State Rep. Shevrin Jones Vows Return To Tallahassee After Spine Injury





Democratic State Rep. Shevrin Jones of West Park vows to return to Tallahassee despite a sudden crippling spine injury that initially left him unable to walk.

He wants everybody to know he is recovering.

Rumors he is so ill he will not be able to take office in the next session of the Legislature are false, Jones told .

“I want to shoot all that stuff down,” Jones, 33, said.

“I’m not dropping out. I’m doing just fine,” Jones reported from his hospital bed. “I’m walking and getting better.”



Shevrin Jones on his way to rehab.



Fresh from winning re-election to his third term without opposition, Jones said he was the victim of a “freak accident in the gym while working out” in the morning of October 5.

While exercising he suddenly was unable to walk. His body was racked with tremendous pain.

He ended up in Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood’s emergency room where physicians had bad news. He had fractured his L-3 and L-4 spinal segments and there was nerve damage at the L-5.



The area Shevrin Jones fractured are in the middle of the lumbar spine and support the torso. 


Jones needed immediate back surgery.

The doctors words to me were “if we don’t do this, your walking will be interrupted.”

He was depressed, but got his optimism back with the help of a friend – God.

“I called my Mom and Dad, and they both responded the same and said, ‘We prayed and we trust God – all is well,'” Jones wrote in his moving Facebook diary of his illness.

Dad is West Park mayor Eric H. Jones Jr., senior pastor and founder at Koinonia Worship Center & Village.

Particularly regretful that his illness came during the final month of the election, Rep. Jones planned to work for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  He planned to see President Barack Obama in his visits to South Florida.

The plans didn’t work out.

“I’ve come to realize that this season of my life is a marathon, and not a race,” he wrote on Facebook. “Focus, steadfastness and endurance wins the race. So often I want answers now from doctors, nurses, physical therapist, and the other practitioners, and I end up frustrating myself and the process. I’m learning patience through all of this; once again asking God ‘what will I learn from this?’ I’m realizing that I can’t be in control of everything, and that I have to let the Master work through all of it.”

Now in rehab and being pushed to walk every day, Rep. Jones is looking forward to getting back to Legislative business.

House committees are scheduled to begin meeting December 5.  The 2017 session begins March 7.

“I’m back on the road,” he said. “I’m ready to work…I may not be back in November for the organizational session of the (new) Legislature, but I will be back. I can promise.”


6 Responses to “State Rep. Shevrin Jones Vows Return To Tallahassee After Spine Injury”

  1. Captain Tuttle says:

    Strangely uplifting story. Godspeed Representative Jones and do good things.

  2. Daniel Sohn says:

    Wishing My friend Shev a Speedy Recovery! My friends in Broward Take care of this Champion for me. 🙂

  3. Great Guy says:

    Thought he was too young when he first got elected, but as I saw him around the district, get his email updates and listen to him speak (BOY, he’s a great speaker) , I liked him. He’s my Rep, and I I’m a Republican, but he’s a good guy and he votes with his constituents, not special interest.

  4. Mr. X says:

    Shev is a great guy who always considers the needs of the community. He hasn’t gotten too big for his britches like so many. I wish him a speedy recovery.

  5. Count GFYS Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz Jr says:

    Wishing Representative Jones a speedy recovery. Fortunately he has wonderful health care insurance package subsidized by the taxpayers.

  6. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:


    Today, I visited with Shevrin. He’s in great spirits, feeling better physically, and by every indication he’s on the mend and eager to get back to his regular routine. It may take some time, but nothing is going to keep him from moving forward.

    Shevrin Jones is a very determined guy. I’m glad to see my friend on the path to recovery. For sure, he has the strong support of family and friends who will help him get through anything.