Sunrise’s Alu Gets Revenge


Sunrise Commissioner Sheila Alu finally got revenge on Tuesday.

Her target: John Ferguson Jr., a garbage executive who once lorded over the lucrative waste hauling business in Sunrise.

He was king of garbage in Sunrise until he ran into Alu.  All this took place five years ago.

Ferguson was an executive of  All Service Refuse.  The company was fighting against Alu’s demand that Sunrise take competitive bids for the city garbage contract.  All Service had held the contract without competition for decades.

Ferguson was accused of intimidating and harassing Alu.  

The commissioner alleged that detectives hired by the garbage company followed her and probed into her private life.  Their goal was to stop her from pushing competitive bids.

At Tuesday’s commission meeting, Alu got back at Ferguson…if only for a month. 

She blocked until October consideration of the routine transfer of a University Drive strip bar’s business license because Ferguson owned 10 percent of the joint.

She stopped the debate by publicly revealing Ferguson’s role in the harassment of her.  She told commissioners that he had been investigated by the FBI. 

Since Alu has worked as an operative for the FBI investigating government corruption, her allegation had weight.

Mayor Mike Ryan, who appeared stunned by Alu’s comments, asked that city staff reinvestigate Ferguson’s background.  The transfer was delayed until next month.

Ferguson left All Service after the spat with Alu.

7 Responses to “Sunrise’s Alu Gets Revenge”

  1. Frank White says:

    John Lennon had been investigated by the FBI.

  2. Floridan says:

    I’m not sure I want my elected officials seeking revenge.

  3. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    “Floridian” is 1000 percent RIGHT!!!! SHE IS A DANGER!

  4. get real says:

    All services Refuse is basically Hudson and Huizenga or the predecessor company was (Rep Svcs). Since merged and merged into a giant and moved out of Ft Laud. They are great guys who have done a lot for FLL but no city should be giving anyone a NO BID anything. Its taxpayer $$$ and it should be closely closely guarded. Buddy, unfortunately I think we are headed for a decade of corruption at the N. Broward Hospital District with this privatization. I cant beleive its possible in this day and age.

  5. sunny skies shady people says:

    If you done nothing wrong you got nothing to worry about…go get em girl.

  6. to sunny skies says:

    Dont you mean, if you havent got caught doing anything wrong,(yet) then go get em girl.
    Alu is a shady day herself, her day will come soon. How about every dog (ooh, and I do mean dog) has her day. woof Alu woof

  7. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    although Vice Mayor Alu has addressed my concerns recently,evidently when she does not like someone(Ana Gardiner,Brittany wallman etc this Garbage exucutive etc) she seems to have the attitude that its all or nothing. Its really not fair w/ your connections to the Feds(by her own admission) that you can just per say pick up the phone and call The J. Edgar Hoover office and say this and that about someone to initiate an investigation is really not a fair playing field. You say you work as a prosuecutor etc. but does that give you the right to attempt to ruin someone’s life. Althoug yes gardiner is no longer a Judge but that instance you where at a dinner table in a social settings. In other words work is work and play time is play time. And come on you didn’t like the 15 minutes of fame like you were some Clarice Starling. Even Dr. Lechter had a soft spot. response please. So if its all BS then why all the chatter about your alleged potential loosey -goosey behavior.Again you deny it ,you stated that this past week,but why do I keep hearing your shooting the BS not everyone else????