Sunrise Election: Roger Wishner Is Not All-Powerful


Hey, Sunrise Mayor Roger Wishner.  Pay close attention to the election results.

You threw everything you had at candidate James DePelisi

You put all your influence and support on the line for Commissioner Don Rosen.

Rosen won by less than 4 percent Tuesday over challenger James DePelisi.

And your nemesis Commissioner Joey Scuotto was easily re-elected, beating his opponent by about 10 percentage points.

The election proves that you, Wishner, are not totally in charge in Sunrise. 

 It isn’t a dictatorship yet. At least not in the minds of many voters.

Back off, Roger. 

Views other than yours also deserve attention in Sunrise City Hall. 

I guess you’ll have to listen to at least one different point of view for the next four years Scuotto.

Maybe you’ll even have to listen to DePelisi from the audience.  I would encourage him to stay involved.

17 Responses to “Sunrise Election: Roger Wishner Is Not All-Powerful”

  1. Patrick Eichholtz says:

    I did not vote for Don Rosen but I must commend him on being a good sport. In the last week I personally witnessed his “people” disposing of James Depelesi signs. How thoughful that he would dispose of Mr. Depelesi’s campaign signs so Mr. Depelesi won’t have to. What a class act! What a guy! Always thinking of others. Now the only thing left littering Sunrise will be empty three-hundred unit hi-rises.

  2. Mayor Roger B. Wishner says:

    Buddy, not sure where you come up with the things you write. We are all so lucky you got let go by the Sun Sentinel. As for your comment about being in charge. Sunrise is not like England (were I lived for a year) or Cuba there are no kings or dictators the last time I read the city charter which I’m sure you have never read. Sunrise is a Commission/City Manager form of government. The commission sets policy and the manager implements them. The Mayor and commissioners have one vote each. Not sure why you call Commissioner Scuotto a nemesis. If one of us comes up with a good idea and the majority agrees it will happen. As for Asst Deputy Mayor Don Rosens win I suggest you rent the summer olympics DVD and watch the wins by swimmer Micheal Phelps if I recall he win some of his races in mille seconds. My point is a win is a win no matter how large it is. In golf it’s not what the shots look like it is the correct score you put on the card. As for Mr. DePelesi he is a Three time loser. It is time for him to move to Boca and be with his family (wife and child and one on the way). The voters have spoken very loud and clear they don’t want him in office. By the way some people I speak to think you are a very bitter man and that is why you write negative storys. It would be nice to see you give credit to people in office that are making positive impacts on there communitys.

  3. Sunrise Mom says:

    I don’t mean to be picky but shouldn’t the Mayor of our town be able to properly construct sentences that are free from spelling errors? Nice representation of Sunrise, FL. Between this and Scuotto’s public outbursts, we should all be so proud! We all knew the public education level was poor in Sunrise; no wonder Roger ships his kid off to Davie for middle school.

  4. Sunrise Voter says:

    I notice not only bad English in the mayor’s e-mail, but also bitterness towards DePelisi and Buddy. He couldn’t resist a nasty crack at each of them. The mayor should be above conduct like that.

  5. btandi says:

    Buddy: You are absolutely right. Roger, shame on you and yes, your English is awful. As a former teacher, UGH!!! The residents of Sunrise only should know how the Police and Firefighters/Paramedics were threatened by the Mayor and Shiela—-that if they did not get Rosen re-elected, they would hold up their contracts. I talked to over 50 of them in the past week just to see where they were coming from. Additionally, on election day, they had their goons, Marty Rubenstein and Barry Harris, removing signs……a misdemeanor…..and another person saw a person stumbling out of a car removing a De Pelisi sign and throwing it toward the edge…..a non political person saw this and called it in to the police and guess whose car it was, Don Rosen????We are the laughing stock of the State,,,,,not just the County but the whole state….and I am ashamed to be a Sunrise resident after 45 years….through Lomelo and all….it was never this corrupt……WAKE UP SUNRISE….and thank you Buddy for staying on top of everything.

  6. taking Sunrise Back says:

    Lets talk about losers,Roger you lost two times before you won a commission seat,when you were a State Legislature you did nothing other then try to get a golf license plate,You ran for county commissioner and finished 4th in a 4 person race,you were just appointed mayor and found a loop hole so you have a 2 year appointment,not even allowing the citzens to decide who there elected mayor should be,fill in that loop hole and allow the people to decide who there mayor should be,right now two appointed positions are on the comission where citzens have to wait 2 years for there voice will be heard.
    Buddy you were an excellant reporter for the sun sentenial and there has been an empty void since you have left,I know you are tough as nails and would not be intimidated by the present mayor where if it was up to him he would shut down your frist amendment right to free speech.
    I must admit there were times I did not agree with you, but you had a right to say it,you have been an instrumental part of this community for many years have kept people honest and on there toes for that you deserve a thank you

  7. kwitcherbelyaken says:


    Goons Marty Rubenstein and Barry Harris removing signs? Don Rosen removing signs?

    You must be the same goofball who claims that parishioners “saw” Marty Rubensten photographing cars with pro life bumper stickers in the All Saints parking lot during services.

    My advice is to take up drinking heavily. Maybe you’ll stop seeing Rubenstein Rosen and Harris and start seeing pink elephants.

  8. Dr Wilbur Wishner says:

    By any chance you are related to Arnold Nevins,Atty. my old buddy MIAMI BEACH

    Dr. Wilbur M. Wishner


    I don’t believe I’m related to him. Are you related to Roger Wishner, mayor of Sunrise?

  9. come on says:

    Maybe Barry Harris will stop borrowing money from everybody in town and maybe finally Marty Rubinstein can keep a job,and maybe,just maybe Don Rosen will tell the truth about something.and maybe the appointed mayor will actually have the guts to have a mayors election.Not,with the non sense of these people it makes you see red

  10. wow says:

    It sounds like the mayor is a sore winner//??????????????????????

  11. Marty Rubinstein says:

    Surely you must mean some other Marty Rubinstein. This one’s been retired for more than two years and enjoying life.

    I can take on any projects I like and walk out the door when I want to. Nice position to be in life.
    where I am.

  12. Marty Rubinstein says:

    …make that last line, “you should be where I am.”

  13. come on says:

    your correct believe it or not,We know that it was a forced retirement when you were soundly defeated in the school board race and Frank Till made sure you lost and Kraft sold you down the river,so enjoy your retirement now that you are sofield and Rosens assistant and enjoy your retirement,If I was where you were at,it would be time to pack it in,
    enjoy your retirement

  14. Marty Rubinstein says:

    Go back to your self indulgent ignorance. You have no idea of what the real story is.

    I do have one philosophy that you should take to heart:

    Better to be a has been than a never was. Much better…

    Take it to heart.

  15. come on says:

    to the a stupid fool ,you seem to be upset,what did a strike a nerve you clown,the fact of the matter is you were forced into retirement when you were soundly defeated by P, HOPE.You are a has been that nobody term was more then the citzens wanted.The bottom line you are yesterdays news .
    take it to the bank

  16. We're Listening says:

    So what is the real story Marty?

    It doesn’t matter. Either way you still lost to HOPE NOT. And now you are “retired” and can do anything you want. So you CHOOSE to to be Wishner’s and Rosen’s and Soffield’s Bootlicker?

    At least Wishners is a real man.

  17. sunset says:

    if wishner was a real man he would have changed the city charter an ran for the present appointed mayor postion,wishner got a 51% for an 8 year incumbant with every endorsement including the mayor,the last time he ran againt Depelisi Rosen had 63% of the vote great job by the unions as well,great trends