Strange Bedfellows In Congressional Campaign




State Attorney Harold Pryor promised his administration would be a break with the past. He said while campaigning last year that he would be dramatically different than the long-time State Attorney Mike Satz he was replacing.

But not when it comes to picking candidates.

Pryor and Satz are apparently co-hosts of a fundraiser scheduled for State Rep. Bobby DuBose proving the old adage that politics makes strange bedfellows.

The invitation was sent to me by a reader.

DuBose is running for Congress to fill the seat left vacant by the death of Alcee Hastings.

The endorsement of DuBose by Pryor is typical political payback. DuBose  endorsed Pryor, who was largely unknown among the general voting public at the time, to replace Satz last year.



5 Responses to “Strange Bedfellows In Congressional Campaign”

  1. in the know says:

    Pryor lied to the public and everyone in the State Attorney’s office that he was going to institute criminal justice reform. All Lies!! The difference between Satz and Pryor is we knew what Satz was. This guy is unskilled, incompetent, and dishonest. He also brought in his campaign manager at 150k a year, and he’s not even a lawyer. Who does that? He kept the same Satz henchmen in power. He’s having ASA’s filing higher charges than even Satz. He came in and fired seasoned prosecutors for political favors. It’s just disgusting.

  2. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Let us be fair. Neither Pryor or Satz have been connected to scandals or racism just like DuBose. Some of the other candidates FROM MY OLD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT ARE NECK DEEP WITH CROOKS, RACISTS N ANTI -SEMITIES I’ve seen WITH MY OWN EYES N EARS from 2004 to 2020.

  3. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I like Bobby Dubose.He is savy,sharp and articulate.And that smile he has says it all.Meabwhile I get compared to a famous tennis player,who is losing his hair( I’m not) and being of American Indian ancestry ( which I’m not- this lady stated it is my nose- funny huh)…

  4. Jim Ayers says:

    I appreciate,and take more seriously, comments by those using their real names.

  5. Davie Blvd Lawyer says:

    The reality is Satz was doing a very good job as SAO, and had for 30 years. Being “different” than Satz in reforming the SAO was a popular campaign cry but Pryor didn’t really mean it because it didn’t need to be done. He’s done a fair job so far. Time will tell.