Sunrise Made National Example of Excess


The New York Times picked a soaring monument to the great condominium bust in today’s edition.

It’s not in Miami. 

It’s not in Fort Lauderdale, a city where the southwest section is dotted with empty silent failed condominium projects.


The Tao Sawgrass In Sunrise 

It is the Tao in Sunrise those two monstrous abominations on the edge of the Everglades.  

According to the Times, only 50 of the 396 units have been sold in the 26-story ediface to excess.

The Sunrise City Commission wanted to be a cutting edge community.

They are:  On the cutting edge of failure.

I hope Mayor Roger Wishner and the rest of the development-crazy clowns like the publicity.  They deserve it.

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8 Responses to “Sunrise Made National Example of Excess”

  1. In The Long Run says:

    Had those units been ready for occupancy in the height of our real estate boom, most would have been sold. In the long run they will all be sold. The building may have to be refinanced, the company may have to go broke, all those things may happen. But the building will still be there, it is a remarkable piece of real estate, and it will at one point or another sell. So to say that it is a failure, that’s only something you can say at a given point in time. Wanting to be cutting edge is never something that a community should not try to become. When we are governed more by fear than desire to achieve, we end up with mediocrity at best.

  2. Marty Rubinstein says:

    Get your facts straight Buddy.

    The Commission that approved Tao consisted of Mayor Steve Feren, Joey Scuotto, Sheila Alu, Don Rosen, and IRWIN HARLEM.

    Wishner had absolutely NOTHING to do with that disaster called Tao.

    Tao was the dream of Pat Salerno and Steve Feren. You remember Feren, the ex-Mayor who bought into Tao and the only buyer to get his money back without having to sue.

    Herr Salerno meanwhile was addressing various civic groups such as the SALT council proclaiming his ‘vision’ of attracting the ‘cream of the crop’ (lawyers and doctors) to Tao.

    Two possible uses for Tao: Sell it to the County to be converted to a new Courthouse, or convert it to section 8 housing and rename the property Pat Salerno village.

    FROM BUDDY: Marty, Marty, Marty.
    I never wrote that Mayor Wishner voted for the project. There are so many more — let’s start with the one west of the Sawgrass Expressway abuting the Everglades — that he voted for.
    When is Sunrise commission going to realize that bending over for every developer and lobbyist that walks into city hall is not benefitting the community? Are the tax rates lower today than they were 20 years ago? Are the water rates lower? Are the roads easier to drive on?
    Just what is the benefit of all this concentrated development?
    The only benefit I see is to line the pockets of the commissioners’ special interest friends.

  3. Hey Marty says:

    So Marty, since you didn’t get that Tao is a symbol of corruption, I have a question.

    Is your Master, Mr. Wisher, against the NEW TAOS in the pipeline? You know the ones that will bring literally TONS of new condo units into the market.

    Is he against the building of the monstrosity on the Everglades side of the Sawgrass?

    Is he against the dumping of developer dollars into sunrise campaigns?

    Me Thinks Not. Mr. Marty man. But I leave the answering to Mr. wishner through you of course.

  4. sunrise resident says:

    The Sunrise Commission is bought and sold.

  5. dumb dumb dumb says:

    Marty Rubinstein is Wishner’s puppet because thinks Wishner is going to help him revive his political career. He is a loser. Screen out his comments or put the real name on top, Roger Wishner.

  6. Cocktails says:

    Ole Marty Bulldog Rubin stll around? What a mess he is!

  7. Salarno's Dream says:

    Let’s put blame where the blame should lie. The Tao and other half empty, ugly projects are the work of former city manager and dictator Pat Salarno. The commission’s crime is that he led them around like puppies for years. That includes every one of them, so don’t let Sheila Alu or Roger Wishner claim they didn’t do everything he wanted. His biggest stoge was Steve Feren, who deserved to be a judge about as much as Crusty the Clown. We need to put a stop to this development.

  8. ALERT says:

    roger was salernos little stooge when he was commissioner the frist time before he was state legislature,roger used to play good cop bad cop with salerno then they would be talking on the side of the dias,roger wishner was salerno stooge.
    enjoy your appointed mayor now before november 2011