Stern’s Daughter Considers Run For State House


Political consultant Judy Stern, who  has the job of finding a Democratic candidate for the open House seat in northeast Broward, may have hit upon a choice close to home:  Her daughter.

Barbra Anne Stern Judy 35-year-old daughter told she’s considering running for state House District 91.

A downtown Fort Lauderdale lawyer specializing in employment law, Stern made her first step in the process this week.  She became a Democrat after several years as a Republican.

The younger Stern is well positioned to win the Republican seat now held by state Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderddale.  The newly-minted Democrat is said to be a moderate and knows a lot of movers-and-shakers on the GOP side.

Barbra would also have mom’s help.  Say what you want about Judy Stern, but she wins a lot of races.

Incoming House Democratic leader Ron Saunders has given Judy Stern the job of finding a Democratic candidate for the open seat in the hope of winning it from the Republicans.  Judy Stern worked on Saunders campaigns in the past.

Stern’s attempts to get Maureen Dinnen to run failed, when the school board member decided to stay where she is.

13 Responses to “Stern’s Daughter Considers Run For State House”

  1. Don't forget Burpee says:

    He hasn’t announced, but there’s a decent amount of talk about Bob Graham’s Chief-of-Staff Chad Burpee running as well – which would be an interesting Democratic primary between Stern and a very familiar face within the Dem camp.

  2. Real Republican says:

    Seems like Judy has been specializing in running campaigns of Republicans who think democrats are stupid enough to ignore party switches right before announcing for office.

    Then again, if Judy does for Barbara what she did for Scott Israel, the Florida GOP should have nothing to worry about.

  3. Michael G. Ahearn, Esq says:

    Barb would be a great asset in the House and Broward Delegation.

  4. Democrat says:

    Where is the real Democrat?

  5. What, again with this Shit? says:

    It’s not illegal to switch parties, what’s wrong with you people. The problem only happens if you say you are a D but secretly remain an R like Jim Naugle. Nobody should be two faced. But if your views change, or if the party changes to where you are no longer comfortable, then switching parties is the right thing to do and running for office that way is not a problem.

    Get with it and stop the silliness.

  6. Belch...... says:

    Isnt Burpee the nick name of Barney from the Simpson. Never heard of the guy. What about the french guy named Mr Flatulence, maybe he will run.

  7. Dominic says:

    Oh great, not only was she a Republican, she hasn’t lived in the district either.

    She’ll go well with the pro-life “Democrat” whack job Freda Sherman Stevens.

    Comment 4 is right…”where is the REAL Democrat” !

  8. Israel? says:

    Why not Scott Israel? He is as much of a Democrat as Stern’s daughter. MOre. She was on the Republican committee.

  9. It Matters says:

    What Again With This Shit apparently doesn’t know anything about Tallahassee. There are significant differences in the voting between Republicans and Democrats. The party labels indicate what they believe in. Somebody who switches parties just before running for office is somebody who has no beliefs or is hiding their real beliefs just to win.

  10. What you don't know is.... says:

    Wasn’t stern’s daughter a Democrat for years. I believe Buddy broke the story when she switched to republican in 04 or 05 – as if that was news worthy…its not like this is the first switch. get a grip people its time for change…that was Obama’s mantra right! At least she is returning home to the democratic party and not becoming a first time democrat just to run like others in the past.

  11. Dems make me laugh says:

    OMG! Is Barbara a “real” Democrat? Is she liberal enough? She was a Republican, but did she ever socialize with those people?
    Will she blindly support unions? We hope that she believes that state government has to take care of more people and grow much larger.
    She needs to tow the party line!

  12. Sorry But that's BS says:

    I have a friend whose parents used to be Republicans and so naturally like it happens with most people he ended up registering as a Republican. Time comes in her life when she starts getting politically involved. She starts going to some of the Republican meetings. She feels out of place there, distant from the beliefs of others. She finds them harsh and uncaring, overly preocupied with the wrong things, things they have no business being so concerned about. She feels they have the wrong priorities.

    So she becomes a Democrat. There, she finds herself more comfortable in the mix of policy discussion. She finds a group of people who’s views are more aligned with hers. She still feels somewhat to the right of many in the party, but that’s OK. They call her a conservative Democrat and she’s fine with that realizing there is no such thing as a liberal Republican.

    She is a fiscal conservative and a social moderate who made a decision about party affiliation in accordance with her conscience to switch parties.

    Now take Jim Naugle, as the post above mentions. He is a staunch conservative Republican who chose, out of pure political convenience, to disguise himself as a Democrat. That decision was purely political. He gets elected to Mayor of Fort Lauderdale for many terms.

    When you speak to Naugle, he holds his old views. When you speak to my friend, she sounds and speaks like a Democrat. There’s a big difference there.

    Now who among you would say that my friend has no right to run for office? Who among you would say she is dishonest about her politics? Who among you would say Jim Naugle was honest in his political affiliation?

    Some want to put a Scarlet Letter on people who convert from one party to another, but I think every party seeks out converts and therefore we should not condemn any of them UNLESS they are doing it to be duplicitous. And that is simple to figure out. Ask them about health care, ask them about choice, ask them about the major issues of the day that distinguish one party from the other. See where they truly stand.

    That’s all that is being said here, allow people the respect to make their own choices and then hold them to those choices. Let’s stop persecuting people for making honest, conscience driven political changes in party affiliation.

  13. idiots says:

    Do you think that Obama became preident because the long time never switched party democrats elected him? NO it due in part to people who were republican who wanted change and became D’s or R’s who crossed party lines to vote for Obama. The irony from the Isreal race is that the people are going to vote for whom they think is the best person not because of what letter next to their name. Israel came within 15k votes of being Sheriff with those numbers it did not seem to matter to the voters which letter was next to his hame but who the people decided was the best person for the job.