Sun-Sentinel Switches Reporters On Key Beats


I surely hope not, but this move may be like changing deck chairs on the Titanic.

The Sun-Sentinel, which is on the verge of emerging from bankrupcy to an uncertain future, has juggled two of their key government writers’ beats.



Broward County Commission reporter Scott Wyman and Fort Lauderdale City Hall writer Brittany Wallman have switched places. Wyman will now be covering Fort Lauderdale, while Wallman will cover the county government.

Both reporters cover politics, too.

Tony Man continues to have the title of political writer, but Wyman and Wallman are the two of the paper’s three-person Broward political blog.

Word from inside the Sun-Sentinel newsroom is that editors wanted to freshen the coverage.  Wyman and Wallman had been covering their respective beats at least a decade.  

Both are terrific reporters and there is no doubt that they will be tackling their new assignments with renewed vigor.

Politicians, govern yourselves accordingly.

4 Responses to “Sun-Sentinel Switches Reporters On Key Beats”

  1. Watch Out says:

    Tony Who?

  2. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    I was hoping this article was to chronicle the replacement of Linda Trischetta with…

    I’ll go with *anyone* here…

    Her reporting (when there is some that is) is beyond bad and anyone, and I mean anyone, would be a step up. Hell, I’d even go with a kid from Deerfield Beach High School.

  3. Need A Lifejacket says:

    All these newspaper “writers” are going to be unemployed soon. I need a receptionist. Brittany Wallman may need to keep me in mind.

  4. Sorry says:

    If the Sun-Sentinel was doing its job, half the politicians would be in jail. This change will make no difference. Change the batting order of the Marlins and they’ll still end up with losing season. The Sun-Sentinel is the Marlins of the media. Blogs like this and Pulp provide the real news.