Update: Sunrise Mayor’s Angry Very Public Fight With Girlfriend




You’ve no doubt heard of the saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

It apparently originated in the eighteenth century as a line in a play, which has been amended and used in numerous movies, books and plays since that date.

Sunrise Mayor Mike Ryan is learning just how serious that phrase can be.

Although the couple may have begun to make up several hours after the Facebook post and this article was posted, there is a lesson in this:  Don’t vent on Facebook if you don’t want others to see it.

Browardbeat.com was sent copies of the Facebook post below shortly after it was posted. Based on the number of comments before Browardbeat.com published it, dozens if not hundreds saw it:




Ryan did not return a text to his cell phone for comment.

On Facebook, Mechelle Goodwin Boyle said she has been dating the Sunrise mayor “since July.” She is a former U. S. Army  Sergeant who now works with a hair product company.

At one point today on the Facebook chain, veteran Democratic activist Jack Shifrel stepped in to defend Ryan against vicious comments.

“It is a foolish, terrible mistake to jump to conclusions based on one side of a story. To damage someone’s reputation because of a rant on Facebook that doesn’t even come close to explaining what happened, other than to call him a Liberal, is unconscionable, especially when the matter involved a personal relationship where emotions always run high. I know nothing about this relationship or what happened, and neither does anyone else who wasn’t there. To call someone “lowest form of human” “what a crime” or “F**k him”, without knowing all the facts is beyond stupid,” Shifrel wrote.

Boyle offered more details:

“Didn’t offer to pay for my room even after I was lost for hours ,,, it’s all on camera, Jack (Shifrel) ,, he raged over a political question and matched off and I was left…everyone who knows me knows I would stand up for my country as a veteran , my kids as mom , my partner as a woman , I may be hurt and broken today , I may say awful things out of heartbreak but God needs to be in my heart right now , don’t defend anyone until you know…”

After this was posted and Ryan also read his text from Browardbeat.com, he contacted  Boyle.

She then texted Brorwardbeat.com that, “We were completely fine until I hit a nerve asking a political question , I should know better and I’m sorry I asked him 💔😓 I didn’t expect to be abandoned like that and I learned a lesson…The shooting is affecting us and he probably didn’t mean to leave me in danger.”

She was “cocktails” were involved, no surprise because the incident took place in New Orleans.

Take some advice from someone married more than four decades:  Lighten up.  No “political question” is worth such a fight.

Kiss and make up. You appear to be a cute couple.



     Christmas was a happier time for the couple (from Facebook)

15 Responses to “Update: Sunrise Mayor’s Angry Very Public Fight With Girlfriend”

  1. No doyenne says:

    He “left her” in the middle of the street? Is there a reason that I’m missing here that she’s unable to get herself an Uber? They weren’t in a 3rd world country, or miles from civilization. I mean why is this any different then if they had been out somewhere locally and he got pissed and left? Or if SHE did? She’s a grown ass woman and she’s claiming abandonment because her boyfriend stormed off while they were on vacation? Suck it up buttercup!

  2. Slow News Day? says:

    An article like this belongs on TMZ.com, not a blog that purports itself to have a higher standard. Shame on you.

  3. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Good for her..

  4. What happens in Vegas says:

    Mike Ryan serves the City of Sunrise very well as Mayor, is an excellent attorney and if now divorced (I didn’t know) likely takes care of his family/children. Pretty trashy talk from a photogenic woman who may have been expecting more, to no avail. Why is this her forum/soap box?

    Give it a break.

    There are far bigger issues the cities and Broward are facing right now, including the Parkland MSD H.S. and the pedestrian bridge in Miami, busted sewers in FLL, etc.


    As the article states, she used a much bigger forum: Facebook. The Facebook post was read by leading Democrats in Broward like Jack Shifrel long before Browardbeat.com posted it.

  5. A reader says:

    What ever happened to not airing one’s dirty laundry in public? Grow up!

  6. Plantation Native says:

    Buddy I’m disappointed you would stoop to the level of tabloid journalism and post fodder like this. Clearly this woman has not matured much past the level of high school romance. Mayor Ryan is an incredible leader and visionary and has done a remarkable job moving the City of Sunrise into the 21st Century. Nowhere have I seen you offer criticism of the incidents having taken place in Parkland, but you probably wouldn’t criticize your friends in a public forum.

  7. Just an opinion says:

    Wow… that’s like saying everyone from me too should continue to keep silent. She has a right to express herself actually ,I applaud her. There are not a whole lot of people that have the ability to call Mayor Ryan out on his bs. Don’t worry Mayor Ryan will have all his cronies out here soon enough defending him. He is a public figure and if he can’t take the heat get out of the public view.


    I agree. Why should she keep quiet if she felt abused?

    In my experience as a reporter/editor/columnist, the folks who cry tabloid journalism are often the same ones that read the tabloids and watch TMZ.

  8. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Good point Buddy.I agree in the barbershop i have the Wall Street Journal.Sun-Sentinel and the New york Post.Plus the National Enquire.And wouldn.t u guess the first paper the customers pick up is the weekly National Enquire.I see your point.

  9. Take it down says:

    Take it down!


    No. Why would I? There is obvious interest in this based on the number who have read it and based on over 100 comments in less than a day on Ms. Boyle’s Facebook page.

  10. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Such a classic Browierd story!

  11. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Sergeant… adapt, improvise, overcome.

    Also, maybe get your own credit card to pay for your own hotel room?

    PS Buddy…

    I’m not sure being left in streets of New Orleans qualifies as being “abused.” Now, on the other hand, if she was left on the streets on Margate, now that’s abuse.

  12. Broward Fella says:

    I don’t get people that defend this guy. He’s a phony democrat. He has allowed developers to run wild, but is so well connected to the county party’s establishment, no one calls out is B.S.

    With that being said, unless he’s being accused for domestic violence, someone’s personal issues mean little to me. Cover his corruption and greed, not his personal flings.

  13. James Miller says:

    He’s straight?!….

  14. Grey Cardinal says:

    The guy is a narcissistic,passive aggressive douchebag and I am not sure why she or anyone else would be surprised. She should know that she has to kiss the ring, so to speak and if she dosent…wala…

    As for him as mayor…he uses his itellectual vigor to pull a wool over many eyes but below that surface, he is not all great.

  15. Jack says:

    This guy Mike Ryan needs to RUN away from this woman as fast as he can! You can’t trust a partner who posts your personal business on Facebook, especially if you’re in politics. Politicians should never date crazy.