Sunrise Candidate Spearheading Chinese Dry Wall Suit


Sunrise mayoral candidate Mike Ryan is the lead attorney suing to get money back for home owners ripped off by Chinese Dry Wall manufacturers and distributors.

The current mayor?

Roger Wishner has been in office since Ronald Reagan was president.  

Ryan got widespread publicity this week when he sued Miami-based Banner Supply Co., which allegedly distributed tons of the defective dry wall. Whether it helps him in his race for mayor is anybody’s guess.  

“Attorney Mike Ryan, of Krupnick Campbell, and Ervin Gonzalez, of Colson Hicks Eidson, are spearheading the lawsuits. Ryan has been appointed as the plaintiffs’ liaison for the Chinese drywall cases for Broward County, said the South Florida Business Journal.

Sunrise needs change. 

Sunrise doesn’t need a career politician like Wishner.  It doesn’t needs somebody who’s chummy with the ring of insiders who has made Broward the corruption capital of Florida.  Sunrise needs someone with fresh ideas.

Ryan has enough smarts and skills to run a huge class action law suit. 

Ryan already had a positive effect on Sunrise. He was a leader in the successful effort to block a garbage dump in western Sunrise which Wishner supported. 

Ryan just could be what Sunrise needs.

One Response to “Sunrise Candidate Spearheading Chinese Dry Wall Suit”

  1. Politico says:

    So right Buddy. It seems some of these long-term politicos had the right frame of mind upon entering politics. I don’t know why they end up looking so morally bankrupt as the years go by. Its obvious that years of insider activity, turning a blind eye to corruption, and self-interest takes a toll on career pols. I’m not crazy about voting for career politicians. But sometimes, chosing the lessor of 2 evils means dancing with the devil you know, rather than risk electing the devil that you don’t know.