State Rep. Files For Divorce From Spouse




State Rep. Kristin Jacob of Coconut Creek, the community activist turned 58-year-old veteran Broward County politician, has filed for divorce from her spouse Stuart Jacobs.


Kristin Jacobs in the Florida House


A Democrat representing northern Broward County, Jacobs was the president of her North Andrews Neighborhood Association when she ran for County Commission against incumbent Commissioner Sylvia Poitier in the 1998 Democratic primary.

Poitier was the darling of the development industry and Jacobs, who promised reform, beat her by roughly 6 percentage points.

Jacobs served on the County Commission from 1998 to 2014, when she won a seat in the state House.

Her only loss: A 2012 congressional race to U. S. Rep. Lois Frankel, D-West Palm Beach.

Until very recently, Stuart Jacobs was by her side.

Jacobs has always been an outspoken environmentalist.  She has been especially vocal on fighting climate change, guaranteeing clean water for Florida, insuring equality for women and providing workplaces that are safe from sexual harassment.

Jacobs has raised only $21,640 for her reelection, a minuscule amount for an incumbent.  She has one opponent, Sailma Rais Farooqui, a Coconut Creek Democrat, who has raised no money.

Under state law, her divorce documents are not displayed on the internet.

In happier times:

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    Why does Buddy refuse to have one article concerning his BFF Sheriff Scott Israel. The Sheriff has destroyed the Broward Sheriff’s Office, City Of Parkland and is the political laughing stock of the USA. Instead we see this nonsense.

  3. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    We don.t know the particulars.Maybe it was just time to start the bext chapter in their lives.I wish them well..

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