Subliminal Message In Property Appraiser Newsletter Attacks Davie Commons



Okay folks, now I’ve seen everything.

Yup, after 30-plus years as a journalist, this is one of the most bizarre things ever.

A newsletter distributed by Property Appraiser Lori Parrish last week to tens of thousands of property owners has the subliminal message: STOP DAVIE COMMONS.

She says another word farther down in the newsletter finishes the sentence by saying NOT.

There are bold face letters buried in the typeface of the first article in the newsletter– Pictometry.  When strung together, the bold face letters spelled out STOP DAVIE COMMONS.

In the next article entitled Facts About Property Taxes, Parrish points out that the word NOT is bold face, too. But it is so far from the first bold face letters a reader might not connect the two.

Since Parrish is the most outspoken opponent of the proposed office and shopping complex in Davie, it raises questions whether she was trying to sway the public subliminally.

“It’s not my style,” Parrish says.  “I go through the front door.  I say what I believe.”

I can attest to that.

Parrish blames “an employee with too much time on his hands. It was suppose to be an inside joke.”

The property appraiser takes responsibility for the little inside joke about The Davie Commons.

“My name is on it,” Parrish says. “I’m ashamed.  I’m embarrassed.”

Parrish said she proof read the newsletter, but “I did not see it or it wouldn’t be there.”

Personally, this doesn’t seem to be the way Parrish operates.  But you can decide.

And if I were that employee who was responsible, I would be looking for a new job.  Parrish will never forget this one.

Here is the relevant section of the newsletter:

39 Responses to “Subliminal Message In Property Appraiser Newsletter Attacks Davie Commons”

  1. Lori Parrish says:


    I apologize to you and your readers for this. As I told you I accept repsonsibility because I in fact signed off on the final draft of the Newsletter. I can assure you and your readers this will NEVER happen again. I don’t think it’s funny and I don’t like it.

    Again, I apologize.


  2. Davie Commons Fan says:

    As much as I dislike Lori Parrish’s stand on The Davie Commons, I can’t imagine she did this on purpose. However, the buck stops on her desk. She’s responsible and she will be the one who gets an ethics violation, not the goof ball who did it and who should be fired.

  3. Lori Parrish should be ashamed of herself says:

    Lori Parrish has been one of the most outspoken opponents of Davie Commons and this little tactic does not surprise any of us. It is really shameful and the lack of professionalism displayed by her and her office is unbelievable. I am appalled by the fact that my taxpayer dollars were used for this purpose. Shame on you Lori!!!!

  4. Typical Political Arrogance says:

    This is a display of typical political arrogance by a woman that has held public office for far too long. Lori Parrish should not be allowed to get away with this awful behavior. It is not a prank to misappropriate public funds. It is not a prank to use public funds for private gain. It is not a prank to use your political office to further your private agendas. This is completely unacceptable behavior. This time she has just gone too far and she needs to be punished – the governor should suspend her, the state attorney should investigate her and every other agency that regulates politicians like Lori needs to step in and take action instead of letting this type of behavior continue unnoticed. This type of political arrogance must be punished and quickly. It has to end right now.

  5. Never Again.... says:

    Never again Lori??? It should never have happened in the first place. It is not funny, it is very, very sad. You need to take full responsibility for your actions (or inaction) and those actions of your staff members as they are obviously a direct reflection upon you. This incident must violate all kinds of laws and ethics rules for which you must be responsible. Maybe you should start focusing more on your newsletters and the actions of your staff and less on fighting great development projects like Davie Commons. The buck stops with you and maybe it is time for you to stop to.

  6. OH PLEASE says:

    Oh Please… Who cares who did it? She signed off on it and sent it to THOUSANDS of people. As a supporter of The Davie Commons I am VERY angry about this. A simple apology is just not sufficient. I have been upset by the public bully voice that has been presented regarding this matter and many others over the years by Ms. Parrish – but this is just RIDICULOUS! That silly apology text makes her look like a hero for taking blame – but she has no choice. She IS to blame. This just took her personal beliefs too far – I hope something is done about this and fast! (I’d also like to point out that until I saw her at speak out terribly about The Commons, I was a Parrish fan and supporter for YEARS.)

  7. One more thing... says:

    I recieved this in the mail and saw this immediately. I tried yesterday to scan it in to show a friend and it doesnt do it justice. Good job with the circling Buddy – but unfortunately your readers have to look at theirs… because that is when it will be totally obvious. (I think I recieved like three calls about it so I am so glad that you have printed it.) Although, while putting it out there you really gave Lori a ton of room for excuses and comments- I don’t know how fair that is. I guess you are friends, but the best part of your blog is that you tell the truth most of the time without bias. Lori is WRONG here and it is silly that she is playing the victim (I am embarrased and ashamed – that is the not the Lori Parrish that I have known) role here already!

  8. Lori Made A Mistake says:

    The truth is Lori Parrish made a mistake. The mistake was not catching the message in the newsletter placed there by an employee. This isn’t a capital crime and she shouldn’t be tarred and feathered. She didn’t steal money. She runs a good office. What’s the big deal? She should fire the offender and go on with being Ms. Property Appraiser.

  9. Nevins is Biased says:

    Buddy should quit putting his personal relationship with Lori in the way of good journalism. You are excusing misconduct, Buddy. You have been making excuses for Lori Parrish for years. Why? Maybe Geoff Cohen would like to know.

    FROM BUDDY: I don’t know what you are trying to hint, but there are times that Lori Parrish barely tolerates me. I think she would be the first one to laugh about an accusation that I am biased towards her.

  10. Miriam Barkus says:

    If, in fact, it was not Ms. Parrish who ordered and/or approved it, than I believe she should name the errant employee, and he or she should have disciplinary action if in fact it was done without her approval. We have a right to the name of the employee.

  11. Broward Lawyer says:

    Dumb or flippant? Yes.

    “Criminal” or “unethical”? No. If she wanted, Lori could have published an article in her newsletter about why she thinks Davie Commons is a terrible project. That would be perfectly lawful as it isn’t a political candidate to endorse or oppose. I remember Markham used to use the same newsletter to print articles bashing some FPL policies, etc.

  12. Rout Out Ron says:

    I’ll be the employee was ron Gunzburger. He is her computer and political operator. I’ll bet he even wrote that newsletter. Fire Ron Gunzburger if he is the guilty one.

  13. Apology Unacceptable says:

    Lori needs to resign!! She has no business being in the political world with her big mouth and feel she has the power to do whatever she wants. I do not consider this a mistake and the apology is unacceptable. The message she sent out to the public was so obvious in the newsletter and there was no way she could have missed it when signing off on the final draft. Someone has to put her in her place once and for all!! I don’t believe a staff member took it upon themselves to voice Lori’s opinion regarding the projet without her permission. After all, Lori has made it clear she will make it her lifelong job to make sure the project does not happen.

  14. Davie Jones says:

    I believe Ms. Parrish is the self appointed leader of the opposition group to The Commons. They have used every underhanded method available to them to quash the effort. Words to the affect that The Commons has paid all of its supporters have come from her camp. I was at the Town of Davie hearing that voted favorably for The Commons and there were over thee hundred – (300) supporters in attendance, that’s a big payroll just to show up. So that everyone understands, the opposition is composed of a very small group of homeowners who scream very loud. They are akin to the so-called moral majority who are neither.

  15. what makes Lori Parrish so invincable?? says:

    The fact that the state attorney or even US Attorney havent gotten involved yet, makes no sense to me. There are so many situations where politicians are forced to resign over minimal things. Lori uses our money and is getting only one small blog about this. It is pitiful. Mary McCarty in Palm Beach resinged yesterday and plead guilty to a “federal charge of honest-services fraud.” She at least took responsibility for her actions! I think Alex Acosta should without a doubt be called upon to review this case. If ever there was a case that should be looked into it – it is this one!

  16. sy says:

    I believe Lory should take full blame for this article, and should resign A.S.A.P.

    She has used her job to create all bad news for the Commons.

  17. Politically Correct says:

    This is not politcally correct nor is it acceptable. It is no joke or laughing matter at all. Stealing money from the public is never a good thing; which is why so many people who hold public office are placed in jail. What is the difference is between stealing money from the public and using money entrusted to you by the public to enforce your own personal agenda? Ms. Parrish, you claim that your employees did this as a joke, which raises a question in my mind. Why are your employees carrying out your personal agenda. Are you bringing your personal agenda into your office while you are supposed to be working on behalf of us, Broward County residents? Are you using public money to influence your employees? Regardless, all of this is illegal and I hope that higher up officials get involved. I am unsure if they read this blog, but right now I truly hope that they do. This just is not right and I as a taxpayer want my money back!

  18. amused says:

    I thought it was funny. And I support Davie commons!


    This is a terrible use of our tax dollars. I want The Commons but even if I didnt, I would still have a major problem with this. Lori Parrish and her husband Geoff are long time Broward Political figures – what a sad ethical demonstration from someone who has represented us for what – like ten or so years. Today, because of this, I am not proud to be a Broward county resident, which is very out of character for me. Talk about being “embarrassed” and “ashamed”… we put her in office (over and over again) it is up to us to fix this.

  20. Broward Lawyer says:

    There is nothing illegal. Lori could have written an anti-Davie Commons article in her newsletter if she wanted — if she believed it would have impacted the public, which she clearly does.

  21. bob sernoff says:

    As an elected official she needs to be held accountable for her actions. A “joke” from an employee, it looks like someone is trying to take the fall for her but the fact that this was mailed to everyone in Broward COunty offends me to no end.

  22. Amused says:

    Lighten up people! This is actually pretty funny when you think about it. In these days of so much bad economic and Middle East news, its nice to read something like this that made me chuckle.

  23. broward voter says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is. First, who was the person that initially brought this to your attention? Could it even have gone unnoticed?

    If Lori Parrish really believes this project would be harmful to the public and impact their quality of life, isn’t she entitled to say so? When the County Commission has put items on the ballot before the voters, they’ve used their own newsletter to advocate their position. I think by law the line is drawn between educating and advocating, but it’s so blurry to begin with.

    Oh, and if this wasn’t Gunzburger, I’ll be shocked!!!

  24. Amy Siegel says:

    Lori Parrish has demonstrated unlawful behavior. She had been entrusted repeatedly with the honor of serving us in Broward County; first as a Commissioner and now as the Property Appraiser. I found it wrong on so many levels when Lori began speaking out publically about The Commons, however I realized that she is a Broward County resident as well and she was speaking personally and not with her office behind her. However now, after this sneaky move, I think Lori Parrish should be ousted. I think this is disgusting, disgraceful and overall not something a public servant should do. Lori has gotten very close to the ethical line , some would say she even crossed it many times, however she has always gotten away with it. Well I am praying (and yes I am bringing the higher being into this) that she is stopped here. Property Appraiser Parrish has crossed the line too far and too bold this time. I am very interested in seeing how this pans out.

  25. Internal Joke??? says:

    It was meant to be an internal joke, Parrish is claiming…. Is she trying to brainwash her employees just like she is attempting to brainwash 400,000 Broward County residents to vote against the Commons Project? This kind of behavior is unacceptable and way out of line. This lady is an embarrassment and needs to resign as the Broward County Property Appraiser.

  26. Concerned Broward Resident says:

    I know Ms. Parrish is the leader of the pack against the Commons and has been up front and center in trying to stop the project. IF she could send a message, she would and I do not think for a second this was an “inside employee” job. However, let’s say it was a “mistake”… it still makes her office look unprofessional and why would someone in this office be this involved if this was not spoken about often in this office supported by us the taxpayer? I for one would think the sheer increase in tax revenue would be a good thing for this office, not a bad thing. This is really bizarre behavior for even Ms. Parrish.

  27. John Parrish says:

    Everyone is going back and forth – some say it is illegal, some say it is legal. Some say unethical and actually I dont think anyone has said it is ethical. But… I don’t see how it can be legal. How can someone elected into office use that office and its clout to view his/her personal agenda/opinions? I clearly see why it is unethical but I believe it has to be illegal as well. She used our tax dollars to publish a newsletter with a personal message!

  28. This is a joke........ says:

    This is a joke…………and in my opinion so is Lori Parrish.

  29. Marty Rubinstein says:

    Okay, so it was a dumb move no matter who reviewed the item before publication. Even if Lori didn’t review it personally, her name is on it and the buck stops there.

    Lori herself is still entitled to her opinion and there is a constitutional right to free speech. Funny how those who disagree with Lori are the ones who want her to resign.

    Like Bill Markham, she could have out and out printed her opinion in the newsletter and presented a case for it.

    She HAS apologized in print.

    If you don’t like Lori, vote that way next election. I’m sure most of you already have.

    Meanwhile, move on. Let Lori do her job.

  30. ZZTOP says:

    The damage has been made TAX payers money has been used and Parrish private opinion against the Commons is done. If she has approved the final draft, did she not notice the bold letters throughout the flyer? If she is planning to dismiss the person whop worked or design perhaps he or she testimony can be sued against her trial case. Does she plan to fire that person why not herself? We pay tons of property Taxes money each year and do not care to read or hear the personal political opinion of someone in the Property Appraiser Office.

    I suggest we contact the State Attorney’s Office and place the following complaints against her.
    1) The unauthorized use of tax payers’ money for person gain or use.
    2) The unauthorized support using her office stating her entire office is against this project.

    Parris has openly spoken against this project every chance she is getting, but now since she is loosing the battle and the community is supporting this project she became desperate to get her message out without her using her own money. She is using a blank check with out tax money to get her person message out. Is this right? NO. Its like a Politian raising money for their campaign at their elected office and/or accepting check at their local political office. Lets exam all the documents that was printed and mailed to all homeowners in Broward County to see if there are other subliminal message in her support for her re-elect. Look at the dates when she opened her account until she closed her account. If that does not work, let’s start a RECALL against her!!

  31. b Sprout says:

    no elected official has the authority or right to use public dollars to express a personal opinion – illegal or unethical – it is WRONG! Lori Parrish needs to do more than apologize. She should reimburse the total cost of production and mailing of this newsletter and resign as the Property Appraiser. If she runs the BCPA office in such a manner that employees have the time or inclination for these types of “in-house” jokes then she certainly is not doing her job.

  32. Steve Geller says:

    Let me discuss Lori Parrish.

    I’ve known her and worked with her for over 20 years. Anybody that thinks that Lori knowingly sends subliminal messages doesn’t know Lori Parrish.

    Lori will tell you that you’re a stupid *&##*, and that she’ll kick your *#!*. She then frequently does. She’s very direct. She’ll tell you that she’s going to try and kill you, and then stabs you in the chest, never in the back.

    Subliminal messages just aren’t direct enough for Lori. It’s not her style. I think that most people suspect who they think actually did it. I won’t guess.

    People may disagree with Lori on many things. They may not like her style. They may not like her position on Davie Commons, or other issues. I think, however, that anyone who knows Lori believes that she didn’t knowingly aend or approve that subliminal mailing.

  33. b Sprout says:

    I agree with Mr. Geller’s comments ref. Lori Parrish and that is fine. The problem is that she is responsbile for what happens at the BCPA office and she needs to be held accountable. If she cannot keep her personal opinions out of her elected and very public life then she ought not be an elected official. Leaders lead and it is obvious that her kind of leadership goes way beyond the duties and responsibilites of the BCPA. We would be better off without elected officials like Lori Parrish who use their offices for personal gain and get away with the type of behavior Mr. Geller so accurately described.

  34. Very Concerned says:

    Where is the resignation of the person responsible?

    Where is the announcement of a full and fair investigation?

    Where is the termination of the individual who violated the public trust?

    The longer any of the above fail to materialize, the more an ethics investigation is warranted.

    Each hour that passes casts a greater cloud of suspicion. The citizens of Broward County demand better.

  35. Up In Arms says:

    Once again Lori Parrish digusts me. She misuses public funds and thinks a little apology will right her wrong. I didnt realize that Broward county had so much money to play games with. Parrish should pay the price with her job. Its time to set an example. Another story of a public official using their office for personal gain. What a disgrace!!!

  36. Marty Rubinstein says:

    I’ve known Lori for more than fifteen years. You should be greatful for her long career in public service. Her past activities are proof of her dedication and commitment to your needs and mine.

  37. Enough Already???? says:

    It is not going to be enough Mr. Rubenstein until Lori Parrish is punished for her wrongdoings – I guess that you are ok with Lori using your money to further her own agenda. Well, many of us are not – so, it is not enough already!!!!

  38. Marty Rubinstein says:

    Like Steve Geller, I’ve known Lori long enough to know that she’ll come right out and say it, not hide her opinion in a subliminal message.

    And exactly HOW do you know she did this? How do YOU know she even laid eyes the final layout rather than just approved the wording of the copy in typewritten but NOT typeset form?

    Where’s your proof?

    What other “wrongdoings” has she committed against you?

    What? You don’t like her publicly stated opinion on Davie Commons?

    Then you certainly won’t like mine, and I will publish it on

    Meanwhile… at least spell my name right.

  39. The Davie Commons Strikes Back At Parrish? : says:

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