Sun-Sentinel Editorial Writer’s Bizarre E-Mail




Are they still hiring professionals at the Sun-Sentinel?

Check out this bizarrely unfocused e-mail from Sun-Sentinel editorial columnist Daniel Vasquez.


Daniel Vasquez

Daniel Vasquez


This e-mail apparently went to dozens of South Florida powerbrokers and leaders who write for the editorial page’s Sunday feature, South Florida 100. The South Florida 100 is a brilliant way Sun-Sentinel gets writers to fill their space for free.

Vasquez is the coordinator of the page.

The e-mail was a reminder that the South Florida 100 should submit their material early this week because of Thanksgiving.

Now, the South Florida 100 are all busy people trying to clean off their desks and empty their inboxes so that they can get home for the Holiday.

I don’t think it takes a genius to realize that an e-mail like this should be polite and brief. You shouldn’t waste peoples valuable time….especially people who are working for free.

Maybe try something like this:

“Hope there are plenty of pumpkin pies, turkey legs and lucky wishbones in your near future.

WE HAVE EARLY DEADLINES THIS WEEK. All submissions must be in by noon on Wednesday.”

Instead, Vasquez’s e-mail wanders into personal anecdotes and unsolicited opinions.

And this is a professional writer?

He pokes fun at the current leading Republican candidate for President.

“All members who do not send in submission in a timely fashion will be reported to the Donald Trump Brute Deportation Force for possible investigation. At this point, we all need to take Trump seriously. So, let’s not get him mad.”

He thinks it is funny and assumes his South Florida 100 will agree with him. They don’t…as evidenced by my obtaining the e-mail.

Vasquez’s e-mail includes 11 sentences on his trip to a hockey game, what he bought at the arena and how he took a Lyft and then a Uber vehicle.

Is this really part of what he is trying to accomplish? Does anybody care about his personal life?

For the future, Danny, remember that anything you write can end up on the Internet.

As writer and lawyer Sam Fields tells clients, “The ‘e’ in e-mail stands for ‘evidence.'”



From: “Vasquez, Daniel” <>

Date: November 23, 2015 at 1:47:19 PM EST

To: “O’Hara, Rosemary” <>

Cc: “Vasquez, Daniel” <>

Subject: South Florida 100 Weekly linke and EARLY DEADLINES WARNING

Happy Thanksgiving Week South Florida 100!

Hope there are plenty of pumpkin pies, turkey legs and lucky wishbones in your near future.

And speaking of near future: WE HAVE EARLY DEADLINES THIS WEEK. All submissions must be in by noon on Wednesday. Please help a guy out and send your submissions in before that. All submissions that come in early are guaranteed a 50 percent increase in consideration for print on Sunday. Call that a bargain.

That’s the carrot. Here’s the stick: All members who do not send in submission in a timely fashion will be reported to the Donald Trump Brute Deportation Force for possible investigation. At this point, we all need to take Trump seriously. So, let’s not get him mad.

And while it is a short week, there is still plenty of news out there to consider. Art Basel is back. Black Friday is back. And the Great Plantation Christmas display is returning, despite the fact that the city is in a legal battle with hosts and creators Kathy and Mark Hyatt. Don’t tread on my holiday lights, man!

And we’ve got Donald Trump tweeting false crime statistics that paint a picture of blacks killing whites in volume. And I thought Donald couldn’t trump his Muslim ID badge plan.

Never underestimate The Donald.

Had the pleasure of catching the Panthers vs. Rangers at the BB&T Center on Saturday. For a minute or two, it appeared the Panthers could pull off an upset. But you know Miami teams, they are such a tease. I still spent $30 on a Panthers hat, that I must say, looks very gangster. In a good way.

In a strange twist of fate, we took Lyft to the game. And Uber back. The Lyft driver had an older van, the Uber driver had a new Lexus. Both were great drivers, but I have to give the Lyft driver a few extra points for trying harder. What can I say? I like underdogs.

Now it’s your turn to wax eloquent.

Here is this week’s link.

And HAPPY HAPPY THANKSGIVING from Rosemary. And. Me.


Thank you,

Daniel Vasquez

Sun Sentinel

Editorial Page member, columnist



500 East Broward Blvd.

Fort Lauderdale, FL  33394

30 Responses to “Sun-Sentinel Editorial Writer’s Bizarre E-Mail”

  1. Seth Platt says:

    In Dan’s defense he is pretty funny. It is obvious he is trying to bring the E to the Sun-Sentinel, ‘Entertainment’ as ‘Evidenced’ by his many video skits. It may not seem journalistic, I agree, but it may be one way the paper can connect with many who will never purchase a newspaper. I only wish I could afford the luxury of not paying for the Sentinel.


    Seth, their hard paywall plan has been unsuccessful.

    Accordingly, they will shortly introduce a so-called metered pay wall, which will allow readers to sample articles and pay for only those that they want.

  2. just saying says:

    wouldn’t read it if they gave it for free.
    stopped all relevance to Broward/S FL about 2007.

  3. Talks like a politician says:

    So, in other words, the South Florida 100 have to suck up to this middle school mentality midget to get free print and publicity.

    Where oh where did professional journalism go?

  4. anon says:

    Too “inside baseball” for that snapper wrapper of a publication.

  5. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Everyone is going scream but newspapers n schools gave up paying decent salaries, professional standards n hiring by pressure group not just yesterday but in wake of endless “liberal” programs n conservative business greed! The Right n Left extremes have trashed America for those who want to think including reading n studying BEFORE we talk or act.

  6. One Word says:

    the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs

  7. Mr. Smith goes to Broward says:

    Slow news month?

  8. Mike Ryan says:


    I have never spoken to Mr. Vazquez about the Top 100 or any issue. But, as someone who receives his emails each week, I interpret his emails as intended to inspire those who write for the “Top 100” to scribe about something they have encountered locally, to be provocative, to be edgy and/or to be irreverent. His emails are most often a prompt to examine the world around us, not just write about the top headline of the week.

    Being satirical or even critical about some of Donald Trump’s most ridiculous (or outright racist) statements/positions, something that has lately become bipartisan sport, should not draw the ire of the Top 100, unless the person is a die-hard supporter of Trump and all his “wisdom”. If offended, write about it, defend his positions, give context to the absurdity and comedy so many others seem to hear when listening to Trump.

    Perhaps, someone in the Top 100 thinks Trump’s ludicrous positions are beyond satire (e.g. Mexico will build the wall, storm mosques in the U.S., keep a database of Americans (who are Muslim), deport millions of immigrants, citations on erroneous statistics that delivers a racist message, etc.) and forwarded the email to you. But there is no shame in believing Trump’s positions are worthy of satire — because Democrats, Republicans, and Independents are equally disturbed by the prospect of his “positions” becoming policy.

    Those writing for the Top 100 are not expected to be dispassionate or objective, like journalists. To the contrary, they are expected to take positions. That is what I assume he is trying to message in a not so subtle manner. Yes, he mentioned Uber/Lyft and the Panthers in the context of his personal experiences, but in so doing he mentioned two subject matters that draws or has drawn significant opinion piece analysis – again, prompting the Top 100 to think about issues and be imaginative.

    So, if someone sent you this from the Top 100 group because they were offended, they could stop writing for the Top 100. Better yet, they could write about the email and defend Trump. Or, write about Mr. Vazquez’ writing style and their perceptions of his professionalism. Or, to your early point, they could write about how precious their time is in relative terms to all of us and their belief that Mr. Vazquez’ email stole time from their incredibly busy day. (Of course, they could just skim the email, get to the link and then post their pithy submission to avoid wasting their precious time).

    You must agree, no matter Mr. Vazquez’ statements or his attempts at satire or humor, at least he is being provocative. He motivated you to write and post this piece, while drawing more attention to the Top 100 section … which is something they are always trying to do anyway.


    Trump currently is the leading candidate in every poll in the Republican Party. His views on immigration — which I do not believe in — are also accepted by a great number of the leading Democrats, as proven by the recent vote in Congress against Syrian refugees. I’m old enough to remember when the establishment smugly dismissed another politician, saying he could never be elected because he was actor — Ronald Reagan.

    Mike, the editorial page was once filled with editors who were veteran educated commentators who lived their lives exploring, studying and opining on the vital subjects of our time. It was filled with thinkers.

    Mr. Vasquez is a former lifestyle reporter who used to write a consumer column.

    His searing insight produces lines like this:

    “It appears most of my thoughts are still on Paris. After all, if terror can break out in Paris, why not Venice? And if in Venice, why not in Venice of America, also known as Fort Lauderdale, or anywhere else in South Florida?”

    Or this:

    “Expect heavy police presence at Sunday’s Dolphins-Cowboys game. Ditto at Homestead-Miami Speedway for NASCAR’s Ford Championship Weekend. If you attend the game or any public event, and don’t let the Islamic State stop you, please follow the rules and heed police instructions: Talkin’ to you Miko Grimes.”

    This is an editorial page designed to guide public opinion with serious, reasoned debate?

    Don’t blame Rosemary O’Hara. O’Hara, the editorial page editor with reams of experience including work on a statewide campaign, has done an admirable job trying to keep the Sun-Sentinel editorial pages relevant despite relentless budget and staff cutbacks. But there is only so much she can do….

  9. Sober As a Judge says:

    Perhaps we should raise the minimum wage after all.

  10. Chaz Stevens, MAOS says:


    Daniel is a factory third version of Perez Hilton. Why does this come as even 1/1,000 of a shock?

    Pay is shit, concerns about having to re-apply for your job, buyouts, a profound desire to avoid controversy, etc, et al.

    On a positive note, perhaps Daniel can get with Brittany and discuss whose wearing what colored socks. That’s something to look forward to!

  11. Floridan says:

    Seems like a rather petulant post to me — who cares what Vasquez writes to people who contribute to the paper?

    That being said, I don’t think anyone who uses Trump to make a comic point can be faulted for doing so. I would worry more about those who take The Donald to be worthy of the presidency.

  12. FTL Voter says:

    I agree Trump is a buffoon, but what happened to the days when reporters in anything official stayed neutral? It is clear this editorial writer and columnist is not remotely neutral about the Presidential race. Worse, he appears to be a total mental lightweight. This would be yet another reason why I stop getting the Sentinel several years ago.

  13. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I just learned why mr nevins respects some of mr stevens views as he does because strangely enough their insights can be light years better that the commercial media. The appraisal of mr vazquez as a parallel of the person who adopted the name Perez Hilton is not only witty but serious social commentary that shouldnt go unreflected upon.
    But sadly n I hope Mr Nevins or Mayor Seiler for that matter dont get insulted or offended but I actually looked at the “100” People in question n was underwhelmed in the main. To be cruel a bunch of lobbyists elected officials with law practices (unlike Mayor Seiler’s let me be clear) dependent on local Judges non-profit types funded by the taxpayer arent decision makers but pawns of the developers n bankers mostly from out of our county or state or even nation. The 100 is a vanity scheme to get advertising by the papers n get business by the 100. If you got a list of major projects in Broward County or even Ft Lauderdale n investigated who gave the light who gave the green light to build or fund you surely wont find the name on the 100 List. I dont write this lightly. Ive been bothered there arw no serious thinkers or doers on that list for two years looking at the roster.

  14. This Guy Is A Joke says:

    This guy is AWFUL! He makes the whole paper look like a joke! Please get rid of this guy ASAP! PLEASE!!!!

  15. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I thought his email was odd to say the least. They all better get their comments/views etc. in by tomorrow. Maybe Mr.Vasquez should look for comments/views etc from the residents. First his newspaper only exists because of us ,his customers and also its the residents that give the elected officals etc. their voice. (Ps. I am on the County comm. agenda for Dec 8. thank you, Mayor Kiar for your lovely voice message confirming that date(Dec 8). to all Happy, Happy Thanksgiving. Pss. Judy Stern make sure you eat your Wheaties that day cause word has it that like a maestro you orchestrated this chain of events concerning the Mayor/ vice rotation…..)

  16. Clown says:

    Juvenile. You are right, Buddy. Who cares about this guy buying a hat.
    Seth Platt and Mike Ryan are ass kissers who do anything to win favor with the Sun-Sentinel.

  17. Las Olas Lawyer says:

    When I first moved here more than 15 years ago, everybody in my neighborhood got the Sun-Sentinel delivered in the morning. When I went jogging this morning after reading this post, I noticed that nobody gets the paper anymore. There were some New York Times and Wall Street Journals, but only one or two Sun-Sentinel in three miles. Jog around your neighborhood in the morning and you will see that this post is Much To Do About Nothing. Nobody reads and nobody cares.

  18. WestDavieResident says:

    I am glad I don’t live in Sunrise. While I am not a supporter of Donald Trump, his positions and potential policies have resonated with a large number of Republican and Reagan Democrats.

    So to have a Mayor of a city basically denigrate by association any of Trump’s supporters who live in Sunrise is indicative of how partisan this country has become.

    People said that Reagan was ludicrous for calling the USSR the evil empire. Yet his VP and Presidential successor was in the White House when the communist country and its wall fell.

    So perhaps Trump is not ludicrous, as Mayor Ryan states, for believing that Mexico will assume the cost of a wall along its border. Perhaps time will tell.

    As for the Sun Sentinel’s Vasquez, I found his email completely unprofessional. Using a Trump Deportation Force as a joking threat for opinions not sent on time may be okay in a column he writes but not for communicating with top leaders in our area.

    And to #11, Trump has succeeded in business by attracting and retaining top level executives. How do you know he would not do the same in the White House? I suppose you are more comfortable with the inexperienced Obama surrounding himself with two fleckless Secretaries of State, and a bevy of other incompetent cabinet members.

    Thankfully the Republicans are presenting its voters and the country with a broad and experienced base of Presidential candidates of various heritages and ages. The Dems, on the other hand, have only put forth two old white people and a guitar playing youngster whose policies when Mayor of Baltimore resulted in the Baltimore riots earlier this year.

  19. Poor Baby Platt says:

    Like anyone would believe you ever paid for any luxury or otherwise that wasn’t charged to your daddys credit card. Of course, the bankruptcy trustee is probably monitoring your daddy’s credit cards these days.

  20. Juliet Hibbs says:

    Las Olas Lawyer…you are correct! Over time the Sentinel has lost credibility. When they refuse to report the REAL news, people no longer can support or believe what they say. When reporters tell people that they CANT write about stories on the school district unless they are positive or in court…we have a problem. I am another advocate heard this from the Sentinel and the Herald. So, the only place to find the REAL news is to search for it yourself online!

    Too much is being allowed to happen. Too much is being lied about! When will the voters of Broward wake up and smell the coffee?? It is time to ONLY rely on sources that property report the news.

    Buddy, I often use the Beat, and other sites like it, to do research for my speeches. Thank you for your PROPER reporting and including evidence…like this email..into the articles!

    Thank you Buddy!

  21. zigy says:

    buddy u and I know that the press no longer cares about reporting, they saw the success of the national enquirer and now print gossip or tintilation stories. hell look at network tv. the public loves the no talent kardashians or crazy reality shows, like ole rome at the coliseum, give them gore, sex and games……. and nothing you say will change it,,, sic transit Gloria.

  22. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    While mr las Olas Lawyer’s experience mirrors mine MORE SERIOUS for all this area is the LA Times putting their PRINTING PLANET up for SALE. As I understand it k
    Like the moribund Miami Herald once you sell the printing planet the paper aint worth spit. I have seen three old establish newspapers starting in the early 70s before the internet sell off downtown or printing facilities n go out of business or become nothings. Department Stores worldwide n even railroads went down this road of stripping assets to pay bloated salaries at the top n let the mass of management rot. If the Sun Sentinel is going to dump the printing planet here – will there be any money except for clowns like this clown? The future dont look good!

  23. Big Country Girl says:

    It is always best to provide full disclosure before attempting to spew influential semi-smart sounding rhetoric. By the sound of your tantrum, I would be obliged to presume that you are a right, to far-right republican extremist tea-bagger. Therefore, as a reader of your entertaining, albeit insignificantly opinionated rant, I would expect that you preface your banter with your disclosures. Such as, as a west Davie resident, you may be hostile at the fact that you are provided utilities by the City of Sunrise and don’t agree with utility policies. Alternatively, that your response is entirely politically motivated with foresight of November elections? On the other hand, maybe you’re upset that Mike Ryan has proven to be a fearless bi-partisan politician willing to take on large issues affecting many in Broward County and the State of Florida where other politicians, even those in the county and state levels, have shied.
    Out of curiosity and a natural tendency to be a rebel irritant without a cause or loyalty, I did a quick Google search and found, what I believe is the genesis of your contrived issues. (Please indulge my levity as I attempt to add the same inappropriate prejudices within my post similar to yours.) As a West Davie Resident, you must be upset because you prefer to maintain the ability to shoot your rifles and shotguns in the backyard of a residential neighborhood, while living a faux hick life brooding to live in the mountains without the stones to actually make a move. A simple internet search gave me all the answers I needed, Mr. Ryan’s positional stance (maybe more importantly, action) regarding backyard gun ranges.

    In closing, I would recommend borrowing some stones from underneath your girlfriend’s truck and take action in your country-cause as Mike Ryan has done for his bi-partisan political crusades.

    P.S. If my post used too many large words, I can dumb it down for you.

  24. Chaz Stevens, Atheist says:


    My people at the Sun-Sentinel tell me:

    1. Daniel is married to the 2nd highest ranking person in the reporting side of the business.

    2. Daniel’s partner’s contract required the S-S to give him a job.

    Please confirm.


    Daniel is married to an editor at the paper. I have no knowledge of her arrangement with the management of the Sun-Sentinel.

  25. WestDavieResident says:

    And a Happy Thanksgivings to you Country Girl 🙂

    FYI, I have no problem with the City of Sunrise and, yes, my home is served by their water utility. My family frequents Sawgrass Mall, BB&T Center, other retail centers, and some of the nice parks in the city.

    But I do not follow Mayor Ryan’s career as closely as you obviously do. In fact, I do not follow it at all. He may be bi-partisan to you but his making fun of a Presidential candidate that perhaps 30% of Sunrise Republicans may support sounds partisan to me. Is it okay by you that he is being “politically motivated with foresight of November elections” (to use your words)?

    Also, I do not own a rifle nor have a girlfriend with a truck (I am happily married thank you) and I do not favor backyard shooting ranges. I do like the mountains of North Carolina. And I am more of a libertarian than a Republican. But I do like sweat tea over coffee and sodas.

    Lastly, I congratulate you in being a prime example of how the left tries to shut down opinions of those with which it does not agree by using name calling, false narratives, and the like. As far as I am concerned, Mayor Ryan can opine all he wants and I will defend his right to do so but I will not hesitate to comment when his opinion denigrates others. Too bad the left cannot be as respectful of the right.

  26. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Sadly mr stevens n mr nevins two issues, nepotism n how an educated person can marry such a tacky xxx.

  27. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Wow look what you did Mr.Vasquez here. I mean who cares really. I ‘m impressed w/ his email list. (PS Comm.Ryan in regards to your comments in the Paper today concerning Comm>lamarca not getting the vice nomination in that you “just heard ” That Comm>Sharif was interested in that seat(really)-not buying it-Brittany Wallman as the source ,as do I ,they spill the beans you lose and come August(his election) go packing. Totally sic what they did -the fab five(will see-Ryan, Wexler,Holeness,(really she hates your guts)Ritter,Sharif…We were disenfranchised Dis 4…(Dec8, yes Oleg Cassini, yes Dec 8)…

  28. Elizabeth Matramos says:

    @25….thank you….on point.

  29. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Besides the usual walsh comments being off subject that he mentions my former neighbor in Murray Hill n coffee klatch buddy Count Oleg Cassini who he never knew is down right bizzare. Gospadar Oleg should rest in peace without his name used by the Walshes of this world.

  30. thrum says:

    Flakka was possibly used