Sun-Sentinel, Sheriff Clash Over Editorial





You thought arguing with City Hall was impossible.  Try arguing with the Sun-Sentinel Editorial Board.

Just ask Sheriff Scott Israel.

On Sunday, October 27, the Sun-Sentinel published an editorial slamming Israel’s  “relentless pursuit for more and more money…after receiving a still-generous 4.5 percent increase, he started looking elsewhere for more money, focused on the awarding bigger staff pay raises, pensions and perks.”

The sheriff objected, saying the editorial was full of errors.

His staff and the editorial board’s Grand Poobah Rosemary Goudreau were burning up the Internet last week, furiously exchanging e-mail over the editorial.

Israel said he has asked for no employee benefit (“perks”) or pension increases.  He claimed the pay raises referred to in the editorial were the work of former Sheriff Al Lamberti.

Goudreau apparently had County Government Writer Brittany Wallman check it out three days after the editorial ran:


From: Wallman, Brittany []

Sent: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 6:56 PM

To: Olsen, Kayla

Subject: FW: sheriff


Hi, Kayla. Are these budget figures correct, for BSO?

County’s offer: $391.6 million, or 17.1 million more than last year’s (adjusted) $374.5 m = a 4.6 percent increase

I adjusted last year’s BSO county-funded budget by the $23.7 million removed this year for dispatch, in order to make an apples to apples comparison in evaluating the increase from the county.


From: Olsen, Kayla

Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2013 8:27 AM

To: ‘Wallman, Brittany’

Subject: RE: sheriff


HI Brittany – you are close, on page 2-1 of the adopted budget book, which is on our website, we show the FY 13 regional services budget without dispatch as $377.329 M and the adopted FY 14 budget is $391.58 million so the increase was 3.8%.

Kayla Olsen, Director

Broward County Office of Management & Budget


Oooops.  No Rosemary, 4.5 percent is not 3.8 percent.

The editorial also stated “to save $1 million, the sheriff said he was going to cut the sole ambulance serving the east end of Alligator Alley, an area that’s seen some horrific crashes.”

The sheriff said: “We planned to remove the only ambulance from Station 106, but keep the specialized hybrid Rescue Engine there. The Rescue Engine is both a fire engine and a full-rescue ambulance.”

So the editorial left the false impression that the area would go unprotected.

Israel also complained that the editorial had an internal contradiction.

It criticized Israel for spending, yet also criticized him for cutting things like the Alligator Alley ambulance.

So what did the Sun-Sentinel do about Israel’s complaints.

Nothing with the editorial. It remained on the paper’s website at the time this was written – Nov. 4th at 3 p.m.

Goudreau did permit Israel to write his own op-ed piece countering the editorial.

But she had the last laugh.

The original editorial was published on Sunday, the day with the highest circulation. Israel was allowed to write his piece on Monday, a day with one of the lowest circulations.

And Israel’s General Counsel Ron Gunzburger complained that Goudreau altered Israel’s piece.  You can see Gunzburger’s e-mail below.

There is legitimate criticism that can be leveled at Israel.  But if Israel is right, portions of this editorial deserved a correction.

Gourdreau did not answer an e-mail about the editorial.

The Sun-Sentinel’s Sunday circulation dropped another 3 percent in the latest industry report, even with the relaxed standards that allow them to include certain free copies and free mobile access, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

So newspapers like the Sun-Sentinel have plenty of problems. That means they should bend over backward to make sure every story and editorial is right.  Because newspapers have only one advantage they have over everybody else on the Internet – credibility.




From: Gunzburger, Ron
Sent: Monday, November 04, 2013 2:05 PM
To: Rosemary Goudreau (
Cc: Coleman-Wright, Veda
Subject: Sheriff’s Op-Ed



Why did the Sentinel make one significant change in wording/meaning to the Sheriff’s op-ed — a change which would only serve to defend your original flawed editorial?

The Sheriff’s submission to the Sentinel stated:

BSO planned to “cut the sole ambulance serving the east end of Alligator Alley.”  FACT:  We planned to remove just one rescue unit from Station 106, while keeping the specialized hybrid Rescue Engine there.  The Rescue Engine is both a fire engine and a full rescue ambulance.  We also have our BSO helicopters, which are frequently used for medical evacuations from the Alley.

The version the Sentinel printed read:

BSO planned to “cut the sole ambulance serving the east end of Alligator Alley.” FACT: We planned to remove the only ambulance from Station 106, but keep the specialized hybrid Rescue Engine there. The Rescue Engine is both a fire engine and a full-rescue ambulance. We also have our BSO helicopters, which are frequently used for medical evacuations from the Alley.

This was dishonest editing of the Sheriff’s op-ed.  Both the Rescue 106 unit and Rescue Engine 106 unit are rescue ambulances – the latter however is a hybrid engine and ambulance.  This edit would seem to further compound the intellectual dishonesty of the original editorial.




Ronald M. Gunzburger

General Counsel

Broward County Sheriff’s Office

2601 W. Broward Blvd.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312







43 Responses to “Sun-Sentinel, Sheriff Clash Over Editorial”

  1. Gunzie and Israel SUCK says:

    Lies breed lies, lies, lies. That’s all Israel and Gunzie can do is lie. If they told the truth, they would both be imprisoned on numerous counts. How does it feel to have the fox guarding the hen house Broward County? Fortunately their days are numbered and it is only a matter of time before they are both gone. Praying for ethical, honest leadership in the future!

  2. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Seriously, who cares what the Sun-Sentinel Editorial Board thinks? If the Sun-Sentinel wants to criticize the Sheriff, the way to do that is through investigative reporting. The Sun-Sentinel got well-deserved props from me for their recent investigation into the Sunrise police department’s entrapment schemes. And it worked – Sunrise halted its entrapment schemes in response to the Sun-Sentinel investigation. Naturally, all the incumbent City Comissioners thought the City had done nothing wrong. They will hopefully figure out how out of touch they all are when the next election comes around and they get sacked for this and for another entrapment scheme known as red light cameras.

    Less blathering from the Editorial Board and more action from the investigative reporters is the way to build up the Sun-Sentinel’s credibility. Stop wasting time, money and effort on useless editorials. Just dig up the facts – the people’s perceptions of their elected officials will then update themselves accordingly.

  3. Just the Facts says:

    No surprise here. The S-S gets the facts wrong when it writes so called “news” stories, so why should anyone be surprised that its editorial is full of false “facts.” Heaven forbid they actually fact-check something before it goes into print.

    Remember when there actually was something called “journalistic ethics?” That’s why I am not shedding any tears over the demise of this newspaper. The S-S is not even worthy of lining birdcages and wrapping fish in these days.

  4. just the facts says:

    oh oh – what is this ?
    “….The original editorial was published on Sunday, the day with the highest circulation. Israel was allowed to write his piece on Monday, a day with one of the lowest circulations.”….
    Oh Buddy – are you sure? Check your facts.
    I do. Walk into any 7-11, Publix, WinnDixie, no-name convenience store selling Sunday SunSentinels aound 10:00PM on a Sunday night.

    Big stacks still waiting to be bought nd read. Meanwhile these same retailers get about 6 Sunday Miami Heralds and they are all SOLD OUT by noon on a Sunday.
    Hello! who cares what day the print edition at s-s ran anything? right or wrong, correct or massaged.
    Is blogs like youras that get the news and facts out. Not a retraction or mea culpa (Not that they issued one0 from s-s (wheres the big guy Hank Greenberg who runs the editorial board? Didn’t rosemary just take Mr. fins place when he got a better gig w/less headaches working for the mural guy?


    The Miami Herald has a lower price.

    The Sun-Sentinel has an average circulation of 206,175 on Sunday and 151,413. Part of
    this circulation is in south Palm Beach County.

    To put it in perspective, the Sun-Sentinel sold more than 400,000 copies on Sunday during a period when I was there. In 1988, the paper sold 275,000 daily Monday through Friday.

    To give it more perspective, the circulation area of Broward and South Palm Beach County has a population of over 2 million. So the Sun-Sentinel reaches roughly less than 10 percent on Sunday and maybe 7-8 percent of the people daily.

    Of course, there are additional people who read online. Online circulation doesn’t make it enough to survive as anything more than a bulletin board.

  5. City Activist robert Walsh says:

    First of all Brittany Wallman knows her shit(I respect that). As far as The Sun-Sentinel they were fair. They gave Israel the chance to defend himself. So I think Att.Gunzburger you need to take it easy. One piece of advice file a motion(petion) w/ the courts. Get a no-contact order against Lamberti, not a restraining order but a no contact order. On the grounds that Lamberti is constantly showing up @ functions that this Sheriff needs to attend and is causing chaos. Go back to the comm. meeting(in the cities,towns) that the word was Lamberti was textings these commissioners to purposely make Israel look bad. Bring up the fact that the former sheriff is giving out classified info that puts the County at risk. File a Public info request for the elected officals cell phone, I pad etc. If the city/town is paying for the cell phone etc. then you are entitled to those records. It will include , all incoming phone #’s. plus actualy texts messages and who they are from(bingo). If they balk, and state its my private cell, etc, too bad. In other words if we the taxpayer are compensated you for the communication device, then we are entitled to see it(word to the wise). If again they balk file a court motion to demand them. You’ll prevail-trust me. Big Al-play fair….

  6. Real Deal says:

    They lie. This has nothing to do with journalism. This has to do with sensationalism.

    They lie and then allow the injured party to defend themselves on Mondays when even fewer people read the newspaper. What scumbags.

  7. Real Deal says:

    By the way, Rosemary, what color socks do you wear? That seems to be the most interesting story you approve of there.

  8. Pro Israel says:

    Buddy, ever since you left the Sun Sentinel the political reporting has turned into the worst kind of second rate muckraking gossip.

    This fight they’ve picked with Sheriff Israel is just contemptable. I’ve never seen a newspaper so willing to lie in order to score political points.
    First the accuse the Sheriff of asking for too much money, then after the county cuts the budget they blame him for cutting services. Expanding services is what the money was for.

    Last week they blamed him for making contract cities pay for what they spend, and demanded that he pay Lauderdale Lakes $14 million for overbilling dating back to the Jenne administration. Were they even serious?

    I mean, I understand that the Sun Sentinel has been living with shrinking budgets for years, but no one dies when they miss a story. We can’t take that kind of gamble with public safety.

  9. Alice in Wonderland says:

    Angelio cover my back.

  10. Ron M.A. Budstein says:

    It’s easy to follow the breadcrumbs of this fluff piece back to the Bugles “bi partisan” sleaze team.

    Let’s not forget the reasons Scott Israel asked for the INITIAL 10.1% increase. Yes 10.1% ($750.6 Million, an increase of $69.1 million, or 10.1% from the FY12/13 budget approximately $681.5 million). He says:

    Key factors influencing the Proposed Budget:
     Increase due to full year funding for City of Lauderdale Lakes Fire and Police contract services in the amount of $8.5 M.  Anticipated health insurance increase of $19.6 M.
     Salary increases due to contractual obligations in the amount of $22.8 M.
     Implementation of Vehicle Replacement Plan with an increase in Vehicle Capital in the amount of $7.6 M.
     Increases in new position requests totaling $4.0 M.
     Software/Computer replacements due to necessary technological upgrades of $4.2 M.  Necessary building improvements and equipment purchases totaling $2.5 M.

    Well… Ok… Healthcare increases? BSO had cost savings this year, interesting.and what of the new “community relations” folks who make significantly more than a starting deputy who’s risking their life everyday in the line of duty? Doesn’t BSO already have Community Service Aides? One I which who is still suing the sheriff despite all the help he gave him during the campaign?

    Moreover, the “hybrid” engine at 106 is only capable of capable of transporting ONE patient at a time as well as the “useless” helicopter that Scott Israel has been making use of other than trauma calls. So three trauma alerts occur on the alley, only one can be airlifted, the other travels via a slow moving engine, and the other waits while the golden hour dissipates waiting for mutual aide.

  11. Elected Despite Them says:

    I was interviewed by the editorial board along with Goudreau last year. It was clear that they know nothing about my race, nothing about the issues and nothing at all. She was nasty, imperial and haughty as through Charles Foster Kane and not the employee of a failing newspaper. They didn’t endorse me and I won anyway. The editorial board has no power and once the public realizes it, they go away.

  12. To The Point says:

    People are missing the major point of all of the articles. Israel continues to lie out if both sides of his mouth and thinks he can get away with it as a public official. He can’t and on a weekly basis every time he opens his big arrogant mouth he gets caught in another lie. Whether you like the newspapers or journalists, just look at the facts yourself honestly. When a person like the Sheriff continuously lies and gets caught then always has amnesia or tries to twist the facts for his own sake is bad news. We are not talking about any political position, this is a job requiring honesty and integrity and this Sheriff has shown in the past 10 months he lacks both and will be on serious trouble along with that loser Attorney Gunzberger he uses.

    I think the Sheriff is once again aggressively mad because he got caught and doesn’t like to be guestioned by anyone because he thinks he’s so almighty, but he will learn like Jenne he is not!!!!

  13. Your Pal Al Lameberti says:

    The Sun Sentinel has an editorial board? I have more respect for the National Enquirer. At least they get it right sometimes. Hopefully, the Scum Slantenil will go belly up soon.

  14. Duke says:

    It all flows from the top. Both the South Florida Sun Sentinel and The Orlando Sentinel endorsed Romney. Anytime a Sun-Sentinel telemarketer calls my house, I remind them of that when declining a subscription.

    Scott Israel is the best sheriff we’ve ever had. I’ve been through ’em all. Stack, Butterworth, Brescher, Cochran, Jenne, Lamberti. None of them have a resume or list of accomplishments anywhere near as impressive as Scott Israel. He’s a real law enforcement professional.

    BTW, nice job by the sheriff getting John Curcio to investigate the Chris Reyka killing and finding out the truth. The former regime was way off the mark on that one.

  15. Ron M.A. Budstein says:

  16. Their opinion not worth the paper it's printed on says:

    They endorsed Abby Freedman for School Board in District 4 and a whole bunch of Parkland voters chose her based on that recommendation.

    Ask those same voters if they will rely on the editorial board’s endorsements next time…

    Their credibility is in the toilet.

  17. Just Beachy says:

    S-S has Brit Wallman and she is who I follow, for many years now. Highly competent writer.


    Brit Wallman is a fine reporter who I worked with on many stories. Little known fact: I interviewed Wallman when she applied for a job at the Sun-Sentinel and recommended the paper hire her.

    Wallman and Tony Man are doing a first-class job covering politics, especially considering all the turmoil and uncertainty at the Sun-Sentinel for the past five or six years.

  18. Retraction Bob says:

    Buddy has a soft spot for Wallman but is she isn’t in his league. She entertains herself at the paper she is not there to inform the public. Hers is a constant smart ass approach to everything which is a huge turn off especially since she doesn’t have much of her own to offer. Tony Man is totally different. He is a journalist you can tell that instantly just in how he writes and carries himself. Tony Man would never tweet petty nonsense, write stories without research, or ever write about somebody’s socks. He has too much respect for his craft and for his reader to engage in that kind of garbage. Oh did I mention that Retraction Bob is a low-life, lying loser?

  19. Dear Channel 10 says:

    Channel 10 has to realize that Bob Norman gets his news from his wife Brittany Wallman. He couldn’t do a thing without her. That’s why everybody calls him Mr. Wallman behind his back.

  20. funny says:

    Scott Israel and Ron Gunzberg felt they were done dirty now that is funny.dont do as i do ,do as i sayl

  21. City Activist robert Walsh says:

    Oh #19. So what if its Brittany giving her husband the dirt. Kudos Buddy you hired Brittany(who knew).


    I didn’t hire her. I was one of several who interviewed her and I recommended she be hired.

  22. Ghost of McLovin says:

    The day Anthony Man writes anything that isn’t so slanted and biased, he’ll earn my respect. Brit is a breath of fresh air, although I think she’s getting a little too chummy with the county machine and (especially) the lobby community. PS City Jerk Robert Walsh: Reading Comprehension classes can be attended after hours at Whiddon Rodgers for a nominal fee.

  23. Retraction Bob says:

    Wallman is a joke because her stories like those of her drunken liar of a husband are either untrue half true poorly researched and/or consistently demonstrate sloppy or unethical practices. Take the garbage she fed her Editorial Page Editor, Rosemary Goudreau, who relied on Wallman’s misinformation in writing her editotial for BSO assuming Wallman didn’t also write that. It is rumored by the way that Lamberti promised her a job as a media rep at BSO if he got re-elected which if true goes far to explain the sweetheart press and her lying blob of a husband gave Lamberti and why they hate Scott Isreal so much. The editorial spews total untruth the editor gets called on the carpet for it and is now scrambling to regain what portion of her newspaper’s credibility is left. That’s what. Both Wallmans consistently produce sloppy and unreliable copy, laced with attitude and personal opinion, laced with that annoying little I’m better than you attitude, when both of them suck ass at their own jobs, invariably laced with innuendo rather than facts, subtracting always rather than adding to the effort to inform the public. They constantly lie and misinform. Now if that’s what you find pleasing in newspaper reporting, she gives you exactly what you deserve. My appetite for news is decidedly different. I actually just want the facts and can make my own mind up just fine. Oh, and did I mention that Wallman’s husband, Retraction Bob Norman, is a proven hypocrite, drunken, lying bum whose every story contains lies laced with sensationalism.

  24. Brittany Wallman says:

    A little fact-checking is in order. The “rumor’ referred to by the unhappy poster above was a fiction created by Roger Stone and his associates. I was never offered/promised/approached for a job at BSO nor would I ever leave this job, which I love, to become a p.r. person for law enforcement, nor would I go work for someone I cover, nor do I hate Sheriff Israel.

  25. Retraction Bob says:

    The problem with Wallman’s attempt to defend herself is that nothing she says can be believed. Now we’re going to blame Roger Stone who she persecuted for her lack if credibility? The case against her and her husband’s credibility has already been made abundantly clear. They lie, it’s a proven fact. They embellish, they replace innuendo for fact, they intentionally mislead, they are unethical. It is way more than just sloppy reporting. They are not credible and so her self defense could only persuade the soft minded. You’d have to be a rube to believe anything either if them reports. Oh and did I mention that Retraction Bob gets most if his “dirt” from his wife and then lies about it nightly?

  26. PITY says:

    Although some times I can do with or without
    Bob Norman it is a pity that Israels buddys bas to character assinate a man who had nothing to do with the story,if you have,to take venomous personal pot shots do it on his work Israel and his friends have no shame

  27. Fact Check Brittany says:

    Britt, you’re not going to work for Law Enforcement because Al Lamberti will never hold office again.

  28. PITY says:

    Your,right, 27 who would want to work with scott israel and his mob

  29. Christine says:

    Hey folks,

    Can we end the character assassination? It neither illuminates the subject matter at hand, nor enhances the stature of the contributors. Besides, it’s boring.

  30. Broward Resident says:

    Bob Norman has no character. He has been defrocked as a hypocrite liar.


    Okay, enough is enough. This is far off topic.

  31. Real Deal says:

    Buddy, in fairness the topic is news being reported inaccurately. There is no need to be protective of those responsible for it. Or impatient with those pointing out who they believe practice that style of journalism. Candidly, I find that exchange to be refreshingly honest and in many respects worthwhile.

  32. Christine says:


    Don’t get out much, do you?

  33. Retraction Bob says:

    Question for Christine, whose butt do you like kissing more, Wallman, Bob or Lamberti’s? Just curious about your preference. Or are you one of those people?

  34. sad says:

    To find that refreshing to attack and try to geta man character assinated because he is married to the reporter who wrrote tthe stiory is a mean person

  35. Christine says:


    is this a question about sex?

  36. Retraction Bob says:

    It’s not because their married it’s because they both lie. Aren’t you getting that?

  37. sad says:

    when is israel going to be a sheriff rather then have his bullies attach people trying to get then in trouble britteny and norman have there moments but are will meaning

  38. funny says:

    No scott israel does not lie when he gets his feather ruffled israel could do no wrong its everybody eles fault

  39. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Brittany wallman would never take a “PR” job at the BSO. Never. The only comment that concerns me is the one that states that she is getting really chumy w/ the county Comm. and area lobbyist. Although I would not bet the rent that she is doing that..(isn’t great Britt, that they are all talking about you)

  40. Make it Clean says:

    They mean well? Listen very carefully, I don’t want them meaning anything. All I need them for is to report facts. I need them to deliver my daily tray of information. I can do the rest on my own. I don’t need or want them to misstate the facts, to exaggerate, or ever say things that aren’t true. I don’t want them substituting editorial for basic reporting. I don’t want them doing my thinking for me. They can’t say they want to expose the culture of corruption and then act corruptly. Their hands must stay clean but they seem unable to do it.

  41. Broward Voter says:

    The point has been made very clearly. Norman and Wallman have not been reporting up to professional standards. They have been untruthful more than once in order to sensationalize their reports. This is corrupt reporting.

    It is an important point to make. Reporters cannot maintain basic credibility when they lie. Worse, they cannot hope to pretend to wear the white hat of corruption busters and then be ethical and untruthful in their reporting. There has to be accountability and credibility.

    Both reporters sold out by failing to tell the truth. That is a point that needed to be established for quite some time and now it has been.

  42. ffunny says:

    Boy what is reakly funny are t the 2 above posts sounds like you are e describing the israel, adminstration blame everybody else but me .allly you are doing a

  43. ffunny says:

    Whats funny is that the 2 above posts sounds like the the israek adminstration cut into people blame everybody else but themsekves with all there nonsense they even cut into bloggers who insult there hi almighty boss alley keep up the good work and i still dont know what Bob Norman has to do with this story other then he spoke about some character issues in the sheriffs office
    Buddy great post thanks