Suit Filed To Toss Levey From Ballot


Lawyers  Bill Scherer and Bruce Rogow filed suit Friday in Broward Circuit Court “to remove and disqualify” Mardi Anne Levey as a judicial candidate.
Scherer and Rogow represent Pedro Dijols, who was defeated by 72 votes in the August 26 primary by Levey and Bernard Bober.  
The suit alleges that Levey “violated election law and has used her husband’s (Judge Dale Cohen) office for an improper purpose, she has unlawfully usurped or intruded into the November 2008 run off.
The suit alleges widespread legal problems with Levey’s candidacy:
 *Levey failed to run under the name by which she conducts private and official business.  The suit states Levey was known as Mardi Levey Cohen while working at the State Attorney’s Office, including on her resume, oath of loyalty and letter of resignation.  She has a Social Security card, a driver’s license and a law practice under the name Cohen.  She never filed a petition with the court before entering the race to change her name to Levey. No one with the name Mardi Anne Levey has a license to practice law in Florida, the suit continues.
 *Levey’s husband, Dale Cohen, “joined her and recorded his appearance on the sign-in sheet as ‘Judge’ during the recount.  He acted as the campaign’s observer during the recount. This was “in direct violations of Canon 7 (A)(1)(b) of the Code of Judicial Conduct, which prohibits a sitting judge from publicly endorsing another candidate.
 *Levey has been the subject of a Florida Bar investigation for alleged violations of the rules of the Florida Bar including using a picture of her husband, Judge Cohen, in his judicial robe on her firm’s website “in an effort to advertise her law practice,” the suit states. “The matter is currently pending and undoubtedly prompted Mardi Anne Levey to change her name on the ballot, the suit alleges. 
 The suit states Levey should be removed from the ballot because of her use of an improper name.  Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes and the Broward County Canvassing Board are also defendants.

5 Responses to “Suit Filed To Toss Levey From Ballot”

  1. law lady says:

    Again, throw them out

  2. law lady says:

    With Rogow on board, this is a serious suit

  3. Sour Grapes says:

    It is clear that you don’t know anything about the law, although you should know a lot about slander. No wonder you were fired from the Sun Sentinel. First of all, Bill Scherer’s lawsuit does not specify what provision of the Florida Election Code that Ms. Levey violated. Why? Because she did not violate any provision of the Election code. It is clear in the State of Florida that a candidate can run under her maiden name. Second, Mr. Scherer alleges that Judge Cohen did something wrong when he observed the recount. It is not a violation of the Judicial Canons for a Judge to attend a “public hearing” when the controversy concerns that judge’s personal interest. A recount by the division of Elections is not a “political event”. Nice try though, Mr. Scherer.

    This is just sour grapes on Bill Scherer’s part. He has had tough times lately being fired from the North Broward Hospital District and then being forced to resign from the Judicial Nominating Committee. His star has fallen fast and far. Now he has dragged pedro Dejioles into a ridiculous lawsuit that may cost him a substantial amount of money in attorney’s fees. Woops! I hope that Bill Scherer will reimburse pedro.

    I am surprised that no one has filed a slander lawsuit against you Buddy. If I were you I would start saving my pennies for a legal fund. Ouch!

  4. abogado says:

    I thinnk that everyone knows that Mardi changed her name because she was hoping people in the legal community wouldnt recognize her. She is a terrible attorney and will make a terrible judge. She is an opportunitst at best and a racist at worst. She ran against Pedro because she knew with a name like Pedro it would be difficult to win. I hope that Scherer is successful in telling this woman that she can not fool the voters of Broward county. God help us if she becomes a judge she will be the worst one on the bench- and in Broward that is saying alot.