Sophie Vergara’s Boy Toy Considers Florida U. S. Senate Run

TV Star’s boyfriend Nick Loeb is thinking of running again


The scion of the Loeb Rhoades brokerage fortune who dropped out of the Broward-Palm Beach Counties race for state Senate is thinking of running for U. S. Senate.

Nick Loeb, perhaps better known as the boyfriend of  red hot “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara, would run against incumbent Democrat U. S. Sen. Bill Nelson, says the New York Daily News’ Gatecrasher column today.

After running for the 2010 Republican primary for state Senate, he dropped out because of marital problems with his Swedish wife.  The seat was eventually won by Ellyn Bogdanoff (My son’s boss).

He also survived a serious car accident earlier this year.

Loeb, 35, tells the Daily News that Vergara is “all for him running for the U. S. Senate.

He would have a tough race on his hands.  Already in the Republican primary are political heavyweights state Senate President Mike Haridopolis, U. S. Rep. Connie Mack and former U. S. Sen. George LeMieux.

Loeb would have two advantages and maybe a third:

  • Lots of money.
  • The support of veteran Republican operative Roger Stone.  Stone, a strategist dating back to the Nixon era with a long list of victories, is a family friend.
  • If the romance lasts, a Hispanic personality like Vergara would surely help Loeb in any Republican primary in Florida.

4 Responses to “Sophie Vergara’s Boy Toy Considers Florida U. S. Senate Run”

  1. Horndog says:

    When is when first campaign rally? I can’t wait to meet her.

  2. GOPapa says:

    His playboy antics would disqualify him from any real consideration in a Republican primary statewide.
    She has a certain among of fame. He is totally unknown. He has nowhere near the money that Rick Scott spent to come from nothing.
    Connie Mack is the one to beat.

  3. Jim says:

    Playboy antics isn’t dumping a wife and kids in the dark,o running around, enjoying a no show job and politically marrying. Press is licking its chops

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