Sue Gunzburger Campaigns All Over District In One Night


Forget about the money.  Both candidates in the South Broward county commission race say they will have big bucks.

Like most races, it will come down to grass-roots campaigning.

gunzburger night out for crime

Gunzburger With Her Campaign Sheet Cake

County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger was at six different Night Out Against Crime events Tuesday in her district Hallandale Beach’s unified party, plus five Hollywood neighborhoods (the Lakes, Hollywood Hills, Washington Park, Highland Gardens, and Playland Estates).

She brought and served “Re-elect Sue” sheet cakes emblazoned with her campaign logo in green and white frosting.  The cake was served by volunteers wearing her campaign shirts.

Why waste time in light-voting single-family neighborhoods?  

Gunzburger concentrated much effort in single family neighborhoods in her 1992 race, her first for county commission.  Her opponent, then-School Board member Don Samuels, pretty much stuck to the condos.

The single-family neighborhoods worked that year for Gunzburger, who also snared plenty of the condo vote.

Her opponent in next year’s Democratic primary  is former state Sen. Minority Leader Steve Geller.



7 Responses to “Sue Gunzburger Campaigns All Over District In One Night”

  1. Ron C says:

    Sue is a great Commish. Sue going to single family neighborhoods just goes to show you she really cares about her district not just the large voting blocks.
    Sue is honest and not tied any scandals as her opponent is.

  2. Broward voter says:

    Sue has ALWAYS participated in community events and always comes to single family homeowner meetings…. even when she’s not running. Of course, why would this year be any different?

  3. The Observer says:

    And the Fat Man cried.

  4. Floridan says:

    This is where Gunzburger has it all over Geller.

    She seems to enjoy these interactions with the constituents, while Geller always seems like he would rather be in a back room talking with lobbyists.

    Not saying that she will win on this alone, but it is one factor.

  5. fathertime says:

    I think the Federal Grand Jury and Dr. Mendelshon are bigger problems for Geller. He’s not looking well lately.

  6. The Old Ghost says:

    Fathertime repeats the unsubstantiated rumors spread by dying newspapers trying to stay alive. These same newspapers said there were suppose to be indictments in the spring and it is Aug.
    Mrs. Gunzburger’s many voting conflicts are not to be ignored. Her late husband made a fortune selling benches to the county while she was a commissioner. She votes repeatedly for her lobbyist friends. Everybody knows she is in Bernie Friedman’s pocket. She hasn’t accomplished anything.

  7. Truthiness says:

    “Unsubstantiated rumors” about Geller and that crooked Mutual Benefits flim-flam scam? That’s crap! How about verified reports: the federal judge in Miami openly instructed the newspapers they could not have access to the prosecutors investigative files for those already indicted because THE FEDERAL GRAND JURY WAS STILL MEETING ON THE CASE and additional indictments were expected. Wait til the recordings get released from the wire con-man Steigner wore for the feds …… and lets see how good Geller looks then after they are made public!!!