drive him nuts.

    Of course, he has associated his silly views with Rosen and Wishner. Marty is now toxic (oops, another play on words). They are tied at the hip and there are important elections upcoming. Nice job Marty. There will be such nice clips with your rants matched up next to the clips (oh no, bet he takes the whole site down now).

    Must have been a surprise when Sofield stood up against his views and basically proved Marty was wrong — not just a little off, but really really wrong. While Marty attacks the whole world as misunderstanding the issues, even Sofield saw through it all and vowed to NEVER let that dump in the City.

    Marty, you are now brushed away to the curb. No one will give your site the time of day, except perhaps the same way we listen to disheveled man who stands on a milk crate and screams at the world — curious as to what makes him tick and wondering maybe if we listen we can find insight to the synaptic lapses which serve as the entire basis for the dribble, but always just walking away wondering how they ended up that way.

    Very sad ending.

  52. Conflict says:

    heard their gonna vote on some chrter amendment to stop the dump. dont rosne have a conflict on that issue to? Alu said she wanted the lawyer for the city to get a new opinion. can he vote on the charter amendment if he is being paid by garbage interests? also, who is gettin contributions from them and their lobbyists?

  53. Roger says:

    Here is a prediction Sunrise residents.
    The new charter being drawn up will increase the mayor’s powers, i.e. Roger “John Lomelo” Wishner.
    Sheila Alu finally opened her eyes and saw she was supporting corrupt politician in the nameof Wishner.

  54. gimme a dose of truth today says:

    to “Roger”

    uh, goof ball, Roger Wishner made Sheila Alu; when she first ran, he would take her to all the events and introduce her around, something she has seemed to forget. if it wasn’t for him, she never would have ever gotten elected in the first place……….uh, wow………