Sunrise Commission’s Free Heath Insurance Under Attack


Are you sick of paying for health insurance?

Get elected to the Sunrise City Commission and you’ll never get another insurance bill. 

Commissioners and their families don’t pay for insurance. 

That’s outrageous in a city that just raised its water rates by double digits!

Currently commissioners and top managers get free insurance

Commissioner Sheila Alu wants to end the freebee.

“Its not fair…everybody should pay, Alu says.

You go, girl!

Alu also says that the city will tonight consider forcing all employees into an HMO….except commissioners and managers.

That’s deeply offensive, too.

In what twisted vision of America should commissioners and managers be treated special, while those with lower salaries and taxpayers foot the bill?  

I wish Alu success.


6 Responses to “Sunrise Commission’s Free Heath Insurance Under Attack”

  1. Sunrise Resident says:

    they’re out of control.

  2. mike good says:

    hallandale beach has the same insurance coverage.

  3. Resident says:

    Sheila could refuse the benefit, but won’t.

  4. Mr. Jay says:

    Is there some connection here with the school board???

  5. Bruce Edwards says:

    at least they get perk while in office serving. your favorite mayor Rae Carole Armstrong of Plantation set it up were her and and a few politicians get free insurance which includes dental after they leave office for the rest of their and spouses life at taxpayers expense I guess that takes bigger balls than going after P.A.L do you agree Buddy? plan was so expensive Steve Palmquist could not really put a cost on it and was left as a unfunded liability to the city…you go grandma!!!

  6. plantation for plantation says:

    Yes that was a very disgraceful time for Plantation. Ralph Merrit,Larry Freilich,John Gibbs,Judge Marty,Rae Carole and Frank Veltri all should be ashamed for their greed. Edwards was the one who put the numbers on the table and showed that they broke sunshine laws never will forget the night he made them so uncomfortable that Frank and Rae Carole got up and left a meeting rather than answer his line of questions. too bad he tired of serving he was a guy you knew looked out for the people