Update: Justices Reinstate Corruption Case




In a big victory for State Attorney Mike Satz,  the corruption case against Tamarac Mayor Beth Talabisco was reinstated Wednesday by a state appeals court.



Mike Satz: Big Win



The Fourth District Court of Appeal unanimously reversed dismissal of the charges against Talabisco. She is accused of taking campaign help in return for her vote on a housing project.

Talabisco can appeal the  decision by the three justices to the full Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.

It is not known if Gov. Rick Scott will now suspend Talabisco…again.

The ruling means that Satz’s anti-corruption team gets another opportunity to prosecute the Tamarac corruption prompted by dirty developers Bruce and Shawn Chait’s bribery. The Chaits have admitted paying off politicians in the hope that their huge housing project would be approved.

Satz’s critics have long contended that the chief prosecutor has been soft on political corruption. The Tamarac cases gave him an opportunity to show he was tough on crooked office holders.

But the cases didn’t work out the way prosecutors planned:

Vice Mayor Marc Sultanof died before he went to trial. He was charged with accepting a gift from Chaits in return for his support for their housing project.

Commissioner Patte Atkins-Grad was acquitted of taking gifts from the Chaits in return for her vote.  Jurors bought her argument that she was too dumb to know such gifts were illegal.

There is currently a recall underway against Atkins-Grad.

Beth Talabisco was charged with receiving a poll and contributions from the Chaits so that she would vote to approve their project.

The charges were dismissed by Circuit Judge Cindy Imperato.

The judge ruled that Talabisco never received a “benefit” as required by law to prove the criminal charge. Imperato agreed with Talabisco’s defense that  the poll that the Chaits paid for and their campaign contributions were not benefits to her personally.

Satz appealed the dismissal.

The three justices agreed with Satz on Wednesday. They ruled that “contrary to Talabisco’s argument, the definition of ‘benefit’ in chapter 838 is broad enough to include receiving assistance in her election effort. The poll conducted and mailers created and distributed were to Talabisco’s ‘advantage’ and she cannot reasonably contend that she did not ‘gain’ from them.”

The Court of Appeals ordered the charges reinstated.

The ruling also puts Talabisco in jeopardy of having to repay $137,000 in legal fees and costs that the city paid if she is eventually convicted.

The opinion is fascinating reading for political junkies,  illustrating Broward politics at its worst.

The justices noted that at the same time that Talabisco’s campaign was taking a $7,000 poll and a $19,000 mailers from the Chaits,  “the resident believed Talabisco’s opposition to the project to be genuine, (so) the resident assembled a group of volunteers to hand out 1500 flyers (that the Talabisco campaign supplied) which claimed Talabisco would not ‘bow to developers’ as mayor.”

At the first meeting after her election, the project was on the agenda for approval.

Talabisco voted for it after Bruce Chait sent Talabisco’s campaign manager — Bev Stracher, a former political operative who is not mentioned in the opinion by name and who was on the Chaits’ payroll for a fee of up to $100,000 cash, according to other media outlets. —  to lobby her, the justices wrote.

So much for not bowing to developers!

Now you know why I get cynical about local politicians.

Here is the link to the ruling. 

30 Responses to “Update: Justices Reinstate Corruption Case”

  1. State Witness says:

    I heard that Barry Harris who was involved in this ECO in question that helped Talabisco was previously listed as a witness in this case. If true, I wonder how that impacts the judicial campaign of his wife candidate Julie Shapiro-Harris?

  2. SaveTheMainlands says:


    Talabisco’s campaign manager, Beverly Stracher, contacted Chait to meet with Talabisco at Stracher’s home. The meeting occurred on February 28, 2006, two weeks before the election.

    At the meeting, Stracher asked Chait to contribute $21,000 to a 527.

    “Talabisco was aware that Beverly Stracher had instructed Shawn Chait not to directly contribute to the ‘527,’ so it did not appear as they though they coordinated their activities with candidate Beth Flansbaum-Talabisco,” wrote Pazienza.

  3. Alice McGill says:

    The city of Dania Beach has mayor who presents himself through social media as one cool dude. Behind the scenes lurk stalkers and a wife who runs a Chicago like machine by paying voters for absentee votes and attacking the city manager and the city attorney. Her motto must be “I’m Hell on Heels and Baby I’m Coming for You”. What a shame Broward County governments run for the most part by “What’s in it for me?”.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Maybe now that Satz has the case again he should charge the real one responsible and that is Ilene Lieberman.

  5. tell the truth says:

    she goes by michaelson now
    and yeah she probably had an iron fist in a velvet gloved hand in this but never crossed the legal double yellow line that all lawyers know about

  6. Chaz Stevens, GloatsALot says:


    You have opined that Mayor Duke hired me as a “political hitman.”

    Since you are up to date on such matters, perhaps you could let me know where that check is… I’ve not received a single dime from the Mayor.

    Additionally, let’s discuss former Commissioner McFlury… A week after I start digging into her expenses, she quickly resigns… And then two weeks later, takes “ownership” of her home in Lauderdale.

    Flury folded really quickly. Doesn’t that set your spidey sense on edge? Does mine.

    But really, all things considered,
    I don’t see you talking about Flury’s rear-guard actions.

    All I see is your pinched puss from sucking on too many sour grapes.

    Face it.

    The good guys (and girls) won this time. Maybe next time, you’ll be declared victor.

    But well, probably not, if I’m involved.

  7. Alice McGill says:

    Sweetie pie, the initials of the hit man are PP.
    It is not all about you. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  8. Alice McGill says:

    Should it be the initials of the hit man is PP? Chaz, what do you think: plural or singular?

  9. Your Pal Al Lameberti says:

    Lieberman, Michaelson…whatever..criminals always have alias’. She has always been dirty.

  10. Chaz Stevens, Muse says:


    I think you ate some kind of mushroom.

  11. Muse? says:

    More like Night Terror.

  12. Chaz Stevens, Night Terror says:


    Good… I take that as a compliment.

    At least one of us is trying to hold those in power accountable.

  13. Ghost Of Ed Stack says:

    Dear Chaz,
    You take credit for every deal in town. Get a life. You’re not funny

  14. Muse? says:

    But your not… Not really.

    You just hit upon something that will keep your name “out there”. Hungry for any little bit , any tiny morsel of attention you can garner . If you could have made it as a star athlete or a rock star or as a tv personality, well now that would have worked as well. And the fact that it is Broward beat as opposed to the New York Times, well that doesn’t really matter. … Tho it could be said that your Aspbergers does predispose you to fixate and believe in life being either lily white or raven black. Too bad you will never grow into a more mature understanding of life. But hey you did get Sylvia after 3 years… For a misdemeanor .

  15. Chaz Stevens, Night Terror says:


    See, when we turn the attention to your efforts, you clam up.


    Nothing really to say.

    And with this, I am done with you.

    Enjoy the day troll.

  16. Creekgirl says:

    Why hasn’t anyone ever investigate Chaz Stevens before? Well I have and what I am uncovering so far is quite disturbing.

    He currently ask for donations but he does not have legal entity/business/charity in his name that is active on sunbiz. He writes that his website is a SPONSERED blog but he doesn’t list his sponsors or donors on his website. (A federal violation with the FTC if someone files a complaint {up to $11,000.00 USD per violation})

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely!!!

    Now, Chaz is lamenting on MAOS that someone has filed a complaint against him? Chaz should have known that when the “electeds” and “powerbrokers” were coming to him that they were only using him to line their pockets. Now, it’s his turn to be the one investigated.

    The Amazing Karnack has always forewarned that in Broward the train is coming. Clickity-Clack, Clickity-Clack! It’s here, again!! This time, Chaz is involved.

  17. Chaz Stevens, Night Terror says:

    >> Pat Flury was not about to be run out of office.

    Or so she said.

    Flury, 76, says she quit after local blogger Chaz Stevens posted photos of her on his website wearing fake glasses with a penis nose.


  18. Chaz Stevens, Night Terror says:

    <em<Buddy, I hope that you let this comment fly…

    PS See, you bunch of sniveling little cunts…

    Commenting on the blogs, nipping at my ankle, bitching and moaning about me — means fucking nothing in the grand scheme of things.

    I’m in an entirely different fucking ball park.

    Suck my left (and remaining) ball.

  19. Creekgirl says:

    I do not know former Commissioner Flury or have an interest in Dania Beach politics. I do remember another photo, Chaz posted on his blog with Comm. Flury photo with a hand drawn ejaculating & smiling penis pointed towards her face.

    If a man had done the same thing on the street, this action would have been called a sexual assault. RAPE!!! Since this happened on Chaz’s blog MAOS (in cyber-space), I’ll call this CYBER-RAPE!!!

    As a woman, I find it reprehensible that a grown man can draw a smiling ejaculating penis (a cyber rendering of his manhood) pointed at both women’s and men’s faces and no one has stood up (in Broward County) and said this is wrong on so many levels.

    Chaz has done this often and repeatedly to anyone he has alleged is breaking the law or is engaged in some type of perceived “wrong”.

    Of course, Chaz has written in an earlier post that I and other females who posted on here a “bunch of sniveling little cunts”.

    My retort:

    “Chaz, you are a serial sadistic cyber-rapist!! Why don’t you force a photo of your bride or a prostitute to suck on your left (and remaining) ball on you blog? You are a cyber-rapist after all.”

  20. Chaz Stevens, Night Terror says:


    You need a man. Badly…

    Or new batteries.

  21. Chaz Stevens, Night Terror says:

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica


    Like any other “cyber-” thing, cyberrape differs from the real thing in not being real. Cyberrape was a minor meme in 2007, mainly due to Anshe Chung and Kathy Sierra or their fans using the term in a tragic reaction to people lolling at them for being extremely butthurt over mild and very entertaining trolling in Kathy’s case and flying dongs by a clever coder in Anshe’s. The pictures that so upset Kathy are hard or impossible to find. Both have a common history of using their sex (as in sex: male or female, for all the retards out there) to get cash, in Anshe’s case as a digital fuck doll (which never put out, whatever that means, by her account) and absolutely as a form of porn; in Kathy’s case as a speech-makin’ motivator with pretensions to technical ability (although there are reports about moar IRL stuff too). Butt-hurt beaver, who names herself after some bullshit made up by Jew and has very unfortunate sons since she hates them for being boys, is a lot less famous and a lot more stupid but also deserves a mention here.

    In other words, get a life.

  22. Chaz Stevens, GloatsALot says:

    @Creek Girl

    Can’t figure it out … Is this Pat or Beth?

    Hang tight. I’ll show you why I am a Genius.

  23. Yo Creek Girl says:

    You have made a few assumptions about Stevens that are a bit inaccurate. You said,”As a woman, I find it reprehensible that a grown man can draw a smiling ejaculating penis (a cyber rendering of his manhood) pointed at both women’s and men’s faces and no one has stood up (in Broward County) and said this is wrong on so many levels”.

    Stevens is not a true man. He is a blubbery, blustering buffoon. I have taught middle school and high school- and drawing penis pics usually is abandoned by the time the guys hit 10th grade…so what does that tell you?

    Interesting that Stevens doesn’t address the FTC issue. That’s okay, because I will. I am on vacation.

    As for his alleged “wife”….surely she must be a blow-up. Can’t think of a woman I know that would want to be married to that piece of blubbery buffoon. Interesting though that on a recent request to speak at the Deerfield Beach Commission meeting, he listed his parent’s address as his own. Does that mean this 50 year old “Man” moved his bride into the bedroom he’s had since elementary school? Way to go Blubberball!

  24. Tomato Tomatoe says:

    Hold up, Chaz’s response to Creekgirl is **cricket chirp** to her claims that he is operating an unregistered Florida corp (illegal) that his blog is sponsored by unknown individuals/corporations and that he is involved in an investigation. Must be something to this, afterall.

    And Chaz, I hate to break it to you but ah, Creekgirl handed your balls back to you when she told you to cyberrape your girl. Just saying.

  25. Yo Creek Girl says:

    You are right. MAOS isn’t registered. The One Balled Wonder (OBW)even had his The Z Production Group, Inc. closed in September of 08- so it is not even a tool of that.
    Can’t wait till I finish my letter.

  26. Tomato Tomatoe says:

    To: Creekgirl and Yo Creekgirl

    Tried MAOS today. Shut Down!!! Way to go!

  27. Ha Ha Ha says:

    MAOS is up (not down).


  28. Creekgirl says:

    I had several friends e-mail to confirm that MAOS was down for several hours today.

    Now, Chaz has announced his vay-cay and he will no longer respond to trolls. Hmmm. . . Finally listening to your attorney???

  29. Ha Ha Ha says:

    It is not unusual for smaller websites to temporarily “go down” when website maintenance is being done – installing new software, adding new content, etc. In fact, it’s standard operating procedure.

    Large sites like CNN spend top dollar to stay up 24 / 7 / 365 no matter what, but smaller websites really can’t afford to operate that way.

  30. Tomato Tomatoe says:

    Ha Ha Ha says that Chaz’s site is a smaller website and cannot stay on 24/7 like CNN.

    Pull-leez!!! The cyber-rape extraordinaire has bragged countless times that he is a software genius, worked for NASA etc. Now he can’t keep his website up during maintenence.

    Since he hasn’t paid to keep his companies legit, I believe you “Ha Ha Ha” . . . NOT!!!!!!!!!!