State Rep. Jim Waldman Fudged The Truth on Gun Control


State Rep. Jim Waldman comments to earlier this week on gun control were “mostly false,” according to an Internet statewide political fact checking site.

Reporter Amy Sherman investigated the truth of Waldman’s statement  for PolitiFact.

Waldman told, “You are prohibited from walking into the Capitol with a gun, but you can go after the County Commission or the School Board.”

Waldman was, to put it politely, not accurate.

Sherman found that you can enter the Capitol with a gun.  You just can’t bring a weapon into the Senate or House gallery.

She also wrote that it was clear that guns are already prohibited at the governing meetings of almost every government, so you can’t “go after the County Commission or the School Board”…at least at a meeting.

Here is the PolitiFact post.

6 Responses to “State Rep. Jim Waldman Fudged The Truth on Gun Control”

  1. Shocking says:

    Jim Waldman fuged the truth, no way. Ask him where he lives, if you really want to see some fudging.

  2. Shocked says:

    I am shocked that a Democrat would play loosely with the facts when it comes to gun control.

  3. Quaw says:

    Not a surprise. After all, he fudges where he lives, too.

  4. the Truth says:

    His wife is a lobbyist too.

    FROM BUDDY: I believe you are writing about his ex-wife. They have been divorced for many, many years.

  5. Paul Gougelman says:

    It is interesting to note that you can bring a gun into city hall, but you can’t bring a gun into a City Council meeting. You can bring a gun into a code enforcement board meeting or a planning and zoning board meeting. I can remember one evening being in a planning & zoning board meeting with a large number of people carrying concealed weapons. The people were angry when they arrived. The crowd got the decision they wanted from the P&Z Board, so there was no problem. It was abit unnerving to say the least. One of our fine state legislators (not from Broward) say it thought it was “ludicrous” that anyone would propose not allowing guns in City Hall. I guess that is the level of thinking that this state has deteriorated to.

  6. Alberto says:

    Of course he fudged the truth. Jim please remember to work on jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs… Get it Jimbo