Sun-Sentinel Asks If Ft. Laud. Manager Is Toast; Browardbeat Answers “Yes.”


The asks the question tonight “Is Fort Lauderdale City Manager George Gretsas Toast?

The paper’s Brittany Wallman doesn’t answer the question, but I will:


He has at least two votes against him on the five-member city commission Charlotte Rodstrom and Bruce Roberts.  They were just elected and are not going anywhere.

Why would anybody stay long under those circumstances? 

Wait.  It gets worse for Gretsas.

A third commissioner who just got elected Romney Rogers got a $250 contribution from political consultant Judy Stern.  Stern was rumored to be giving him advice.

Stern is thisclose to the Rodstroms County Commissioner John and Charlotte.  The Rodstroms have made it their mission in life to get rid of Gretsas.

The criticism of him is that he is a micromanager and that he doesn’t micromanage all that well.

So I believe they have three votes, if not immediately then somewhere down the line. 

The says commissioners are considering a six-month probation for Gretsas.  That would give him time to find another job.

That might be the way they go Tuesday night. 

But I can’t imagine anybody sticking with a job where at least 2 out of 5  bosses and possibly 3 out of 5 – want you out.

Wallman’s blog entry is here.

8 Responses to “Sun-Sentinel Asks If Ft. Laud. Manager Is Toast; Browardbeat Answers “Yes.””

  1. Richard J Kaplan says:


    Based upon what I am seeing, I don’t see it happening that soon. However, I think Gretsas is on a very short lease, and that after the first item that upsets the Mayor, he’s gone. Four to six months would be reasonable to make a decision.

    I think you have to give Jack a little while to evaluate the situation. The Mayor has not been known to just jump out on something unless he really knows the issue. I’ve known the Mayor, in his prior life, to always be prepared first before acting.

    I do not think he is ready yet, being he has yet to be engaged into city affaird, and would want to establish that he is a fair person. At least he then can show his patience, and strong leadership ability. But when he has carefully reviewed the situation and evaluated the CM, and if he doesn’t like it, the CM is gone.

    In the meantime, the CM may see the writing on the wall and find a convenient exit to make everyone happy, especially the Mayor.

  2. why george stays says:

    Because the Rodstroms and Stern will overplay their hand as usual. They are trying to run the city and will piss enough people off that they will make george a sympathetic figure. Say what you want about geore but the city is fiscally sound and in the black not many cities can say that these days.

  3. Tiny Bubbles says:

    The current manager has caused a tremendous drop in morale in city hall. He needs to move on.

  4. Out With The Old says:

    4 of the 5 members of the commission are new. They should have the ability to pick their own city manager.

  5. One More says:

    I thought the third new commissioner, Bobby DuBose, also ran as an anti-Gretsas candidate.

    FROM BUDDY: The Sun-Sentinel says he won’t cast the deciding vote on Gretsas. It doesn’t say he won’t cast a fourth vote against the city manager.

  6. Tick Tock Ha Ha says:

    Tick Tock Tick Tock. That’s the clock running out on you Georgie Porgie. Ha HA Ha HA. That’s the Rodstrom’s and Judy Stern finally realizing they control city hall.

  7. Floridan says:

    Gretsas has the managerial style that does not wear well over time – it would be in his own best interest to plan to move on fairly soon.

    His biggest skill is shaking things up, but at some point that becomes counterproductive.

    Even this would not be a huge problem if he didn’t seem to go out of his way to treat people disrespectfully.

  8. Blue man scoop says:

    Gretsas is a goner but he will take most of the best employees the city has with him.