Steve Effman Back In The News


He’s back!

I bumped into former State Rep. Steve Effman busy at work in the courthouse a month or so ago.

Now the reporter who brought Effman down, my pal Jose Lambiet, writes that Effman recently hooked a big local TV star as a client.



Jose Lambiet


Channel 7’s weather gal Julie Durda was represented by Effman in her recent divorce from personal trainer Bryan Francis.   She is a former cheerleader for the San Francisco 49ers and a contestant on “The Bachelor”.



Julie Durda

Jose’s report is here.  His column also has an interesting story about the Property Appraiser Lori Parrish’s super-sleuth Ron Cacciatore.

Effman quit a 2000 re-election race and had his legal license pulled for a short time after four of his divorce clients said they had sex with the former politician while he was representing them.

And this should make all those who live by billable hours smile:  The Bar investigation showed Effman charged clients for the time they had sex.


Steve Effman


Jose doesn’t write in his weekend column, but I can tell you:  He broke those Effman stories while at the Sun-Sentinel.

After Jose’s first stories, I wrote in my Sun-Sentinel column:

“In sworn statements to the Florida Bar obtained by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Effman is portrayed as a serial harasser who turned his law office into a playground for his sexual fantasies.

Clinton and Monica Lewinsky were pikers compared to Effman. It’s all there in black and white.

Distraught women came to Effman in one of the most emotional periods of their lives. They wanted his help to gain custody of their children. They wanted his help to get money and property that was rightfully theirs.

These women needed guidance. They needed advice. They needed comfort.

What the women got were leers, suggestions, pawing, sex.”

I’ve assume Effman learned his lesson, which was a painful one:   Public disgrace and a forced end to his political career.

Is there a future role for Effman in public life?  That’s up to him. As far as I’m concerned, he paid his penalty.

I welcome Effman and Jose back to the fray.

8 Responses to “Steve Effman Back In The News”

  1. Any wonder says:

    Can anyone blame Steve for cheating? If his wife hit the gym and cleaned herself up maybe he wouldn’t have cheated. Buddy you forgot the best part of the affair… What happened to the frozen fetus one of his victims claimed existed to prove the affair…

  2. Wow says:

    If it was Julie Durda, who can blame Steve? It wasn’t, however.

  3. DeeDee says:

    I agree that SteveEffman has paid his price to society. This however was a sex crime. Is he a registered sex offender.


    Sex offender statutes are for people convicted in a criminal court. Effman was not charged and thus not convicted. He was never accused of any criminal act.
    His punishment was from the Florida Bar and he paid at least one victim a settlement. And perhaps his worst punishment was in the court of public opinion.

  4. Hester Prynne says:

    Yeah when cheating on your spouse with a consenting adult over 18 is a sex crime calling for registration, 2/3 of this County will be on the list. moron.


    Thank you, Hester, for bringing a little literary history with your comment.

    Hester Prynne is the woman in Hawthorn’s “The Scarlet Letter” who is forced to wear an “A” on her clothes. This punishment is the result of having a baby when separated from her husband.

    Who would have thought I have such well-read readers? I doubt half the students in high school would know the name Hester Prynne.

  5. Its a Miracle says:

    I cannot imagine that someone in the media like Julie Durda does not know about “F”-Man’s history. She is going into this with eyes wide open. Lawyers have been screwing people in the ass for ages so it is not shocking that they also have sex with their clients, what is outrageous is charging them hundreds of dollars an hour to do so. Now that is chutzpah.

  6. Sunrise Sunset says:

    Steve Effman is dispicable and his present wife is a miserable person not liked by many because of her always nasty and unfriendly attitude towards everyone. The news caster is beautiful and if I was going home to a miserable and nasty wife, it would make me wonder what could happen when you meet a beautiful pleasant woman. He is wrong, but his wife deserves what she get as well.

  7. Loki says:

    Hey that’s sounds like his old wife too! Maybe his affairs were friendly

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