Sunrise Mayor Wishner, Commissioner Scuotto Violate The Sunshine Law


Mayor Roger Wishner earlier this year promised a new open government in Sunrise.

The mayor speaks with a forked tongue.

Both the Miami Herald and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel said commissioners cast secret ballots Tuesday to appoint civic activist Lawrence “Larry Sofield to fill an empty commission seat.

That’s a direct violation of the Sunshine Law. 

Written ballots may be cast, but they must be signed. 

And they must be available for inspection by the public.

I’m told the city clerk refused to show the ballots to reporters last night.  That’s obvious based on their stories.

Where was City Attorney Stuart Michelson?

“They were voting so fast and putting the ballots in a box, I didn’t realize they didn’t sign, Michelson said.

Michelson said he should have made it clear that the ballots had to be signed.

Michelson knows the law.

When asked about the secret ballots by, he told Mayor Roger Wishner and Commissioner Joey Scuotto to return to city hall today and sign their ballots.  Immediately.

Commissioner Sheila Alu, a lawyer, must know the law.  She signed her ballot before putting it in the ballot box, Michelson said.

Commissioner Don Rosen was sick at home and voted by phone. So his vote was public.

There is no excuse for Wishner and Scutto both are veteran public officials to try to hide their vote.

But then again this is Sunrise.  Former Mayor John Lomelo, who went to prison for extortion, was more open and above board than these clowns.

The secretive City Manager Pat Salarno might have been kicked out of city hall.

The secrecy remains.  

4 Responses to “Sunrise Mayor Wishner, Commissioner Scuotto Violate The Sunshine Law”

  1. Scam says:


    You should have seen it last night. It was a scam run by Wishner and company. Rosen’s vote wasn’t public though he phoned it in to the Clerk.

    I’m glad I was there even though I had to stand in the back of the room because i was late. It was a dog and pony show.

    No open ballot.

    No narrowing of the field.

    No ranking of the candidates.

    Vote Secret. Vote Now. What was the rush?

    Wishner was visibly bored as he had already set up Soffield. It didn’t go like the coronation he wanted because Michael Ryan and Andre Lewis really threw a wrench by being so spectacurly more qualifified than mediocre soffield that they had to go to a second secret ballot.

  2. Sunrise Voter says:

    This is what we get for Michelson’s $400,000 pay check?

  3. Weston Dreams says:

    This is only the beginning for the Three Amigos. They will force through much much more in the next few months, with the City Atty. blessing. Follow the contribution trail. All legal, because Michaelson says it legal.

  4. Another yawn says:

    It was a unanimous vote for Sofield and the media can’t figure out who voted for who? Bring back the real news.